For a restaurant called Prosperous Kitchen, it doesn’t look very prosperous – there are always just a few tables occupied (if any), and usually by Westerners around River Valley looking to eat some Chinese chao mien. A stark contrast to Spizes the Makan Place and Boon Tong Kee just a few shops away, which have tables spilling all the way out.

Maybe it is the feng shui. Irvin’s the Handsome Zhi Char did not survive at that corner unit long. Maybe it is the ugly green colour they picked to paint their exterior.

Prosperous Kitchen or Tien Wang is better known at its Sembawang Shopping Centre branch for its variety of authentic Cantonese cuisine, dim sum and double boiled soups.

With that said, this is one of the rare occasions where I gave the restaurant three opportunities because I deliberately want to give them a chance. That also means dragging my friends along knowing it can be potentially disastrous.

My first experience of having some Wok Fried Mee Swa ($8.00) was bad – bad food, bad service, long waiting time and not exactly cheap, till I commented it was “doomed to fail”.

The subsequent time I was more adventurous and ordered its Pork Ribs in Coffee Sauce ($12.80) and Curry Horfun ($6.00). Both were surprisingly decent offerings, especially the horfun in a thin curry gravy topped with vegetables which was neither heavy nor weird.

My most recent try was their signature Salted Egg Pork Chop ($16.80), while at a not-so-happy price, is definitely worth a go with its tender pork slices fried with absolutely addictive salted egg sauce that made me wipe clean the plate.

There are other interesting selections such as Creamy Pumpkin Prawns ($18.80) and Creamy Black Pepper Prawns ($18.80) which seems worthwhile enough to pile up the calories.

Let’s hope Prosperous Kitchen can remain prosperous – I can’t bear to see it close. If only they can lower the prices, and change that ugly green wall.

Prosperous Kitchen 天旺 (River Valley)
397 River Valley Road Singapore 248292 (diagonally opposite Great World City, near Spizes the Makan Place) Tel: +65 6737 3549
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 2:30am

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  1. In Chinese, it is always said that feng shui is very bad at the crossroads. maybe green is their lucky colour? 🙂

    I tried Curry Horfun at Suntec fountain food court before and like it. I wonder if this is better…

  2. I think its the fengshui of that place…even before that horrid irvin zhi char (which is the worst zhichar i ever ate in my life) liquid kitchen took that space…and prior to that its also some obscure looking pub…


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