As you can already tell from the name – no ramen shops come close to being as cute as this.

I mean, the logo is literally a cute pouting cartoon shiba inu.

Ramen Shiba is a surprise find down at West Coast Plaza. In their own words, they are the new top dog in town.

They do authentic Japanese tonkotsu ramen, using a mix of pork bone and parts like trotters and neck to give the broth a silky texture.

The collagen-rich soup, in its final form, is milky and rich.

Ramen Shiba transforms the broth into four types of ramen – Signature, Original, Black Garlic, and Spicy.

For each flavour profile, the options are to get the ramen with seaweed, with a flavoured egg, or with all toppings.

The way to go to start is the Shiba Signature Butabara Ramen with All Toppings ($20.90). The basics are all there: rich soup, large sheet of nori, a whole ramen egg, and three large slices of chashu.

I had the Shiba Signature Butabara Ramen with Flavoured Egg ($18.90).

What makes the ramen the Shiba Signature is the heap of stir-fried ginger pork sitting in the center of the bowl.

Either devour it immediately, or stir it into the soup to infuse the broth with a soy taste.

I would say this was a credible-decent bowl of ramen to be found in the West; though I found it slightly on the salty side. As there is an option to pick the level of saltiness, I would go for “less salt” rather than normal.

Customers can also pick from “normal noodles” or “thin noodles”. Usually I would personally prefer thinner noodles, but happened to find their “normal noodles” having a better QQ chewy bite somehow.

The humble Original Tonkotsu Ramen ($12.90) is the cheapest choice there is, although a slice of chashu is all there is.

If a smoky and charred flavour is your taste, the Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen with Seaweed ($14.90) with the drizzle of black garlic oil will suit it better.

Or else, the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen with Seaweed ($14.90) is popular.

Some sides to go with the ramen include their Chicken Karaage ($8.90), Pork Gyoza ($7.90 for 5pcs, $14.80 for 10pcs), and Pork Shogayaki ($9.90).

As far as your humble neighbourhood ramen shop goes, Ramen Shiba is cute, homely, and good for any casual day.

Ramen Shiba
West Coast Plaza B1-09, 154 West Coast Road, Singapore 127371
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

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