Every day a week, I will set aside at least one meal to cook for my mum. Not that I am a very good cook, but this is perhaps my little way to show that I care for her, and I love her.

When I was younger, I liked to eat her bee hoon and she would fry it almost every morning. So what I always fry is very close to what she has always cooked – not based on any recipes, but trial and error.

My mum does not cook anymore because she has difficulty in walking, and I feel bad that I have to buy takeaways for her all the time. She will sometimes complain that it is salty or not to her liking – especially fried bee hoon outside. So by cooking at home, we can choose ingredients that our family really likes. (Read about the The First #CookForFamily Initiative )

So that’s why I cooked Simple Fried Bee Hoon for The #CookForFamily Initiative. My mum doesn’t say much (sometimes she complain that I mess up the kitchen.) But when she finished the entire plate, or say “quite ho chiak”, there is immense joy in my heart.

Fried Bee Hoon
One packet beehoon (I like the Thai brands because the beehoon is thinner)
Yifon mushrooms (They have many delicious flavours – take your pick)
Eggs (1 or 2 – your preference, fried and shredded)
Ham (shredded)
Vegetables (shredded)
Shrimps (fried)
Hoisin sauce, oyster sauce & salt (a little for seasoning)
Chicken stock (alternative)

Preparation Method
1. Soak beehoon in water for about 20 minutes. Drain and leave aside.
2. Marinate egg with a little soya sauce and pepper. Fry and cut into shreds.
2. Chop vegetables into shreds.
4. Fry shrimps or prawns.

5. Set aside the ingredients (eggs, mushroom, ham). You can mix and match the ingredients depending on your preference. I like to shred the all because they look better when fried with beehoon. If it’s rice, I will dice them.
6. Heat the wok with some olive oil, fry with garlic till fragrant. Add the bee hoon, then seasoning or soup stock and fry evenly.
7. Add the ingredients, and the vegetables last so that they stay freshly green and will not be overcooked.
8. A cheap trick I use is to place the cooked beehoon into a bowl, and invert on a plate before serving for better presentation. Garnish with parsley, spring onions or fried shallots.

The common excuses of not cooking is “I don’t know” and “I am too busy.” You know deep in your heart they are just excuses, and what really is your priority. I remember that the CEO of Crystal Jade told me he would always dedicate one weekend to cook for his family even though he owns a chain of restaurant, and he still works more than 12 hours a day.

Try frying some simple bee hoon for your family, it took me less than 30 minutes. If not, search for #CookForFamily, and you may find yourself surrounded by 100 over bloggers sharing their receipes and experiences. Tell me how it goes.

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  1. The presentation of your fried bee hoon look good 🙂 Cooking for my family is also my way to demonstrate my love for them. And it doesn’t have to be very fancy dishes as what matters most is that they know we’re doing it out of love 🙂


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