Some years back, I thought Fukuichi Japanese Dining at TripleOne Somerset was a hidden find, though its location was not a prominently known one.

It was deva ju for Kyoaji Japanese Dining, newly opened at Centrepoint.

I do not think many would even know of the existence of this revamped wing of the *serene* mall at downtown Orchard.

Plus, the Japanese restaurant is located at Level 4, understandably less in foot traffic.

(Photo credit: Hannah Chia @mshannahchia)

“Kyoaji” represents “taste from Kyoto”, and its Executive Chef John Phua used to be from Fukuichi Japanese Dining. No wonder I found several of the dishes (Eggplant with Seafood, Almond Prawns) on its menu familiar sounding.

Fans of Fukuichi could venture here, to have a taste of the old favourites. On the flipside, I wonder if regulars would want to have a more varied menu from the past.

In terms of ambience and décor, Kyoaji strikes the right note with a more upmarket feel than its predecessor, and a live sushi counter.

(Photo credit: Hannah Chia @mshannahchia)

Items offered include Sushimi Moriawase ($88), Gozen Sets ($28 – $45), Chirashi Zushi ($35), Nigiri Zushi ($38.00), Ikura Chawan Mushi ($15), assorted Maki ($18 – $30).

(Photo credit: Hannah Chia @mshannahchia)

The signature is the Fukiyose Beinasu ($25), a dish of fresh seafood in eggplant.

The base is made with Japanese soya sauce, mirin and sake braised to a thick sauce. With light hints of yuzu, it was appetizing and fulfilling, perfect with fluffy Japanese rice.

Another popular choice would be the Chirashi Zushi ($35), with assorted sliced raw fish topped on sushi rice. There was a crab stick somewhere in the midst, which I thought was out of place.

Notable was that the rice used was to the sweet side. Some might find it different and actually flavoursome; while others could feel that distracting to the overall taste.

Intrigued by the unicorn-pink colour, I ordered the Hiyashi Gyomen ($13) – cold fish noodles eaten like soba. This was also available at the old Fukuichi.

While I found the texture of the noodles interesting enough, I finished the entire plate in two mouthfuls. A bigger portion would be appreciated.

All in all, there were some dishes worth returning for, though I thought that the price-point at Kyoaji was higher than what general diners would have been comfortable to pay for.

Kyoaji Japanese Dining
176 Orchard Road #04-17/18 The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843
Tel: +65 6694 4068
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3:00pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Fri), 11:30am – 10:30pm (Sat- Sun)

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