Chocolate aficionados have a new chocolate-specialty dessert café to head to – the first dipndip outlet in Singapore.

This international chocolate café chain, already a hit in 18 countries with over 164 locations, has arrived at VivoCity (#01-51 nearer Golden Village side).

The story of dipndip begins in 2009, born from the shared chocolate passion of two friends. Their mission was simple – to make people smile through chocolate.

And true to their word, the Muslim-owned café doesn’t just serve desserts; it crafts experiences.

Walking in, you would not miss the three chocolate ‘fountains’ showcasing their three signatures – white, milk, or dark chocolate – all of authentic Belgian quality.

Let’s dive into the heart of their menu – the chocolate-based desserts and beverages made using Halal-certified ingredients.

It is pretty extensive, offering a range from Crunchy Chocolate Pancakes ($15.80), Triple Chocolate Crepe ($11.80), Mighty Crepe ($14.80), dipndip Chocolate Brownie ($13.80), to the instagrammable tower-like Chocolate Burj ($22.80).

Their milkshakes, like the Strawberry Mighty Milkshake ($13.80) and S’Mores Mighty Milkshake ($13.80), are equally indulgent.

Check out some of the indulgent chocolate delights in Singapore’s latest chocolate cafe:

Pancake Brownie Club ($19.80)
The Pancake Brownie Club is a towering creation that layers soft pancakes and dense brownies and more.

This dessert is a celebration of contrasts, but it might feel overwhelming for those with a milder sweet palate.

The top is generously drizzled with their signature trio of chocolates – dark, milk, and white.

Cutting across, you would find surprises such as cream cheese mousse that would add a tangy counterpoint to the sweetness.

Fresh strawberries provide a fruity freshness, and the salted caramel pearls on top are a crunchy surprise. A lot of effort in the making, and you can tell why this is one of the best-sellers here.

Fettuccine Crepe ($17.80)
The Fettuccine Crepe is a playful take on the traditional crepe, sliced into fine ribbons mimicking pasta.

Served with a choice of ice cream and chocolate, it allows for customisation based on personal preference.

The crepe itself was light and airy, providing a delicate backdrop for the rich chocolate (though the crepe ribbons can become a tad soggy if not consumed promptly).

Pairing it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I found the combination to be pleasantly balanced.

Cream Puff Pyramid ($16.80)
The cream puffs, filled with a light and airy cream, are arranged in a pyramid shape, making for an attractive presentation.

Patrons have the option to choose from dark, milk, or white chocolate for drizzling.

The puffs themselves leaned towards the softer side, which might not appeal to those who enjoy a crisper shell.

I would suggest opting for dark chocolate, which would add a sophisticated bitterness that complemented the sweet cream filling nicely.

Triple Chocolate Waffles ($12.80)
The Triple Chocolate Waffles at dipndip are a chocolate lover’s fantasy turned into reality.

This is drizzled with the three distinct chocolate flavours of dark, milk, and white.

Look out for the theatrical experience of chocolate pouring which is a signature method at dipndip, creating a moment of anticipation.

While the combination is undeniably decadent, it can be somewhat overpowering for those who prefer a lighter touch of sweetness.

But worry not, as there are other choices such as Crunchy Oreo Waffles ($16.80), Crunchy Lotus Waffles ($16.80), and dipndip Waffles ($16.80) with fresh seasonal fruits and choice of chocolate.

Belgian Chocolate Cake ($10.80 per slice, $68.80 for full cake)
A classic choice, and at dipndip this cake was so moist and so dense, with a deep chocolate flavour.

If it borders on being too rich (which could be overwhelming after a few bites), get a friend or two to share this.

Perfect for those who crave a no-frills, chocolate-heavy dessert.

Tirami-Cubes ($9.80 for slice, $56.90 for full cake)
These bite-sized cubes are layered with fluffy mascarpone cream and soaked in a rich espresso, then topped with a dusting of cocoa powder.

The mascarpone cream was smooth, while the espresso lent a robust, aromatic flavour that cuts through the creaminess.

The dusted cocoa added a bitter contrast, which balanced the overall sweetness. The cube form factor made this fun to eat as well.

Belgian Hot Chocolate ($6.80)
The Belgian Hot Chocolate was a comforting, rich beverage – like a warm hug in a cup.

Available in either dark or milk chocolate, you can go for the dark chocolate version with more depth of flavour without being overly sweet.

The interior of the cafe, which can seat 60 people, has been designed to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere for enjoying these sweet treats.

The ambience, coupled with the diverse menu with more than 80 dessert and drinks items on the menu, makes dipndip a must-visit for chocolate enthusiasts.

The experience of dining at dipndip is not just about indulging in desserts but also about enjoying the creative presentation and the variety on offer.

dipndip Singapore
VivoCity #01-51, Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with dipndip Singapore.


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