2015 was the year of waffles, OTT milkshakes, softserves, churros and bingsu. The stronger players are still around, while those riding on the trend have said their goodbyes.

That is fast, isn’t it? Survival of the fittest.

Some foodies told me the Instagram food in Singapore ”Ho kwa bo ho chiak”, which essentially means – photogenic, but lousy in taste. Whereas it can be a different story in Sydney and Bangkok.

A challenge for F&B businesses to serve up trendy instagrammable food that is worth both the calories and money then.

10 Instagrammable Food In Singapore 2016 – Salted Egg, Matcha and Cheese Anything Rule The Year

Salted Egg Croissants
Available at: Antoinette (Penhas Road)

Remember those days when almost every other café (plus BreadTalk and Delifrance) came up with their own version of Salted Egg Croissants. (Or salted egg-anything.)

That *moment* captured on Instagram-videos where the yellow goodness would flow out of crispy, buttery croissant. Life is not really fair, as some didn’t flow, yah?

Unfortunately, the fame of the croissants were as short lived as the flow.

My favourite is still Antoinette’s Salted Yolk Lava Croissant ($6.50+) created by Chef Pang Kok Keong was made using traditional French method (French butter and dough) to produce a crispy, flaky crust and layering, in the shape of a bull’s horn.

Each bite into the crust was filled with a crunchy and buttery sensation. The liu sha mix is made with real, natural salted egg yolk, sugar and milk to produce a smooth and flowy texture. The Best Salted Egg Croissant In Singapore Is…

Cheese Tarts
Available: Bake Cheese Tart Singapore (ION Orchard)

Suddenly, so many shops in Singapore were selling Cheese Tarts – Prima Deli, The Icing Room, Antoinette.

But the real McCoy is Bake Cheese Tart from Hokkaido, which has opened at ION Orchard to 3-hour long queues.

Singaporeans didn’t quite mind the queue. Some flew over to Bangkok and Hong Kong to get them, and boasted on social media.

These tarts from Japan have a crumbly exterior, fluffy inner texture, and cheesy warm soft filling – making them an instant hit.

Rainbowl Bagels
Available: WORD. (906P Upper Thomson Road)

These Rainbow Bagels ($8) propelled to instant-insta fame after it became one of the most popular food items at the Geylang Serai Bazaar, which also received much social media buzz.

Inspired by those served in Brooklyn and New York, the owners created their version from watching countless YouTube videos, eventually making this version filled with strawberry cream cheese, biscuit crumble and marshmallows.

A lot of people heard “good to see, not good to eat” but still went on to buy more anyway. 10 Rainbow Foods In Singapore

Matcha Salted Egg Lava Toast
Available: The Bakery Chef (Jalan Bt Merah)

Ah-huh, you may have seen this video from Insider making their rounds on Insider, and this humble cake café at Jalan Bukit Merah from Singapore has propelled to instant fame.

For $14.80, you get a choice of toast (charcoal, brioche or matcha), fillings (salted egg, Nutella or matcha) and a non-optional topup of chocolate, vanilla or matcha ice cream.

A toast with crispy layer and oozing centre has driven some instagrammers on a frenzy, but take note quality may be comprised as the small shop has the challenges handling the hype.

Lava Avalanche
Available: Non Entrée Desserts (Rangoon Road)

Cray cray. This is warm Matcha Green Tea Lava Cake ($13.90) with Azuki Beans flowing onto smokey roasted green tea gelato, crunchy almond nougatine and chocolate soil.

Loved the textural contrast after the visually euphoric moment.

Note: Horlicks version available NOW for limited period. 5 Places For Your Lava Toasts Fix In Singapore

Raclette Cheese
Available at Meat N Chill (Bukit Timah Road)

There was a period of time when my Facebook wall was flooded with videos of melty cheese on food of all kinds.

Like seriously.

But of course, the Raclette Cheese takes the wheel (pardon the pun). The Swiss cheese dish involves heating a wheel of semi-hard cow’s milk cheese, and scrapping off (racler) the melted part onto food.

Meat N Chill offers a Little Pigs Burger ($19) which contains pulled pork and spam, with an option of Raclette cheese top up at $5.

You can get the Raclette Cheese Fries in the Meat Platter ($120 meant for 4 pax), which also includes other free-flow sides. Don’t say bo jio.

OTT Cones
Available: 5 The Moments (Tanjong Pagar)

As Over-The-Top (OTT) Milkshakes are so 2015, OTT Cones with double scoops of gelato and all kinds of toppings are going to be the next IN-thing.

Only problem, must finish shooting your 100 photos before it melts ah.

Pokemon Food
Available: Where To Find Pokemon Go Food In Singapore

The Pokemon Café in Singapore has closed, but this is not stopping other cafes in Singapore from riding on the Pokemon Go trend.

Some enterprising food businesses have come up with Pokemon Go related promotions and discounts, while these
are likely to end up on Instagram galleries. Where To Find Pokemon Go Food In Singapore

Coloured Waffles
Available: The Workbench Bistro (Ang Mo Kio)

Because brown waffles are boring.

Cafes such as Montana Singapore and The Workbench Bistro have stepped up their game with offering coloured Waffles.

Who would have thought that a café at AMK Ave 1 Blk 332 would sell such instagrammable BLUE Velvet Waffles.

The price is surprisingly affordable too at $5.50, or $8.80 with a big scoop of ice cream and sauce.

Or you can get the Chocolate S’moreffles ($7.50, $10.80 with ice cream) which offers a combination of both. 11 Very BLUE Food & Drinks In Singapore

Galaxy Cake
Available: Cream & Custard (Bt Ho Swee)

Not exploding Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy Cakes is the latest dessert trend sweeping across Instagram.

As Rainbow Foods are becoming so ‘last year’, patisseries and cafés are introducing bluish-purplish glittery “Galaxy Cakes” inspired by night skies and the milky way.

This “Galaxy” from Cream and Custard has a chocolate base cake, made with 72% Valrhona dark chocolate blackcurrant jelly. For those who like your cakes alcoholic, you would be glad to know the centre contains rum-soaked cherry.

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