It is time to order some Chinese New Year catering for your family and friends.

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On & On Diners has curated a CNY Mini Buffet menu with their signatures, customers’ favourites, specially-created new dishes, and loads of complimentary items.

The caterer is known for its focus on traditional local recipes cooked with quality ingredients, and is also Halal-certified.

Plus ordering is really easy – just do it online. There is is no elaborate set-up required for the Mini Buffet, and food is served conveniently in disposable trays with full set of cutlery and wares entirely provided for.

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To check out the full set of items, the menu is available here:

There are also a number of CNY Complimentary Items which includes:
– Prosperity Yusheng served with 200g Smoked Salmon (worth $69.90)
– 2 cans of Abalone (8-head abalone in Hong Shao & 10-head abalone in clear brine), while stocks last
– Signature Torched Mentaiko Scallops (worth $59.90)
– POKKA 1.5L Green Tea
– Irvin’s Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skins (30g x 2 packets)

We have tried the Ultimate Prosperity Chinese New Year Mini Buffet 2023, and here are the some of the CNY special items you can expect:

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 02

CNY Special: Taiwanese Salt & Pepper Squid with Roasted Sesame Dressing
A simple yet classic Taiwanese seafood dish featuring squid coated in a salt & pepper mix, plus other spices.

Deep-fried to tenderness, the squid is cooked golden-brown and joyously crisp on the outside.

Enjoy dipping each crunchy, coated piece into the accompanying roasted sesame dressing. A rich and creamy sauce boasting of fragrant nutty aroma and flavour.

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 03

CNY Signature Cold Platter
Welcome the New Year with a colourful 5-item platter featuring Truffle Seafood Capellini, Japanese Octopus, Seasoned Jellyfish, Smoked Duck with Hoisin & Cantonese Prawn Salad.

Start off with Cantonese Prawn Salad to provide a refreshing take on bouncy prawns in a creamy dressing.

The set also includes two kinds of seafood – Jelly Fish and Japanese Pctopus – lightly seasoned to allow the natural briny flavours to shine through.

Adding a touch of sweetness to the bunch is tender Smoked Duck Slices infused with Hoisin sauce.

Fine fragrant strands of Capellini drizzled with truffle oil round up the set and served topped with prawns.

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 04

CNY Rice: Huat Huat Ong Lai Fried Rice with Chicken Floss
A satisfying fried rice dish levelled up with the addition of chicken floss.

The rice is wok-fried and tossed with assorted ingredients to combine savoury flavours.

But the key ingredient is the fluffy chicken floss with its slightly sweet flavour and light texture.

If you would like another option for the “CNY Rice” category, it would be the Japanese Garlic Fried Rice with Crispy Chicken.

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 05

CNY Noodle: Prosperity Seafood Hong Kong Noodles
Make room for this flavourful noodle dish featuring Hong Kong wheat noodles cooked with a medley of seafood.

Strands of chewy noodles are interspersed shrimps, shredded mushrooms, spring onions and a blend of savoury sauce.

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 06

CNY Vegetable: Australian Broccoli with Fortune Bag in Fatt Choy Abalone Gravy
At the center of Australia broccoli specialty are fortune bags made from a thin sheet of dough and chockful with ingredients.

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 07

Heritage: Teochew Style Braised Duck with Sea Cucumber & Chinese Mushrooms
Braised in a flavourful liquid, the whole duck is cooked to right tenderness while keeping its meat moist.

Meaty and juicy, the duck meat’s flavour is also enhanced with sea cucumbers and Chinese mushrooms added into the braise.

The blackened dish gains a rich, savoury aroma and flavour from the Chinese mushrooms, while the neutral-tasting sea cucumbers adds a gelatinous texture.

If you prefer another “Heritage” dish, try the Imperial Herbal Chicken with Baby Abalone.

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 08

Chicken: Signature Nanyang Style Curry Chicken
This signature features tender chunks of chicken and potatoes cooked in a rich curry sauce for a satisfying flavour.

Together they are slow simmered in coconut milk livened up with a spice mix.

This simmering process allows the Nanyang-style sauce to build its flavour, as the meat absorbs all the curry flavours.

The other choice for the “Chicken” category is the Old Fashioned Sweet & Sour Chicken with Tropical Fruits.

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 09

Fish: Signature Creamy Butter Salted Egg Yolk Fish (served with crispy fish skin)
Savour these two-biter fish fillets dredged in a blend of salted egg yolk and melted butter.

The coated morsels are deep-fried to achieve a lovely golden-brown hue, and a crunchy exterior.

The magic of this signature dish lies in the salted egg-butter combo, making this batter rich, creamy and savoury altogether.

Fried fish skin is served alongside these golden fish to add a gratifying crispiness.

If you prefer other “Fish”, there is the Cantonese Crispy Sea Bass with Superior Soya Sauce.

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 10

Prawns: Signature Yuan Yang Prawns – Buttery Cereal Prawns & Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter Prawn
A favourite among many, these Buttery Cereal Prawns are well-loved for their crunchy coating made with cereal blended into melted butter.

The mild sweetness from the cereal goes well with the rich, creamy flavour of butter.

For this two-in-one dish, you also get Hong Kong Typhoon Shelter Prawns.

What makes this special is the dry mixture that covers the dish, combining chili pepper and garlic with other seasonings.

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 11

CNY Sides: CNY Huat Platter – Tiger Prawn Roll, Fatt Choy Wu Xiang, and Lemongrass Fishcake
A platter that comes with several ingredients, including the Tiger Prawn Roll – large prawns wrapped in a thin pastry, then deep-fried to a crisp.

There is also the Fatt Choy Wu Xiang (ngor hiang) comprising of ground chicken seasoned with herbs, made into a roll then snugly rapped in dried bean curd skin then deep-fried to a crisp.

Perfect for those who enjoy herbal flavours is the Lemongrass Fishcake – the infused lemongrass adds a distinctive citrus lemony aroma.

Another option for the “CNY Sides” is the popular choice of Golden Muar Otah Buns.

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 12

Dessert: Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo
A cooling dessert combining sweet, tropical flavour of mango with added pomelo bits, leaning more on the tangy notes.

Made creamier with coconut milk.

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 13

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 14

Complimentary: Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng (serves 10-12pax, worth $65.00)
Experience a melding of sweet and savoury flavours in this prosperity salad, enhanced with smoked salmon, various crunchy fresh and pickled veggies.

A colourful dish loaded with visual appeal, textural contrasts, and heaps of flavours to huat for the New Year.

Tip: Add some of those #DangerouslyAddictive IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin within for that extra crunch.

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 15

Complimentary: Torched Mentaiko Scallops (worth $59.90)
Treat yourself to some scallops prepared Japanese-style with mentaiko sauce.

Plump and juicy scallops in shells are grilled till tender, then topped with torched chili-infused Alaska pollack roe sauce.

This spicy savoury sauce adds a depth of flavour to the mild-flavoured, naturally sweet scallops.

On & On Diners CNY Mini Buffet Catering 2023 16

On & On Diners: Ultimate Prosperity Chinese New Year Mini Buffet
12 Course Customisable Items with Complimentary CNY Items
$398.00/Set, good for 10-12 ($429.84 with GST)

Festive Charge for CNY Eve, Day 1 and Day 2 at $50.00

More details and order from:

Enjoy FREE delivery for the CNY Mini Buffet Catering simply by keying in the promo code: “24CNYFD”

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with On & On Diners. Written by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary and Nicole Poi @pinkypiggu.


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