The “Circuit Breaker” made me realise that it would be beneficial to have some handy caffeine right in the fridge, especially when you are WFH (working from home).

Those of you who follow me on IG would know I am quite into Cold Brews.

Other than Cold Brews being refreshing given Singapore’s hot temperatures, they are usually less acidic, less bitter (not as siap siap), have a smooth and naturally sweet profile, and keep well refrigerated.

Bootstrap Cold Brew is a local specialty cold brew company started by coffee geeks in early 2015. Its debut was in Bali – where their coffee beans are sourced, and they quickly grew and set up another microbrewery in Singapore.

I first took note of the brand when Starter Lab (the famous bakery café from Bali) served it along with their aromatic bakes.

It is not difficult to see why the synergy. Bootstrap sources the finest 100% single-origin Arabica beans from family-run farms in Kintamani – a highland area in the north of East Bali.

For the purpose of this post, I dropped by for a visit at their microbrewery located in Mandai, and saw that all products are made fresh daily in Singapore. And they cold brew and bottle only in small batches.

Added benefit: Bootstrap’s Cold Brew which is never heated from brewing to bottled, can be enjoyed with a fridge-life of up to 30 days (for example, the Cold Brew Black), while still 100% free from preservatives or additives. (A typical bottled cold brew need to be consumed within 3-5 days.)

Most importantly during these times, they deliver from their microbrewery straight to your doorstep. Ah, the convenience.

For first timers looking for a variety, you can go for the Bootstrap Mix Pack which gives you 6 cold brew flavours: Signature Black Coffee, High-Performance Strong Black Coffee, Dairy-free Oat Milk Coffee, Fresh Milk and Manuka Honey Coffee, Rooibos Orange Tea and Hojicha Tea.

Here’s more about the brews:

Bootstrap Cold Brew Black ($5 per bottle, $3.56 per bottle / subscription with promo)
This is for the purists, with no added sugar or milk, keeping it simple with just 100% Arabica coffee. Plus, no added preservatives, no artificial flavouring, no refined sugars.

For maximum flavour extraction, the coffee beans are patiently steeped in room temperature water for over 15 hours.

The long steeping time rewards you with coffee that is smooth, refreshing and naturally-sweet. In terms of taste, you get notes of dark chocolate malt, with not much bitterness or acidity.

And the bonus is: you can keep it chilled for up to 30 days, apparently with no loss in freshness or profile. So you can always keep a ‘stash’ in your fridge.

Bootstrap Cold Brew Strong ($6 per bottle, $4.27 per bottle / subscription with promo)
For those who need an extra boost, go for the Cold Brew Strong, a popular choice amongst health buffs and those who are working long hours in front of the com.

I take this on my Monday mornings or when I have a long Zoom meeting ahead, as it is a powerful black coffee brewed double the strength.

Try this full-bodied drink on the rocks – pour over ice and enjoy its dark chocolate finish extra cold.

Like the black, this is good for a month at 30 days. You will need that emergency caffeine when you WFH.

Bootstrap Cold Brew Milk & Manuka Honey ($6.50 per bottle, $4.63 per bottle / subscription with promo)
If you prefer sweet coffee drinks, order the cold brew milk sweetened with 100% organic Manuka Honey sourced from New Zealand.

This classic white coffee is packed with natural healing properties of the honey, with no added preservatives, additives, and refined sugars as well.

This is my personal favourite. What I enjoyed was the creamy texture of the fresh milk as it blended with the floral sweetness of Manuka honey and coffee.

You can pour this nut-free brew over ice or drink straight up. Good up to 12 days (less than black due to the fresh milk) when chilled in the fridge.

Bootstrap Cold Brew Oat Milk ($6 per bottle, $4.27 per bottle / subscription with promo)
This dairy-free beverage combines Bootstrap’s signature cold brew coffee with 100% organic oat milk.

Ideal for vegans, followers of plant-based diets, and lactose-intolerant coffee drinkers.

Allergic to nuts? You are safe as this is totally nut-free. Don’t forget to shake well before drinking to taste its smooth and light creaminess.

Even with no preservatives, its shelf life is a good 12 days refrigerated.

Bootstrap Cold Brew Rooibos Orange Tea ($5.50 per bottle / subscription with promo)
Tea drinkers can experience the gently cold brewed rooibos, a South African herb with a unique honey earthy aroma.

When you combine Bootstrap’s cold brewing process and Kindred Teas’ artisanal blends, you get this fruity tea which is refreshing any time of the day.

Naturally-sweet and caffeine-free, this herbal tea is infused with juicy orange peel for a bright acidity. Sweetness is on the mellow side with a hint of wildflower honey.

Keeps up to 21 days refrigerated.

Bootstrap Cold Brew Hojicha Tea ($5.50 per bottle / $3.91 per bottle / subscription with promo)
Fans of green tea can try the cold brew Hojicha tea, with subtle hints of coffee, roasted barley and caramel of roasted green tea.

The caffeine content is on the lower end for this, so you can drink this zero-calorie, sugar-free drink at almost anytime of the day.

Fridge life is up to 26 days.

Bootstrap Subscription Program – Promo Code “SUBNOW”
Get your java stash conveniently delivered to you by signing up to Bootstrap’s Subscription Program.

It is a hassle-free way to order specialty coffee, which you can adjust and mix & match your favourite flavours.

No need to worry about a rigid schedule – you can pause and adjust shipment at any time.

Plus, free shipping island-wide. With a subscription, you will be saving more with 5% OFF.

If you use promo code SUBNOW at checkout, you can get an extra 25% discount for your first 8 payments.

On another note, all cold brews are bottled in 100% recyclable glass bottles and delivered in a reusable cooler bag. Upon your next order, delivery crew will collect your empty bottles for recycling.

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Bootstrap.


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