The highly anticipated Singapore Food Festival (SFF) returns for its 28th edition with the theme ‘Savour Singapore In Every Bite’.

Running over three weekends from 27 August to 12 September 2021, it is the only festival in Singapore dedicated to local cuisine and F&B talent.

Compared to last year’s virtual edition, SFF 2021 has doubled in size and continues to innovate, so you are getting more than 50 gastronomic and drinking experiences on a hybrid platform.

Now is the time to rediscover the passions of Singapore’s F&B talent, from established and rising chefs to everyday culinary heroes, wine experts and mixologists.

Get ready for an exhilarating line-up of Live Masterclasses, Virtual Food Experiences, Partner Events and Workshops, and SFF food merchandise.

Iconic Flavours From China and Southeast Asia presented by Birds of a Feather.

Immerse your curious self in a series of 18 Live Masterclasses that connect local and international foodies with some of Singapore’s most esteemed chefs. (More details here:

Available as 9 free-to-view and 9 exclusive paid cook-along masterclass sessions, consider it a deep-dive in local gastronomy as you get up-close-and-personal with the culinary masters.

Here are 12 of the Live Masterclasses highlights:

The Padang-Style Burrito
By Rumah Makan Minang Featuring Temasek Rice

Third-generation business owner Chef Ariff Zin of Ruman Makan Minang is dishing out a new way of combining rice and spice.

In a never-been-done-before fusion, rice and spice are mixed as a Padang-style burrito filled with traditional ingredients chicken gulai and acar padang.

This dish features Temasek Rice which is the first rice variety to be created and sold in Singapore. Created from over 8 years of R&D, Temasek rice is not only tasty, but also specially formulated to be a hardy breed that can withstand floods and extreme temperatures.

For the condiment, you’ll get a rendang sauce laced with green chili balado. Serve this delectable dish with a side of crispy, low-calorie Indonesian belinjo crackers.

Watch how Chef Ariff builds his flavour-packed burrito at the Live Masterclass on the Singapore Food Festival Facebook Page.

Dish: A Padang-style burrito stuffed with traditional components of pulled chicken gulai, acar Padang, laced with green chilli balado and rendang sauce.
Chef: Ariff Zin
Host: Ming
Date: 27 August (Fri), 5pm
Price: Class is free to attend; price of hot food at $12.00 (additional delivery charges apply)

Old School Cool: Egg Tarts and Kopi Appreciation
By Tong Heng and Kim Guan Guan

Get that old school cool vibe as you take part in an egg tart and kopi appreciation masterclass.

Jointly presented by Ana Fong of Tong Heng and Jason Soon of Kim Guan Guan, this live masterclass will guide you thru a unique local afternoon tea session.

Ana will demonstrate how to make Tong Heng’s signature egg tarts topped with boba and peach gum jelly. To complement them, Jason Soon will prepare a fresh-brewed traditionally roasted blend of Robusta and Columbia coffee.

Get the food and coffee kit and make it a fun, educational and inviting afternoon.

Dish: Egg Tart Bundle (Boba Egg Tarts and Peach Gum Egg Tarts) + 5-pack traditional Singaporean-style coffee and tea set
Presenters: Ana Fong (Tong Heng) & Jason Soon (Kim Guan Guan)
Host: Charmaine Yee
Date & Time: 28 August (Sat), 2pm
Price: Class is free to attend; food and coffee kit are priced at $24.50 (additional delivery charges apply)

Hakka Yam ‘Abacus’ paired with Crust Beer
By Avenue 87 paired with Crust

Chef Glen Tay of Avenue 87 partners with beer aficionado Paul Foster of Crust to deliver a dynamic duo of breads and beer.

This collaboration showcases a modern twist on Hakka yam abacus seeds or yam gnocchi, with squid “noodle” coated with a savoury stir-fried minced pork.

To pair with the dish are 2 signature beers from Crust, both ingeniously crafted from food waste like bread crust and fruit peels, and specially to complement the flavours of yam and squid.

Join this live masterclass and experience their creative journeys as you cook-and-drink-along with your very own pairing bundle. Cheers!

Dish: Hakka Yam & Squid “Noodles” paired with Breaking Bread Ale and I Knead An Easy IPA CRUST Beer
Chef: Glen Tay
Brand Ambassador: Paul Foster
Host: Divian Nair
Date: 28 August (Sat), 8pm
Price: $37.00 includes the masterclass and a Pairing Bundle (additional delivery charges apply)

Focusing of Fresh Flavours: Seasonal Simplicity
By Restaurant JAG featuring Sustenir

Focus your attention on fresh, seasonal flavours and let Chef Jeremy Gillon from one-Michelin-starred Restaurant JAG demonstrate how to make tender ravioli from scratch.

He will be using locally grown kale and spinach from Sustenir, an urban farming company that grows non-native plants in Singapore. Through controlled environment agriculture, they are able to yield fresh leafy green produce and even seasonal French herbs.

