[Tokyo, Japan] You should have guessed it. The reason why I was at Gundam Café Tokyo Station was for their McDaniel Burgers. My namesake hamburger. (If I produced any burgers, this could be the name too. Darn.)

The Gundam Cafés themed after the anime about gigantic robots which are mobile suits have different concepts. There are 4 outlets in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

McDaniel Hamburgers supposedly appeared in one of the series “inMobile Suit Zeta Gundam” where Captain Bright was eating a hamburger, and the entire place has been re-created in reality.

Gundam Café at Tokyo Station offers four of these McDaniels Hamburgers: the plain Slegger Hamburger (700 Yen, SGD$7.60), Gundam Burger with gouda cheese (780 Yen, SGD$8.40), Tomato Char Zaku Burger (800 Yen, SGD$8.60) and Avocado MS-06 Zaku II Burger (800 Yen, SGD$8.60).

Sweet bean or Custard Cream Haro Dora cakes (210 yen, SGD$2.30) and drinks such as the Unicorn Soda Awaking Mode (apple mint soda) and Gundam Tonic (all 350 Yen, SGD$3.80) are available.

I have the feeling people are not really here for its food, which is kind of ‘fast-food’ quality. (Disclaimer: Even Japan’s fast food quality is not too bad.) The drinks are sweetish-fun to have, while the burger’s best quality was in its gouda cheese.

Merchandises are available, great for Gundam fans who would fancy some knick knacks such as the limited edition metallic tumblers.

Gundam Café
Tokyo Station Yaesu, Within Tokyo Station, First Avenue Tokyo Station
丸の内1-9-1 東京駅一番街 Chiyoda, 東京都 Japan
Google Maps
Opening Hours: 10am – 10:30pm

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