Those who frequent cake cafes will be no stranger to LUNA, a patisserie known for its creative and equally delicious cakes and tarts from Orh Nee Cake, Matcha Opera, Yuzu Meringue Cheese Tart, to Sea Salt Nori Dark Chocolate Tart.

Sat on the corner of Amoy Street (near to Amoy Street Food Centre), the sleekly decorated patisserie is the place to be if you want your sweet tooth satisfied.

If you have not been there in a while, they have an entire new cake & tart collection called #Newbloom. LUNA’s pastry chefs have once again pulled out all their stops for this seasonal collection.

Here’s a look at the cakes, tarts and pastries introduced under #Newbloom:

Honey Yogurt Walnut ($9.00)
The pâte à choux is encased in a light yoghurt mousse, under a thin pebble-looking shell. A piece of chocolate honeycomb, dusted in edible gold, completes the look making it quite IG-worthy.

When you cut the pastry open with a fork, the delicate shell would reveal the lemon curd within. The flavours are balanced.

Tangy and sweet, there are also roasted walnut bits in the curd that provides little nuggets of crunchiness.

Lychee Rose ($9.00)
The pastel pink cake already drew me in at first glance. It is a light rose sponge finished with a velvety chocolate spray, layered with refreshing rose cremeux, rose ganache and rose mousse.

Little bits of lychee pairs with the floral flavours. If you are a fan of lighter flavours, the lychee rose should be at the top of your list.

Apple Peach Cheesecake ($9.00)
This is a unique take on the cheesecake, and one that is almost too gorgeous to be eaten.

Nestled on top of a sweet-and-salty biscuit base, a caramelised apple peach tartin is paired with a cream cheese mousse for a medley of flavours.

I loved the attention to detail and the peach-like appearance of the cake.

Mango Passionfruit ($9.50)
Luxurious spreads of mango cremeux, passionfruit curd and pistachio ganache alternate between each layer of mango sponge, keeping the cake moist and delectable.

A crunchy white chocolate feulletine on the bottom and a passionfruit glace on top gives the cake an extra texture. One of my favourites in the #Newbloom collection.

Goma x PB ($9.00)
As the name suggests, the cake is packed with delightful earthy flavours. The goma sponge is layered with goma paste and a spread of freshly churned peanut butter ganache.

The black sesame explosion is complete with roasted sesame seeds and silky goma chantilly cream to finish. It came together well, neither too sweet nor dense.

Lime Lemongrass Cheesecake ($8.50)
A classic baked cheesecake, the cheesecake is lemongrass flavoured atop a biscuit base, wrapped in a generous layer of lime-infused mousse.

The hint of lemongrass cuts through the thickness of the cheese nicely.

Oolong Almond Florentine ($9.50)
Flaky layers of almond florentine are placed between pieces of moist almond sponge and creamy Valrhona Bahibe 46% ganache.

A light oolong chantilly cream is piped on top of the florentine, offering delicate sweetness to the pastry.

Raspberry Grape Mille Feuille ($9.00)
The Mille Feuille could be a favourite for three good reasons: the grape chantilly, raspberry ganache and juicy grapes.

There are also the flaky mille-feuille and Chantilly that provide some decadent contrast in textures.

Citrus Earl Grey ($9.00)
The sweet buttery crust is filled with a swirling orange curd and ear grey infused crème, finished with a refreshing orange jelly.

Consistent with the #Newblossom theme, little pieces of blossoms are sprinkled on top.

Pistachio Hazelnut ($9.00)
This buttery tart is filled with roasted pistachio cremeux and hazelnut praline.

The silky vanilla chantilly cream lightens the nutty flavour of the tart, with crunchy pistachio bits sprinkled all around.

The classic combination of pistachio and hazelnut means you can’t go wrong with trying this out.

Strawberry Kisses ($85)
Also look out for LUNA’s Mother’s Day special for 2022, the Strawberry Kisses.

Fresh strawberries, tangy yuzu curd, and white chocolate round up the soft pairing of moist vanilla sponge and strawberries confit, reminiscent of a pillowy embrace.

This delicate recipe is embellished with fresh flowers, a dedication to a mother’s love.

Islandwide Delivery
You can now have your favourite LUNA cakes and tarts delivered to your doorstep at this link: with its islandwide delivery.

There is a minimum order of $27 for all delivery. A delivery fees of $7 applies for all orders.

53 Amoy Street, Singapore 069879
Opening Hours: 12pm – 6:30pm (Sun – Thurs), 12pm – 7pm (Fri – Sat)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with LUNA.


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