Cute little ice cream mochi that first originated in Bangkok had landed itself in Bugis+ Singapore.

Kane Mochi took over the space once occupied by Mochi Sweets, which ceased all operation in Singapore and Malaysia on 24 May 2015.

A new mochi shop taking over another mochi shop. Interesting, we wondered if mochi is still in trend in Singapore (Or has it ever been popular here in the first place.)

With 33 stores in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and the very first in Singapore, 15 flavours are available on the menu.

The menu is designed with cute little mochi avatars that represent different flavours. Even the takeaway boxes are beautifully designed and perfect for a gift.

Recommended flavours include Matcha, Thai Iced Tea, Taro, Cookies & Cream and Mocha Chips that were sold at $2.30 a piece.

The remaining flavours will cost $2.10. Bundle prices are available at $5.90 for 3 pieces, $11.50 for 6 pieces and $17 for 9 pieces.

For purchases of 6 or more ice cream mochi, dry ice pack will be provided for takeaway boxes that can last up to 1-2 hours. (so thoughtful!)

Our favourites were the Thai Iced Tea and Korean Banana Milk – them being different from the ordinary too. It tasted similar to the actual drink, except in the ice cream form.

These ice cream mochi were bigger than bite sized and would take 2-3 mouthfuls to eat it. The portion of ice cream was generous, rich and creamy, not too icy whereas the mochi skin was soft and chewy.

Due to the ice cream present within the mochi, it could be a little cold and hard when served initially. Let it thaw for a few minutes before entering tummy.

Hot weather, cold ice cream mochi. Nom nom.

Kane Mochi
201 Victoria Street #02-50, Singapore 188067 (Bugis+, within Bugis+ Level 2 link bridge)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon-Sun)

* Written by Daniel’s Food Diary food correspondent Nicholas Tan @StormScape.


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