Not to be confused with another similar sounding Korean restaurant, Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ is a new KBBQ restaurant at Gemmill Lane near Club Street (short walking distance from Telok Ayer MRT station).

This new establishment distinctly separates itself from others.

In terms of décor, sophisticated and traditional atmospheres intertwine. You get an experience that blends modern contemporary dining and Korean BBQ.

Spanning three floors, the space also boasts private rooms, each adorned with top-tier karaoke systems for convivial gatherings.

To further personalise the experience, there is the opportunity for diners to choose their preferred woodfire.

The selection spans five meticulously chosen types of wood: applewood, cherry, pecan, hickory, and mesquite, each lending its own nuanced fragrance.

For instance, the subtle sweetness of applewood gently enhances seafood and lean white meats, while the potent mesquite boldly intertwines with the robust flavours of pork, mutton, and beef, crafting a daring and memorable palate.

Turning our attention to the menu, a showcase of premium meats tantalises with offerings such as the Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu A4 Beef, Snow-aged Yukimuro full-blood Wagyu A4 Ribeye, Westholme Australian, and Sanchoku Australian breeds among others.

There are also the Ajoomma Signature Sets which various selections of pork or beef, accompanied by either Soybean Paste Soup or Kimchi Soup, Steamed Egg, and a lavish offering of free-flow side dishes.

Diners have options like the Pork Ajoomma Set ($66) which bundles Iberico Pork Collar, Black Pork Belly, and Iberico Pork Jowl into a tempting trilogy of flavours.

Alternatively, the Beef Ajoomma Set ($105) tempts beef aficionados with a trio of Beef Ribs, Beef Brisket, and Beef Striploin.

Here’s what I had at Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ:

US Prime Beef Short Ribs ($55 for 150gm)
One of my favourite cuts for Korean BBQ, the short ribs revealed a robust, hearty flavour profile.

The texture (just look at the marbling) featured a splendidly tender and juicy bite.

You can also request for the staff to help you BBQ, so that you can better enjoy the rich, meaty essence with slightly smokiness and char.

Snow Aging Yukimuro Fullblood Wagyu A4 Beef Ribeye ($150 for 150gm)
Snow aging, or Yukimuro, refers to a traditional Japanese method wherein foods are naturally preserved in insulated snow storage houses.

This method ensures a slow aging process at a stable low temperature, enhancing the beef’s texture and flavour by allowing it to mature gracefully.

Fullblood Wagyu signifies one of the purest lineages, ensuring that the beef hails from an unadulterated line of the Wagyu breed, promising an uncompromised, superior quality.

After grilling, the meat delicately sears, encapsulating its juices and forming a slightly crisp that contrasts with its melt-in-your-mouth interior.

2mm Pork Belly from Spanish Iberico Pork ($28 for 150gm)
Known for its deep, nutty flavour profile, the Iberico pork owes its richness to the acorn-heavy diet of Iberian pigs.

When grilled, the thin cut achieves a light crispness on its exterior. Yet, thanks to the pronounced fat marbling inherent to Iberico pork, the inside remains delectably succulent and tender.

Marinated Pork Collar ($33 for 150gm)
The Spanish Iberico pork collar, being a naturally tender cut, retains its juiciness throughout the grilling process. What you get is a texture that is interspersed with occasional chewy bites.

As the marinate is on the stronger side (with pepperiness), you may want to opt for other choices such as jowl, belly, collar or prepared sous vide ahead with a thyme marinade if you prefer to savour the natural taste of the pork.

Truffle Steamed Egg ($16)
Gyeranjjim, the delicate and comforting steamed egg dish, finds itself elevated at Ajoomma.

A waft of the truffle’s intricate aroma greets the diner first, followed closely by velvety texture of the soft, fluffy steamed egg.

Soybean Paste Soup ($20)
Have your robust Soybean Paste Soup either with seafood or a hearty beef.

You get that savoury, slightly salty, and mildly earthy notes of the fermented soybean paste of “Doenjang Jjigae”.

Alternatively, for those leaning towards something spicy and slightly zesty, the Spicy Kimchi has options of Iberico pork belly or tuna as its star.

Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ has also introduced a medley of hot and cold à la carte delights for those preferring options beyond their notable barbecue.

Hot dishes include the luxe Pan-Seared Foie Gras ($48), accompanied by grilled plantain and yellow frisee, and a decadent Lobster Thermidor ($85), laced with a rich bechamel and sake finish.

Savour the Grilled King Prawns ($48) and Pan-Seared Scallops ($38) or indulge in the Seasonal White Asparagus ($35), elegantly paired with parma ham and onsen egg. Further offerings encompass a range of Pastas and Risottos (from $32).

On the colder side, diners can indulge in opulent Caviar ($150), refreshing Salmon Carpaccio ($28), and umami-rich Korean Beef Tartare ($32). The Burrata ($32), with compressed watermelon and balsamic pearls, offers a light yet flavourful start.

For a casual and comforting side, consider the classic Sashimi ($9), the crowd-pleasing Korean Fried Chicken ($22), or a variety of Korean Pancakes (from $26) with chive, seafood, or kimchi – ensuring a diverse and vibrant selection for every palate at Ajoomma.

Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ Opening Promotions
Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ kicks off its opening with a splash of enticing promotions.

Enjoy a Buy-1-Free-1 deal on Soju all day.

Or get Little Creatures Craft Beer FREE-FLOW with minimum spend of $40++ per person, ensuring a refreshing accompaniment to your meal.

The merriment continues into Happy Hour, between 6pm to 8 pm, where cocktails, wines, and beers are available at the approachable price of $9++ a glass.

Lunch-goers are in for a treat with 1-For-1 lunch sets from 12pm – 2pm (last order by 1:30 pm).

Diners can enjoy two items at just $20++, choosing from delectable options like Soy Bean Paste Soup, Kimchi Soup, Spicy Ramen, and Bulgogi in Beef, Pork, or Chicken.

With these offerings, Ajoomma promises a feast not just for the palate but also for the soul, all while being kind to the wallet.

Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ
No 2 & 4 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069247
Tel: +65 8789 8650
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

Online Reservation – Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Ajoomma Korean Charcoal BBQ.


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