I was told about this “cool, smooth, Italian” gelato that I just had to try.

+39 Gelato Bar located at Circular Road uses the state-of-the-art IdeaTre machine from Carpigiani, makes their gelato fresh every day, and incorporates high quality ingredients sourced both locally and from Italy.

Flavours change regularly, and you may expect Pistachio, Milo, Raspberry, Mango, Chilli Chocolate, Pineapple Lemon Basil, Chocoginger, and so other inventive additions.

There is something about gelato made fresh – there is this smoothness in its texture, you can happily let it glide down your throat. Plus, it is light yet not airy. The Pistachio gets my vote.

No added flavourings, colours, preservatives or chemical additives of any kind.

Though there are some challenges because there are no stabilisers added. The gelato already started to melt the moment it was brought from the counter to the table.

Fortunately, Chef Jacopo Quaglia served the scoops in a pre-frozen cup. So you can imagine that this would not survive well for take-away in the swaggering Singapore heat.

For my price-sensitive friends in the CBD, you may like to know that the price of 1 scoop is $7.50 (2 scoops $7.50 and 3 scoops $11.50).

My eyes popped when I noticed the bill – $11.20 for 2 scoops of gelato. Addition of Service Charge and Taxes. Sorry that I may sound miserly, but wasn’t everything almost self-service? (Maybe I would stick to Alfero.)

There was supposedly 1 topping of your choice if you dine in, but mine went M.I.A. (Probably because Chef and the PR were busy entertaining other media and bloggers when I popped by anonymously. Lol.) Remember to claim yours.

+39 Gelato Bar
No. 29 Circular Road Singapore 049385
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon-Sat)

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  1. Dear Daniel,
    thank you for this blog post. We’re grateful that you had taken time off your busy schedule to visit the place!

    We’d also like to take this opportunity to share with you and your readers that customers and guests at +39 Gelato Bar who prefer to have their gelato to-go are charged by cup sizes instead of by way of the number of scoops.

    Customers may choose to fit two flavours in a small cup (at least 100grams, instead of a normal scoop, that is around 80grams) for to-go at SGD$5.50 nett. The medium-sized to-go cup is priced at SGD$7.50 nett. Until 30 April 2015 we have a special promotion (due to our recent opening): BUY2GET1FREE (valid for these gelato cups). We are happy to invite all the Singaporeans to taste ” the most affordable Italian luxury worldwide”!

    We also started to offer unusual Gelato Cocktails (Spritz Aperol Sorbet, Raspberry Rossini Sorbet, Beer Lemon Sorbet…), waffles and other bakery products (all paired with gelato, savoury flavours as Guacamole and goat cheese included).

    We hope you’ll make another visit to +39 Gelato Bar to savour more flavours and please do let us know if we can have the pleasure of hosting you. Thank you once again for the coverage on +39 Gelato Bar, Daniel. We are most grateful.


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