[Sydney] Hipster Thai restaurant Chat Thai on Campbell Street has become so popular in its own right, they have diversified with a cafe within an Asian / Thai grocery store just a short walk away.

The café, which operates in a constructed Chai Asian Grocer, is possibly the only place in Sydney customers can pick up Single Origin Coffee, Cold-Press Juices, pastries and Birdseye chilies as a package.

Located on Pitt Street, I must have been there for breakfast and suppers a couple of time.

The day (8am – 11am), lunch (11am – 4pm), and dinner (4pm – 12am) menus are varied, items diverse. You can probably return just to see how adventurous the café can get.

The Boon Kitchen produces mash-up of Thai classics, add to that artisanal ingredients derived from local producers plus some daily specials.

For breakfast alone, you can have anything from Kai Gatah – a blend of pan-baked eggs, smoked fish sausage, chicken mince, sliced pork and, sausage loaf (AUD$8); Crab Congee (AUD$12); Boon Omelette with Rice (AUD$9); Khao Niew Mhu Phing – Pork Skewers with Sticky Rice (AUD$7) to the café hoppers favourite of Avocado Toast (AUD$12) – a combination of natural avocado, soft-prepared herbs, boiled eggs on sourdough.

As a start, I would recommend the Big Boon Breakfast (AU$18) which you can probably share with a friend, as it has a tray of congee, skewered pork, baked eggs, organic pasture-raised bacon, avocado, mushrooms and sourdough.

The eggs with light soy sauce reminded me of Singapore’s soft boil eggs.

A vegetarian version (AUD$16) is also available.

The vibes and menu switches from the evening, featuring Isaan style Thai food with Laotian staples that are Thai in execution.

Flavours are gutsier, spicy levels up, but they have already muted it down to suit the taste buds down-under

You still get your familiar Pad Thai – stir fried thin rice noodles (AUD$13) and Crab Fried Rice (AUD$16), but do go for some of their grilled skewers such as Mhu Phing – pork skewers (AUD$3 each), hot soups and curries which are less predictable.

Drinks wise, if you into Matcha Latte (AUD$5) or locally made Iced Tisane – herbal teas (AUD$4), Boon has you covered.

The in-house made Tisane is comprised of hibiscus, tamarind, bael (known as golden apple), chrysanthemum, pandan, sweet pickled plum, longan, and blue butterfly pea.

You can enjoy their blended drinks such as Yakult, Lychee and gunners (made of ginger beer and bitters). Water, carbonated and Thai drinks alike are also in plenty.

Get a scandalously sweet Pandan Custard Toast, or Kanom Pung Yen – milo iced shavings with bread (AUD$9) looking like a bingsu meets ice kachang. It is hidden somewhere in the long menu. Skip the pink-coloured version.

If you do not even intend to eat, well, the front right quadrant has been designed with a walk-in room featuring Thai imported snacks and groceries, tropical fruits, natural herbs, and Thai veggies.

So, get up, locate a table, have a chill-relish in your favorite sandwich (or a noodle soup if you like), Thai pastry, and enjoy that cold pressed Boon juice.

Boon Café
1/425 Pitt St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: +61 2 92812114
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 12:00am
Google Maps

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