Rainbow pancakes, red velvet pancakes, bailey’s pancakes and design your own pancakes… The very idea of Nook already sounds way too exciting. What better way to spend a weekday afternoon than to doodle some pancakes with your friend, and then eating your creation? Hmmm.

Nook is out of the way at Lor Kilat, a few shops away from Carpenter & Cook and Udders. While there are many pancake shops in Singapore, people come all the way here because they are the only and first DIY pancake art concept in Singapore. Meaning to say, all their tables are customised with a griddle in the middle just so you can flip your own pancakes and make you own pancake art.

The shop name comes from the word “The Breakfast Nook” which actually is a term used by the Americans in the olden days. It is actually a small corner where the poor have breakfast in the morning, where they get to bond and have a nice breakfast meal together as a family. Over at Nook, they also want everyone to come in to have a good bonding session together over breakfast and pancakes.

If you are lazy, the Rainbow Pancake ($12) with 6-coloured stacks is a can-order, surely to send your facebook or instagram likes to a record high with the photogenic piece. As with all rainbow desserts, Uncle Daniel here says this is a tad too sweet for my liking, and too much sugar sends me on a food coma. (Read: Rainbow Cake at Le Chocolat Café)

The Red Velvet Pancakes ($10) is definitely their winning item, soft batter without being overly saccharine, with the cream cheese filling adding a smooth velvety touch.

If you want to do your art classes justice, or want to draw a face/write a name to eat, you can go for the DIY Pancake package.

A 2-flavoured pancake with 3 toppings will set you back by $28. I think it’s a tad steep but worth the price if you split the cost with many friends, because you can stay there for up to 3 hours and make many many many pancakes with the squeezer bottles provided.

Maameemoomoo and I decided that drawing pancakes is maybe not our forte. Make a guess what we created?

DIY pancakes is really quite a fun concept for friends and families with kids to play with. For the idler people like me, I would love to see more creations such as the classic stacks, chocolate banana, strawberry cream or anything with ice cream.

[Giveaway Ended] Nook D.I.Y House of Pancakes Giveaway!
Nook will be giving 5 sets of a DIY Pancake Making Experience worth $28 to 5 blessed Daniel’s Food Diary readers!

All you need to do is to
Step 1: LIKES the FaceBook page of Daniel’s Food Diary
Step 2: SHARE this post on Facebook or RETWEET the post on twitter
Step 3: Leave a comment below to describe your ultimate PANCAKE flavour and toppings. Be creative!

Results will be announced 1st Feb 2013 (Fri)

Nook Cafe & Bar (renamed from Nook D.I.Y. House of Pancakes)
21 Lorong Kilat #01-03 Singapore 598123 (Upper Bukit Timah), Tel: +65 6466 1811
Opening Hours: 12pm-10pm (Tues-Fri), 10am-10pm (Sat), 10am-7pm (Sun)

Other Sweet Entries
Le Chocolat Café (Ann Siang Road)
K-ki (Ann Siang Hill)
3 Inch Sin (Millenia Walk)
Drips Bakery Café (Tiong Poh Road)
Dessert Cup (Raffles City)


  1. My ultimate pancake will be one that has a kiwi flavour with kiwi seeds but red pancake that looks like a watermelon…cool isn't it. And it must be topped with mango sorbet! yummy!

  2. My ultimate pancake will be one that has a kiwi flavour with kiwi seeds but red pancake that looks like a watermelon…cool isn't it. And it must be topped with mango sorbet! yummy!

  3. My ultimate pancake will be one that has a kiwi flavour with kiwi seeds but red pancake that looks like a watermelon…cool isn't it. And it must be topped with mango sorbet! yummy!

  4. My ultimate pancake will be one that is savoury… a giant Pancake burger that has eggs, melted cheese, lettuce, bacon, chicken, turkey, ham and cucumbers in between 2 slices of pancakes sweetened with honey :). Healthy yet nutritious <3.

  5. My ultimate pancake flavour would be milk tea, if I could create such a flavour, because I really like milk tea and pancakes and would love to try a fusion of both ^^ Topping would be cheesecake ice cream!

  6. My ultimate pancake flavour would be milk tea flavoured, if I could create such a flavour, because I really like milk tea and pancakes and would love to try a fusion of both ^^ Topping would be cheesecake ice cream!

