It won’t be too exaggerating to say that I was touched when I found K Ki. Perhaps it had to do with my love for Japanese cakes. Or that K Ki gave us something not found anywhere else – A sense of tranquility, a touch of quirkiness, and most importantly a bolt of determination to make dreams come true.

Husband and wife pair Kenneth and Delphine gave up their daily jobs to set up this modest and characteristic cafe at Ang Siang Hill. It shared the space with an equally distinctive The Little Drom Store, which sold knick knacks like cameras, bags, toys, accessories and what-have-nots like badges and cards.

Entering the shop, which I would describe to have a country-side Muji ambience, was a breath of fresh air in this urban city. The cream coloured walls, wooden furniture, Delphine in a white apron and minimalist approach screamed ‘Japanese’.

Be prepared. Four times I was there, twice the cakes were sold out. Sometimes cakes get snapped by 3pm!

My love was Kinabaru ($8.00), layered with flavours of light coconut mousse, bright yellow passion fruit crème and a soft chocolate base. Its delicate taste would melt in your mouth, blow you away and send you to heaven.

As baker Kenneth was aligning his creations carefully with a ruler at the counter, I asked which his personal favourite was. It was not surprising that his choice was the Mont Blanc ($8.50). Classy in outlook, the Mont Blanc had almond tart base is topped with sweetish sponge and twirls of chestnut puree, very Japanese in presentation and essence.

One of the cakes was named after one of the co-owners Antoinette. The Antoinette ($8.00) was lady-like in its heart-shape, elegantly created with fluffy white chocolate sponge and mango fillings.

While K ki’s cakes are considered pricey in relative, it has earned rave reviews from food bloggers and customers do keep coming back. That is because every cake is uniquely different, prepared with the baker’s love for perfection. This is a little humble cake shop full of character, heart and charm.

K-ki ケーキ7 Ann Siang Hill #01-00 Tel:+65 6225 6650
Opening Hours: Daily 12pm to 7pm (closed on Mon), Sat 12pm to 4pm

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  1. The interior looks great! was looking for a nice cozy place to have a cup of coffee with the girls, and i think this might just be it. thanks _M.J-

  2. Just went there yesterday. It’s pretentious, the vintage stuff is very expensive and some dont event work, the Singaporean lady boss is rude and unwelcoming. If you’re looking for warm Japanese hospitality, it’s sorely lacking here. The staff are very too-cool-for-school in their designer tees and sneakers, and so are their icy personalities. The six of us spent $80 on cakes and drinks and stayed for about 2 hours. Yes the cakes were tasty especially the Flourless Choc Cake. The ambience is quaint and cosy with all four tables occupied. I went up to the cashier with my empty glass for the second time to ask for a refill of water. And she said in summary: “This is not a sit-down-and-eat place, it’s takeaway”. So what the heck are the chairs and tables for??

    To think i was gonna order another round of cakes. Seriously, this is my first and last time here.

  3. I’ve had their fromage melon. nothing to shout about. it was kind of lacking in taste, in fact.
    I wouldn’t say the staff are downright rude like the previous poster. I asked for water and they got it nicely enough. It’s more of the coldness. they’d ignore you and talk to the regulars/friends there unless you raise your hand to order something.
    WAAAY too pricey considering that most patisseries – with richer flavours too, I might add – are about half the price.
    Not recommended.


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