If you are around the CBD looking for inexpensive restaurant meals, Jarrell’s Bistro is a modern, casual Asian restaurant located along Telok Ayer Street.

It is of walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT station (near Amoy Street Food Centre, where Pantler used to be located.)

Chef-owner Jarrell Tan used to be a chef at Swissotel The Stamford, and thus he is influenced by his mentors with a flair of European dishes with an Asian or local twist.

It offers Lunch Sets and A La Carte menu of modern Asian fusion tapas, mains, pastas and sides – at wallet-friendly prices considering this area.

A 2-Course meal is priced at $25++, while a 3-Course with appetiser, main and dessert is at $35++.

With its refreshed menu, it is ready to welcome you back and entice you even more. Fret not, as take-out and delivery service via Oddle is still available for those who want to stay home and eat.

Here are some dishes waiting for you to be savoured at Jarrell’s Bistro: (As Chef Jarrell changes his plating from time to time, you may find the presentations differing from some of the photos below.)

Kam Heong Lala Pasta ($18)
Clams in pasta is always a treat for seafood lovers, but more especially if they are prepared in a signature Malaysian style of stir frying.

You probably cannot find a similar version anywhere else in Singapore.

This unique technique combines ingredients from Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine, and known to impart an exhilarating fragrance during cooking. So aromatic they called it “Kam Heong” which is Cantonese for “golden fragrance”.

Savour these Kam Heong clams incorporated into a house-made paste, together with curry leaf powder and chili padi as the sauce for spaghetti pasta.

This is much spicier than your average pasta, but if you are up for that kick on the palate, you should give this a go.

“Oriental Karikinos Pasta” aka Singapore Chilli Crab Pasta ($23)
Witness and taste a modern take on national dish Singapore Chili Crab as it is prepared pasta-style using tagliatelle.

A mound of al dente long, flat ribbons tossed in Pomodoro, is topped with a homemade chili crab paste which makes this rather saucy.

Dig in and mix everything, including the garniture coriander leaves to add a refreshing burst of citrusy flavour. The generous chunks of jumbo crab meat make this dish extra satisfying.

If you are up for pastas, other offerings include Pork Bacon Alfredo ($18), Kimchi Mushroom Pasta ($18), Thai King Prawn ($23), and Turmeric Squid Pasta ($23).

“Minotaur Burger” aka Kicap Manis Wagyu Burger ($22)
The Western burger shows off an Indonesian vibe as it incorporates kicap manis as a burger spread. Kicap manis is an aromatic Indonesian sweetened soy sauce with honey-like consistency and a sweet-salty flavour.

A chunky Wagyu burger patty is slathered with this savoury sauce, coupled with garlic confit and onion marmalade to build up a rich flavour.

Fresh slices of tomato and crisp lettuce complete the filling as everything is nestled in a toasted brioche bun.

For vegan friends, also available is a meat-free Impossible Burger ($22) added with gochujang king oyster mushroom and Vichy beetroot.

“Chicken Little” aka Prawn Paste Chicken Burger ($19)
If you prefer a chicken burger, try the Prawn Paste Chicken Burger and dive into a whole new set of flavours.

Apparently, Chef’s Traditional Prawn Paste Chicken aka Har Cheong Gai ($13) which is available as a bar snack got so popular, he decided to make a burger out of it.

The “patty” is a fillet of chicken thigh marinated in fermented prawn paste, basil leaf powder, ginger and more.

Once the flavours have seeped in, it is deep-fried till the skin turns crisp while keeping the meat juicy.

Decked over fresh slices of tomatoes and crunchy lettuce in a soft brioche bun, the chicken is also accompanied with a house-made spicy sambal belacan – which you can dip the fries into, or spread across the patty.

“Et Tu Brute?” aka Modern Caesar ($13)
What’s “Modern Caesar”?

The traditional Caesar Salad’s anchovy fillets are given a Chinese spin as bak kwa is used as a topping to this dish.

The soy sauce and caramelised sugar in classic bak kwa adds salty and sweet notes to the shredded romaine lettuce – and a pleasant chewy texture too.

Tossed into the salad as shavings of Grana Padano, crunchy garlic croutons, a homemade Caesar dressing, and a 63°C egg.

“Non-Poisonous ‘Shrooms?” aka Miso Mushroom Cappuccino ($12)
For starter, choose between Miso Mushroom Cappuccino ($12) and Venus Clams in Superior Broth ($15).

Why not drink up this “cappuccino” topped with a condensed milk foam? But instead of jolting you with caffeine, this gives you a punch of savoury flavours.

A mix of button, shiitake and morel mushrooms are pureed and combined with miso to make an earthy soup.

Served with a swish of truffle oil that adds a heady aroma to entice you even more. Comes with a crunchy puff pastry stick.

“Siamese Chickens in a Blanket” aka Pad Krapow in Pita Bread ($13, available from 5pm – 9:30pm.
From the Thai street food scene, Pad Krapow Moo is catapulted to a modern setting and finds its way stuffed into a soft pita bread.

This is part of the “Tapas” menu available from 5pm – 9:30pm. Also on the menu are Pork Sausage ($14), Teriyaki Salmon Crostini ($15), Gamberone Skewers ($24), and Cheese Baked Whole Boston Lobster ($38).

Traditionally, Pad Krapow Moo is a spicy stir-fry with ground pork. But in this interpretation, minced chicken is used.

Small pieces of chicken are seasoned and stir fried with aromatic ingredients – garlic, shallots, chili, Shao Xing wine, fish sauce, oyster sauce, and tossed with long beans and Thai basil.

The flavourful melange is then stuffed into pita bread to create a unique, filling ‘sandwich’.

“EVer.2” aka Milo Tiramisu ($15)
Moving on to the desserts. Whatever fond Milo-related memories you have will sure to rush in as you indulge in this creamy chocolatey dessert.

This tiramisu-in-a-cup is made with alternating layers of Milo ‘Gao’ lady fingers, Milo nuggets, and mascarpone cream.

All it takes is a sprig of mint leaf and now it’s picture-ready. Dig in and enjoy its smooth mouthfeel, interrupted with sweet soft cookies and bits of chocolate.

“Legacy of Eemin” aka Brown Sugar Sea Salt Panna Cotta ($14)
Cap off your meal with a dessert cocktail made with black tea, brown sugar, sea salt, and a shot of Baileys.

Unlike a traditional Italian panna cotta, this is a pseudo deconstructed one with Irish cream made thick with black tea jelly and sweetened with brown sugar crumble.

The sea salt foam adds a delightful contrast of taste and texture. A must try.

Jarrell’s Bistro Delivery
If you are ordering home, go for the Jarrell’s Signature Bundles via https://jarrellsbistro.oddle.me

The Jarrell’s Signature Bundle for 2 persons ($50) comes with a Miso Mushroom Soup, 2 choice of Pastas, and a Traditional Prawn Paste Chicken; while the Jarrell’s Signature Bundle for 4 persons ($100) has 2 choices of Caesar Salad OR Sweet Cottage Pie, 2 Pasta, a Burger, Traditional Prawn Paste Chicken, and 2 choice of Churros OR Lime Coconut Almond Filo.

Also enjoy 20% OFF pastas on Mondays, and 20% OFF burgers on Tuesdays.

Jarrell’s Bistro
198 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068637 (Tanjong Pagar)
Tel: +65 6223 1766
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:30pm (Tues – Sat), Closed Sun, Mon
Delivery: https://www.jarrells.com.sg

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Jarrell’s Bistro.


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