Paradise Dynasty which is known for launching the world’s first eight-colour Xiao Long Bao, has done it again with the introduction of alcohol-infused Xiao Long Bao.

Don’t worry about getting tipsy after having them, as the alcohol is added in small amounts to bring out the best flavours of the meat and broth.

These “Tipsy Surprise Xiao Long Bao” are available for a limited period till 19 Jan 2020 though, only at Funan outlet (#B1-01).

Do you know that each Paradise Dynasty dumpling weighs 25 grams and is meticulously pleated with 18 folds? All to achieve the perfectly-sized Xiao Long Bao.

The five pieces of alcoholic Xiao Long Bao are also differently coloured, incorporated with a distinctive distilled spirit in every soup dumpling.

Like how beer, wine and whiskey pairs well with food, the alcohol helps to bring out the flavours of the tender meat housed within.

Diners are recommended to start with the lightest flavoured first (Tsing Tao) moving on to the strongest (Martell). Here’s what you can expect:

Tsingtao Beer Dumpling
The cream-coloured Xiao Long Bao contains refreshing Tsingtao Beer with light malty flavour. I thought that the beer flavour was quite pronounced though, and may give you the tender surprise.

Shaoxing Rice Wine Dumpling
Since Shaoxing Rice Wine is commonly used in Chinese cooking, the bold, moderately strong Shaoxing pairs best with the sweetness of the meat.

Red Wine and Cheese Dumpling
The classic Red Wine and Cheese pairing – you get fruity red wine with a semi-firm cheese in the middle. I was more indifferent towards this flavour, and wished for a more melty-cheese so that there is a better blend.

Glenlivet Whiskey Dumpling
Surprisingly, this turned out to be one of my favourites. One of the most famous malts in the world, the single malt scotch whiskey had a light, clean flavour, which also gave the broth inside a nice mellowness.

Martell Dumpling
The cognac dumpling has the fullest-bodied flavour among the five, with the Martell blending quite harmoniously with the juicy meat.

Other than the alcoholic Xiao Long Bao, making an exclusive comeback on the menu are 4 popular favourites:

Pan-fried Chili Crab Bun ($10.80/ 3 pieces)
Previously launched as a Singapore National Day special, the crab meat bun makes a return. The buns look soft and fluffy on the outer exterior, yet with a crisp golden-brown bottom.

Be careful when you open or bite into the bun though, as the inside is with succulent crab meat and substantial amount of sweet chilli crab sauce. Perhaps take a small bite first, then suck the juice out to savour its goodness.

Shanghainese Crispy Duck ($30/half)
If you love your Peking Duck, then you should enjoy this version as well. What you get is beautifully-roasted duck with crispy skin on the outside and tender meat, to be stuffed in fluffy and pillowy pockets of steamed buns.

You can pair this up with long slivers of scallions for a light crunch, and a dip on the sweet hoisin sauce.

BBQ Pork Pastry in Shanghai Style ($5.80/ 3 pieces)
A different take on the dim sum dish of char siu so, where you get saucy char siew meat fillings encased in pastry fried till slightly flaky and golden.

Dong Po Pork ($19.80)
The classic Hangzhou dish of Dong Po Pork, in which the pork is cut till about an inch square, consisting equally of fats and lean meat, fried than poured over with a braised sauce.

Eat it while it is still warm and enjoy the pork melting in your mouth, along with a fragrant taste of Chinese wine.

Paradise Dynasty – Funan
Funan Mall #B1-01, 107 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179105
Tel: +65 6805 1642
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm Last order 9:30pm (Mon – Fri), 10:30am – 10pm Last Order 9:30pm (Sat, Sun & PH)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Paradise Dynasty.


  1. Nice restaurant with great share food. Both children and adults love it. The waiters were nice and the ambiance great.


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