We love Christmas because it is the day to celebrate the birth of Christ. And also the time where you buy gifts for your loved ones, best friends and colleagues.

Though some can get invariably stressed out, especially when you are organizing or part of an office or house parties where everyone must bring a gift for someone.

“What should I get for him/her?”, “What if my boss doesn’t like the present?”, “Is this too cheap/expensive”. Seriously, this is not the season to panic but to enjoy.

The most common gift exchange I experienced is the “$20 present” idea, though I have walked away with mugs, photo frames, computer accessories and cutesy stuff that are still somewhere under my bed and possibly turned yellow.

Here are some Christmas Gift Exchanges Ideas that you may want to try:

1. Donate your gifts
Personally, one of my favourites. The company chooses a charity of your choice, and every attendee to buy a gift that suits the recipients. We have done this with a children’s home, and left with boxes full of new stationaries and books. Do check with the charity organisations what gifts are needed. For example, the Boys’ Brigade would require cooking oil, canned food (halal) and beverages.

2. Buy an experience
No physical items, but only experiences allowed such as spa treatment, foot massage, a manicure (yes, guys need them too), brow threading, a lunch, a Zumba class, or bowling game/KTV together – all expenses paid of course.

3. The $2 gift
Price limited to a specific amount, say $2. Additional rules: No purchase from Daiso allowed, and wrapping paper must be made of recycled materials.

4. The “Recycled” gift exchange
The recycled/unwanted gift exchange has only two rules: bring a gift you have received but do not want; and it must not be used. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Trust me, this will be very fun to see what people actually bring (and received). Lots of laughs promised.

5. Only handmade items allowed
Yes, we are taking about homemade cookies & bakes, to drawings & crafts. You may find out how much hidden talents your friends have.

6. The vouchers gift exchange
Specify the price point, do a secret santa (every colleague to draw a specific name), and buy any voucher. At least the recipients can use it to buy things they really want.

7. The food exchange
This is for the foodies. Only non-perishable food allowed. And if you are in an office, the additional game rule is that you can choose to further ‘donate’ your gift to the pantry for everyone to share. Hooray!

8. Specify the gift
Works best for the office. Everyone to specific 3 gifts (within a certain amount) on a card. The card is dropped into a Santa bag to be passed around and drawn. The ‘secret Santa’ would just need to buy one of the three items of the list. The down side: No more surprises.

9. Add a game
Other than the usual ‘boring’ gift exchanges, you can add one of the following games. ‘Stealing’ from other recipients allowed. Every participant has to draw a number, and the Number 1 gets to pick a present from a pile first. However, Number 2 is allowed to pick a gift from the pile, or ‘steal’ it from Number 1. And it continues.

10. Something you need, something to wear, or something you read
Similar to the usual gift exchange, but you can choose one of the above. (Think many of us have forgotten the joys of reading a physical book.)

These are just some fun suggestion for you to spice up the gift exchanges. If you have any more interesting creative ideas, feel free to share in the comment boxes below.

Blessed Christmas everyone!


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