  7. My ultimate pancake flavor would be horlicks pancakes with peanut toppings for that extra crunch and melted cheese for a savory touch! 🙂

  8. My ultimate pancake flavour will be pancake batter infused with white and milk chocolate buttons, banana.. topped with vanilla icecream and granola and cinnamon sugar!

  9. My ultimate pancake will be red velvet and salted caramel flavour! Tell me who can resist that?? 🙂 I bet it’d tatse zillion better if you tuck it in with your beloved ones. I’d love to spend quality time together with them and experience something new with them as well. 🙂 I’d love to cook and show my lacked cooking skill to them. I bet it’d bring so much fun, joy and laughter!

  10. Banana pancake mixed with blueberry bits in a shape of Spongebob Squarepants, coupled with red bean icecream with banana krunch cereal on it! :p

  11. My ultimate pancake will be a pancake in a form of the skin patterns of a giraffe.. with choco flavour for the brown and cheese flavour for the yellow and topped with old fashioned vanilla ice cream!

  12. I will make a bee pancake (just like my name). Use the pancake for the body & 2 small ones for the wings. Then coloured the big eyes, antennae, legs, black stripes and the stinger with Hershey’s choc syrup. yums! 🙂

  13. My ultimate pancake flavour would be red velvet pancake stacks with a topping of pistacchio nuts (for the crunch) and drizzled with thick maple syrup! Add on a scoop of strawberry ice-cream to complement the whole colour! YUMS! 😀

  14. My ultimate pancake would have 3 layers: dark chocolate, strawberry and orange flavored. In between the pancakes would be wasabi mayo. The topping would be salted caramel ice cream with cinnamon baked banana cubes. SHIOK!

  15. I went there when they are having some student promotion where I get to have pancake buffet for just $10. No words can actually describe how much fun me and my friends had there! Their pancake is tasty and the topping was unlimited that time and we managed to tried all of them. Their maple syrup was awesome match with the pancake! I had even shared the fabulous time I’ve experience about Nook in my blog last month!Totally thumbups for them and I would love to visit them again!


  16. I went there after reading this blog to eat their tasty rainbow pancake! we are also planning to bring our kids over during the school excursion for them to experience the place! the boss dawn is very kind enough to offer us an exclusive package too! My ultimate pancake would be green tea pancake with lotsa cheese topping plus sweet cream not forgetting a scoop of durian icecream on top of it and wrap it up like popiah.Bless them and may their biz grow bigger and bigger!

  17. the ultimate pancake combi would be green tea batter with azuki beans and vanilla ice cream, coconut batter with gula melaka(palm sugar), red velvet batter with cream cheese, caramel batter with buttered pecans AND plain batter with… CANDIED BACONS! WHOO! 😀 😀 😀

  18. If its just me, I would definitely try to make a Courtesy Lion, my all time favourite!
    But for my kids, mu ultimate pancake would be a Rainbow heartshape n a rainbow Happy face!! Happy kids = Happy mum = Happy Dad = Happy family = Yummylicious Food = Nook D.I.Y House of Pancakes!

  19. My ultimate pancake would be thick and fluffy original pancake ( to make big and fluffy pancake is not easy!) and top with coin shaped bak kwa that I always keep inside my pocket LOL! oh ya last but not least, a scoop of vanilla ice cream yummm.. sweet and salty@@

  20. my ultimate pancake would be MILO PANCAKE!! toppings with vanilla icecream and some chocolate chips. yummy~

    twitter: cherry9095

  21. Red velvet pancake.THIS.IS.THE.BOMB. First look at it, it might look too sweet for your tooth, but just one bite, you thought you just stepped into heaven for a few seconds. The taste was just right, it was PERFECT. Nook also has the best oreo milkshake everrrrrr~.

  22. I m in love with the rainbow pancake with mango ice cream favour that seem like the sunny bright sun melts in the mouth to the heart and balance the body temperature and seeing rainbow in the sky to brighten the feeling!;)

  23. Congrats to Yvonne ang, Tan Yi Jing, Annabella Tong, Cherry9095, Charlotte Ng for winning the DIY Pancake Making Experience from NOOK. Check your emails for details to claim your prizes! 🙂

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