From Owen Road to Chinatown, 99 Old Trees has shifted to their new premise right outside Outram Part Exit H. at Teo Hong Road.

This is not the first time a durian stall has expanded into the F&B business, with other examples being Durian Lab by Ah Seng Durian (Bukit Merah) and Three Point Two by Pang Zi Durian (Kampong Bahru).

Easily spotted from far (not just because of the smell), the walls are decked with colourful hand-painted murals depicting various harvesting and selling process of durians.

With both alfresco dining area and 20-seaters indoors, the interior is sleek with an industrial design.

Freshness and quality of the durians are ensured as they are delivered daily from Malaysia around evening time.

The durians mainly come from Fook Gor Durian Farm in Pahang which has been established for 33 years and known for Mao Shan Wang, D24, and Tekka cultivars, as well as its family farms in Johor Bahru.

Apart from their range of fresh durians, 99 Old Trees also offers homemade desserts under the ‘Stinky’ brand on the menu, all created by in-house pastry chefs.

These include the Stinky Bowl ($5.50), Stinky Chendul ($3) and Stinky Scoop ($28 per pint).

The Stinky Bowl ($5.50) remains my favourite, made from 100% pure D24 durian pulp with a light, smooth and creamy mousse texture.

For the durian lovers, you won’t regret topping up $1.50 for an extra D24 durian puree which adds the extra oomph.

The Stinky Chendul with durian flesh ($5) is prepared ala minute, a traditional Teochew-style Chendul with all the ingredients made from scratch.

With the various toppings in the bowl, The Stinky Chendul has probably the least amount of durian taste in it.

In celebration of the store’s relocation, 2 new durian treats are specially created for the store’s relocation: Stinky Roll ($6.50 for a quarter piece and $25 for a foot long) and Stinky Bomb ($1.80 per piece, minimum 5 pieces).

The Stinky Roll ($6.50) is sliced into 4 bite-sized portion when diners choose to dine in.

A Swiss Roll made of fluffy Japanese sponge cake filled with fresh Mao Shan Wang flesh and French custard cream, the Stinky Roll is light and perfect as a post-meal treat.

Another highlight is the Stinky Bomb ($1.80 per piece, minimum 5 pieces), which is really affordable for a flavoured choux puff.

A golden choux au craquelin that is crispy on the outside due to butter-sugar crumbs, and filled with Mao Shan Wang flesh and light cream.

The Stinky Bomb has a nice balance which is strong in flavours yet complex in the textures.

Beverage-wise, it’s not like your usual cafe with artisanal coffee.

Instead, refillable Chinese Tea ($6.50) is served in traditional teapots, Fresh Coconut ($4.50), Oldenlandia Water ($2), all of which are cooling to counter-balance the “heavy” durians.

With a more spacious compound for diners to enjoy both the durians and the durian desserts, 99 Old Trees has one of the better durian desserts in Singapore, and able to kept affordable as they produce all their desserts in-house and work with durian farms directly.

99 Old Trees
1 Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088321
Opening Hours: 12pm – 9pm (Mon -Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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