Attend this masterclass and watch how chef Jeremy assembles a melange of fresh spinach and kale ravioli with thyme citron.

Dish: Fresh Spinach and Kale Ravioli with Thyme Citron
Date: 29 August (Sun), 3pm
Chef: Jeremy Gillion
Host: Rosalyn Lee (Rozz)
Price: Class is free to attend; $38 for dish (additional delivery charges apply)

Chilli Crab Sichuan-ation
By Sichuan Alley

From the kitchen of Sichuan Alley, Chef Pang Kok Keong’s new Sichuan spot, comes a potent bowl of Mala Chili Crab Noodles.

Not only is he famous for his sweet concoctions, but also a serious fan of noodle meals.

Join Chef Pang in a live masterclass as he takes a classic Sichuan dish in a bold new direction. He combines two iconic flavour profiles – piquant mala and sweet spicy chili crab – in one bowl to create a powerful combo.

Watch and learn for free as he deftly applies his cooking prowess to deliver a satisfying bowl of slurpy spicy noodles.

Dish: Mala Chilli Crab Noodles
Chef: Pang Kok Keong
Host: Aiken Chia
Date: 3 September (Fri), 5pm
Price: Class is free to attend; $16 for dish (additional delivery charges apply)

Blocks of Gold: The Durian Pound Cake

If you are fan of durian and durian-based desserts, this live masterclass by Chef Joe Leong of V-ZUG is for you.

Discover how you can craft a scrumptious family-style dessert featuring Singapore’s favourite fragrant fruit – durian. You’ll be using 100% Mao Shan Wang durian flesh, folded into a light pound cake batter. Once baked as little blocks of gold, these durian pound cakes are topped with dollops of coconut ganache.

Gather essential baking tips from Chef Joe as he demonstrates using advanced kitchen appliances by KitchenAid.

Dish: Durian Pound Cake with Coconut Ganache
Chef: Joe Leong
Host: Aiken Chia
Date: 4 September (Sat), 2pm
Price: Class is free to attend; Pastry Kit costs $24 (additional delivery charges apply)

Melt-in-your-Mouth Moments
By Le Matin Patisserie

In a sea of familiar sweet treats, Goreng Pisang is an iconic dish beloved by both young and old.

Join in this cook-along live masterclass with Chef Mohamed Al-Matin and find out how to add a twist to our much-loved dessert – with the Goreng Pisang Parfait.

Watch as the talented Chef Matin shares his tips and tricks to pastry making. With 7 years of experience in fine pastry making, including 2 years as Pastry Sous Chef at the renowned Noma in Copenhagen, he is an expert when it comes to desserts.

So, grab a food kit and learn how to assemble this specially developed, melt-in-your-mouth version of Goreng Pisang from your home kitchen.

Dish: Goreng Pisang Parfait
Chef: Mohamed Al-Matin
Host: Rosalyn Lee
Date: 4 September (Sat), 8pm
Price: $24 includes the masterclass and food kit (additional delivery charges apply)

Hakka Hands
By Fishball Story featuring Chu Collagen

Join the jovial Chef Douglas Ng as he shares his passion for family-style dining through a collection of family recipes.

Discover the intricacies of making a traditional Hakka Yong Tau Fu by hand and jazz it up with Chef Douglas’ signature chili sauce to bring out its savoury flavours.

You’ll also learn the essentials of hot-pot cooking while Chef Douglas talks about his favourite hot-pot style – handmade treats in a rich, lemak, fragrant laksa broth from CHU Collagen!

Dish: Hakka Yong Tau Foo Kit, Hot Pot Kit + Chu Collagen
Chef: Douglas Ng
Host: Charmaine Yee
Date: 5 September (Sun), 5pm
Price: Class is free to attend; Food kit is priced $16 (additional delivery charges apply)

Creamy and Spice Packed Curry Heaven
By Kotuwa

Chef and restaurant owner Rishi Naleendra behind Cheek Bistro (one-Michelin star) and Cloudstreet (No.31 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021) will walk you through the preparation of some of his favourite Sri Lankan dishes.

Kotuwa which is known for its Sri Lankan delicacies is also newly listed on Singapore’s Michelin Bib Gourmand 2021.

Two mouth-watering dishes will be presented – Devilled Prawn Curry and Poricha Erachi.

Watch how Chef Rishi whips up a mean Devilled Prawn Curry with cumin, fenugreek, chillies and coconut, plus get some tips on handling these spices. The Poricha Erachi, fried beef cheek in sweet tamarind, chilli and lime will also whet your appetite. This richly flavoured dish is paired with a Pol Sambol – fresh shredded coconut with chilli and lime, along with Yellow Rice. Yummy!

