Looking back 2008, it’s interesting to see how many some food has managed to reinvent itself to be the next HOT item. We have seen the likes of bubble tea, coffee buns, and egg tarts come and go. So which are some of the food that left an impact this year?

Hot x 3 – Steamboat
It’s a combination of the influx of foreign friends, and the increase in popularity of value-for-money buffets, steamboats of every kind have raided the streets of Bugis and Geylang. Most do not have consistent quality, and despite the country being very hot and humid, crowds have been forming at every such restaurant. 7th Storey may be demolished, but their steamboat remains strong.

Hot x 3 – Buffets
It could be the popular TV programme, it could be that Singapore’s quest of value-for-money-meals never stopped. Buffets, Buffets, Buffets. Just one can shoot you up the weighing scale, but the numerous variety and seemingly ‘luxurious’ food at afforable price seems to good to be missed. Triple 3, The Line, Melt, Straits Cafe and Olive Tree offer some of the favourites amongst hotels.

Hot x 2 – Japanese Pizzas and Pasta
It’s ironic that while there is still some debate on whether the pasta comes from China or Italy, the Japanese versions have quietly penetrated the country. Pasta De Waraku and Shokudo with their creative menu, colourful décor and reasonable prices have managed to attract many youths to try a lighter version of this Italian favourite. Thin crust pizzas with tekayaki chicken, and cabonaras with shitake, fusion food has never tasted hippier.

Hot x 1
The ice cream flavours available here never tasted this exciting. We are not as adventurous as compared with the Japanese. But from Tiger Sorbet (Island Creamery), Utterly Avocado (That’s gula Melaka with avocado), Chilli Choc, Wasabi Mango (at Daily Scoop), DIY ice cream (Ice Cream Chefs), MaoShan Durian and Cempedak (Udders), it’s enough to spice up our lives. Being cool and different is hot!

So what is your HOT food of 2008?

(What’s Not in next entry…)



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