Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 is a hidden retro office-themed dessert café that evokes the bygone era.

Even though it is not that near for many, nestled within a quiet landed housing estate off Upper Thomson Road (about a kilometre away from Lentor MRT station), this nostalgic dessert haven should appeal to many.

And it is opened until 1:30am on many nights.

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 - Retro Office 01

Stepping inside, patrons are immediately transported to another time and place.

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Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 - Retro Office 02

The café’s interior boasts an extensive array of old artefacts and antique paraphernalia that resonates with a distinct vintage charm.

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 - Retro Office 03

I spotted old copies of Dian Shi Guang Bo Zhou Kan 电视广播周刊. (who remembers reading them for drama’s synopsis?)

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 - Retro Office 04

One can’t help but marvel at the space, meticulously designed to resemble an office from yesteryears. Wooden office desks are adorned with vintage table signs, retro lamp shades and chairs.

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 - Retro Office 05

For larger gatherings, the café offers a conference room. For those seeking a unique experience of dining alone, you can try asking for the “Chairman’s office”.

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 - Retro Office 06

The other highlight of Bing Tang Tang Shui is undeniably its dessert menu.

There are only six desserts listed though (hope more in the future), including Osmanthus Tang Yuan dessert, Cheng Teng ($7) Mango Sago Pomelo ($7), Orh Nee ($7), Collagen Bird Nest Soup ($29.90).

Some come with options of floral infusion.

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 - Retro Office 07

A standout is the Osmanthus Tang Yuan Dessert ($12.50). Soft and chewy sesame-filled rice balls (tang yuan) rest on a bed of crushed ice. It is recommended to eat fast, because the skin will turn harder after contact with the cold ice.

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 - Retro Office 08

The dessert is drizzled with a purple goji berry syrup, immersed in a fragrant fermented rice milk sauce, which boasts hints of Hakka yellow wine and zesty lemon.

As if that weren’t enough, a light osmanthus caramel wafts a delicate floral aroma that dances on the palate.

While the dessert is nearly perfect, I thought that a smoother ice base would elevate it further.

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 - Retro Office 09

The Cheng Teng ($7) is a cane-based dessert, featuring the tangy candied mandarin orange juxtaposed with housemade rose jelly, which is elevated with a touch of light caramel.

The fresh orange zest provides an unexpected burst of brightness. Patrons also have the option to enhance their dessert with a pink rose infusion at an additional cost.

The only gripe some may have is the portion size; a slightly more generous serving would better justify its price point.

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 - Retro Office 10

For those inclined towards savoury options, there are items such as Kueh Pai Tee ($6.80), Braised Pork Rice ($5.80), Radish Cake ($6.80), Chee Cheong Fun ($5.50), and Chwee Kueh ($5.50).

The Singaporean-Styled Lu Rou Fan or Braised Pork Rice ($5.80) is a straight-forward dish that showcases succulent meat complemented by a pleasant chilli kick.

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 - Retro Office 11

To me, the star offering is the Homemade Hong Kong-style Radish Cake ($6.80).

Crafted by Chef Terence Chew who boasts over 30 years of expertise, the soft pieces encapsulates the essence of home in its taste.

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 - Retro Office 12

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 appeals due to its merging of nostalgia with dessert expertise.

Whether for the ambience, the desserts, or the savoury dishes, it promises a visit that’s both a trip down memory lane and a photogenic journey.

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室 - Retro Office 13

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室
15 Thomson Hills Drive, Singapore 574759
Opening Hours: 4:30pm – 1:30am (Mon – Thurs), 12:30am – 1:30am (Fri – Sat), 12:30am – 12am (Sun)

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