Yes, Por Kee is back! Every other month I am hearing of a food stall or shop closing in Tiong Bahru (sad), so hearing that one of my favourite zi char places has returned got me quite ecstatic. (Read: 5 Favourite Zi Char Places in Singapore)

According to hearsay, Por Kee was put up on sale for $1.5 million dollars last year after a brother-sister sibling rivalry. Their doors were shut. 7 months later, they are back in the lighter business in the same old location at Tiong Bahru Seng Poh Lane.

Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for us, the sale attempt fell flat. All the original chefs and workers are back, except the co-owner sister. Everything, from the décor, menu, workers, service (*cough cough*) feels the same.

Say hello back to Por Kee’s signature dishes like the Champagne Pork Ribs, Homemade Beancurd ($16), Cereal Prawns ($22), Crispy Butter Prawns ($22), and Yam Basket with Chicken and Shrimp ($16).

My favourite dish is easily the Homemade Beancurd with mushrooms ($16). While deep fried, the inside remains very smooth and silky, poured over by a flavourful sauce with super-power wok-hei. I swear you can feel the wok-hei breathing in your body after taking a bite.

An underrated dish that I enjoyed is the Fried Beef Hor Fun with Black Bean Sauce ($8). In fact when I learnt that Por Kee has opened again, I braved the rain before closing hours just to have this comfort food. Ask for the chili sauce to go along – great combi.

Some people may not like the restaurant’s style of cooking – most of the dishes are quite rich-tasting, with heavy usage of sauces (a lot of ‘chup’ lah), and could put off those used to the Teochew style which is much and plain.

Prices are not cheap either. I may be partial because this is the place where my family enjoyed a few lunches and reunion dinner together, and eating the food always bring back good memories.

We are happy to have you back, Por Kee.

Por Kee Eating House
#01-02 69 Seng Poh Lane Singapore (10-15 min walk from Tiong Bahru MRT)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 11:30pm Daily

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  1. They made a mistake by sending us the medium size soup instead of small. We checked with the waitress to confirm if its small and she said yes. But when came to payment, they argued that they gave us the medium size n not the small. And we should hv rejected n told them so. Ridiculous reply fm the woman attending to us. She even took back the extra portion meant to be taken away. Never came across such people. Will never go back there again.


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