[Closed] Kok Kee Wanton Mee 国记云吞面 is probably one of Singapore’s most famous wanton noodles.

Located at Lavender Food Hub @ Zhuge Liang Hoa Nam Building, it has closed (quietly) last October, with uncle and auntie stating health as reason for their closure. Noooooooooooooo……

For those curious, the stall has been taken over by a Lavender Wanton Mee, which is well, different. Though they used the same bowls as Kok Kee.

However, there has been hearsay that they may re-open again a NEW location.

Meantime, this only goes to show… that we should treasure all our heritage food and local favourites while they are still around, especially when you know that the hawkers are old and have nobody to hand their business to.

[Original Entry] Some call Kok Kee the Best Wanton Noodles in Singapore. Well, some say it’s overrated. I am just very happy to have it back. Good old memories.

Any differences? Yes, some.

Prices have increased to $4.50 and $5.50 (50 cents more) for the small and medium portions. The noodles are also now contained in green and orange coloured bowls rather than plates.

The owner’s daughter Shirley explained that this would minimize spills and customers falling because the stall is just next to a flight of stairs. (I wonder where people are going to queue when the line gets any longer.)

I did feel that the noodles could get soggier more easily, now than it is contained in a bowl drenched in the sauce.

Yes, Kok Kok’s winning element is probably the special secret recipe sauce that is poured all over the springy noodles. Let’s be frank, the thin char siew and ordinary wantons are nothing to shout about. BUT the overall combination is sumptuously addicted, and can keep fans coming back again and again.

My other regular orders include the vegetables ($6) and deep fried wantons ($8) which are crisp and light.

Oh yes, I noticed for once, uncle and auntie though still grumpy faced, were not scolding each other in Cantonese anymore. Customers haven’t returned yet, and it was a rare side to see them prepare the noodles slowly, calmingly, unhurried and in peace.

Kok Kee Wanton Mee 国记云吞面
Lavender Food Hub @ Zhuge Liang, Hoa Nam Building
27 Foch Road, Singapore 209264
Opening Hours: 1pm till sold out (May take breaks on certain days)

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