Dish: Sri Lankan Prawn Curry, Poricha Erachi and Yellow Rice
Chef: Rishi Naleendra
Host: Aiken Chia
Date: 10 September (Fri), 5pm
Price: Class is free to attend; dish costs $29 (additional delivery charges apply)

From Skin to Bones
By Salted and Hung

In the live masterclass, Chef Drew Nocente of Salted and Hung will demonstrate how he brings a splash of refinement and sophistication to his favourite dish, the simple and unassuming fish soup.

While this modern Australian resto is dedicated to in-house curing and grilling, it’s also the venue for resourceful techniques in cooking using all parts from skin to bones.

Join in this masterclass to learn more than just creating a delightful Barramundi Fish Soup; you’ll pick up kitchen tips on maximising ingredients and building up flavours, as well as keeping your cooking sustainable by reducing waste.

Dish: Barramundi Fish Soup
Chef: Drew Nocente
Host: Divian Nair
Date: 10 September (Fri), 8pm
Price: $32 includes the masterclass and food kit (additional delivery charges apply)

Buah Keluak Babka Baking Bash
By Tigerlily Patisserie

Bake along with Maxine Ngooi, chef-partner of Tiger Lily Patisserie. In her live masterclass, she’ll walk you through the steps to create Buabka, or Buah Keluak in a Babka.

In this baking bash, she’ll prepare a braided babka brioche loaf stuffed with buah keluak rempah. Its heady aroma and the waft of freshly baked goodness entice you to the alluring world bread making.

Before opening Tigerlily Patisserie in 2021, Chef Maxine was the Head Pastry Chef at Michelin-starred Vianney Massot Restaurant. Watch as she deftly puts together this delicious loaf and take away valuable techniques as you join her from the comfort of your home kitchen.

Dish: Buabka – Buah Keluak in a Babka
Chef: Maxine Ngooi
Host: Rosalyn Lee (Rozz)
Date: 11 September (Sat), 2pm
Price: Class is free to attend; food item cost $12 (additional delivery charges apply)

Modern Rendition on Signature Flavours with Love, Afare
By Love Afare

Love, Afare by JUMBO Group of Restaurants will make its debut of home-format food kits at the Singapore Food Festival.

Executive Chef Ng Zi Yang will showcase two dishes – a ‘Cerealy’ Cold-hearted Prawn Roll, and a Black Pepper ‘Pra-ta’ Bag made using the retails packs Cereal Prawn Premix and Black Pepper Crab Spice respectively.

The ‘Cerealy’ Cold-hearted Prawn Roll is a crunchy prawn roll fried to crispy golden perfection and coated with sweet, crunchy cereal. Why is it “cold-hearted”? That’s because it has a chilled creamy salad centre of prawns, apples, melons, mayonnaise and lime juice. So, with every bite, you’ll experience the contrast of hot and cold, as well as a burst of sweet and savoury flavours!

The Black Pepper ‘Pra-Ta’ Bag are little taco-like prata bags, stuffed with minced pork flavoured with JUMBO’s best-selling signature black pepper crab spice.

Aside from purchasing the food kits to cook-a-long during the live masterclass, ready-made dishes are also available and you can have them delivered straight to your doorstep for tasting.

Dish: ‘Cerealy’ Cold-hearted Prawn Roll and Black Pepper ‘Pra-Ta’ Bag
Chef: Chef Ng Zi Yang
Host: Divian Nair
Date: 11 September, 8pm
Price: $60 includes the masterclass and food kit (additional delivery charges apply)

Apart from live masterclasses and exclusive food bundles, SFF also features several curated walking tours available for booking on Klook for foodies to indulge in good food while learning more about our local stories of culinary heritage and invention.

Some tours that foodies just can’t miss out on include the Heritage Tour of Little India to discover the colourful culture and spices, and the Kim Guan Guan Factory Tour to visit one of Singapore’s oldest kopi (colloquial name for coffee) suppliers.

Looking for hands-on experiences?

Two interesting workshops that you should join are the Make your own Ang Ku Kueh Workshop by the well-known heritage bakery Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh (at CapitaLand Bugis Town) and the Museum of Ice Cream’s MOIC Cocktail and Ice Cream Pairing Workshop.

If you are a vegan, flexitarian or just looking to explore alternatives, do join in the slew of activities as part of the Singapore Vegan Festival.

Also look out for exclusive SFF Food merchandise. Old Seng Choong has developed Nyonya Sambal Nasi Lemak Cookies; LiHO TEA is introducing the refreshing Singa-Pandan Lime and Singa-Pandan Shake (from 27 Aug); while cup noodles lovers can look out for a special Salted Egg Flavour Bowl Noodles by Nissin and Irvin’s available from the start of September.

Alternatively, if you’re most comfortable in your home kitchens – tune in for recipe videos to uncover new flavours or discover new foodie haunts and explore vicariously through virtual tour experiences and docu-features created for the Singapore Food Festival 2021.

With over 50 exciting activities and events, there’re just too much for us to list them all down. Head on over to for a full list of activities.

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Singapore Food Festival.


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