Not x 3 – Taiwanese Fried Chicken
The deep fried chicken which hailed from the famous Taiwan Shilin Market, sprinkled with spices, salt (or plum powder), has ceased operations at several places. Prices have went up and the chicken has been drier and smaller. Stop cutting that small piece off my original chicken. Hao Da at Taipei is consistently big and crispy, and that’s the way we like it.

Not x 2 – Mega Burgers
If one’s not enough, make it two. No, four! But that’s not the point. The health conscious Singaporeans can’t wait to hit the gyms and here there is a 1000 calories burger with 4 dry patties. Army boys on their book out days may want to sink into one of them, but lets keep away from saturated fat and sodium.

Not x 1 – Donuts
Despite having hundreds of calories, many teaspoons of sugar and trans fat in a single ring, the glazed donut has become the Singapore’s latest addition to the long list of food fads. Getting a box of Donut Factory was the pride of those who waited hours at Raffles City, but with the entry of J.Co and Munchy, the queues are long gone with the wind. You can’t eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so what’s the fun? Even Donut King Krispy Kreme ended its operation its Hong Kong.


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