[Closed] Terminal M – Gourmet Food Hall At Changi Airport T3 Now Halal-Certified. With Xiao Long Bao, Budae Jjigae, And Tendon

Terminal M

Nestled at Changi Airport Terminal 3 is Terminal M, its first aviation-themed gourmet food hall featuring a mix of Asian fare from 5 stalls all under one roof.

And the good news is, Terminal M is Halal certified.

You may find the names of the stalls familiar, as these are are spin-offs of the best brands under the Ministry of Food (MOF), such as Yu Long Quan (Ju Hao), Hanssik (Ssiksin), Café Papa (Café Mama), Ten-ya (Tensho) and Kaisen-ya (Kaisen-Tei).

You can say it is a “sister food court” to Platform M at Paya Lebar SingPost Centre.

What makes the 150-seater Terminal M a potential winner is its dining practicality, combined with a relaxing ambiance.

With prices that start from $3.50 with no service charge, expect restaurant quality and quick meals at affordable food court prices.

Stop by and delight in varied cuisines, including Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Here are what to expect at the 5 stalls from Terminal M:

Yu Long Quan (Chinese Cuisine)
Start off your gustatory journey with Yu Long Quan, for a taste of Northern Chinese fare (This is the spin-off of Ju Hao, known for its La Mian and dumplings.)

Their Signature Xiao Long Bao aka steamed soup dumplings, are handmade and made fresh on the spot by a team of dexterous staff.

Yu Long Quan’s version is filled with chicken and come in 6 different Singaporean flavours: Black Pepper, Salted Egg Yolk, Chili Crab, Teochew Herbs & Spices, Laksa, and the Original Chicken flavour.

Get 6 pieces of the original Chicken Xiao Long Bao for $8.50, and $14.00 for 10 pieces. Just add $0.30 to get the 6-in-1 flavours. It may get some getting used for the chicken meat, otherwise the broth was sweet and skin still suitably thin.

If you are on the look-out for Singapore-meets-Hakka style Yong Tau Foo, with a number of fried food items in a thick braised sauce, you can find it here.

All ingredients are fresh and springy, and the braised sauce with mushroom and minced chicken (a secret MoF recipe) was quite enjoyable.

For fried rice, try either the Fried Rice with Chicken Cutlet ($12.50) or Fried Rice with Prawn ($11.50). Both are classic comfort food, wok-fried, prepared Chinese-style.

While I liked the crispiness of the chicken cutlet, I thought that there could be more wok-hei for the fried rice.

Not forgetting to end the meal with a ‘dessert’ of Red Bean Pancake ($8.80), of crispy sesame-d outer layer with soft and sweet red bean wrapped within.

Hanssik (Korean Cuisine)
Relish a variety of Korean cuisine from rice-based dishes to noodles, soup, stews, and hotpot at Hanssik.

Just for the rice dishes alone, choosing could be tough: bibimbap (mixed rice), fried rice or deopbap (Korean rice bowls with toppings)?

If you picked bibimbap, go for the sizzle. For an extra $2.00, get your Beef Bibimbap ($12.00) or Chicken Bibimbap ($11.00) in a hot stone pot for a heightened dining experience.

The Kimchi Pancake ($11.80) is a classic Korean snack you shouldn’t miss, also available in Seafood ($10.80) and Chives ($12.80) flavours.

If you get tired and chilly at the airport, warm up with a bowl of Ginseng Chicken Soup ($15.80) to boost your energy, Seafood Soybean Stew with Rice ($13.80), or the more filling Beef Bulgogi Hotpot ($33.80).

Got kids in tow? Get them a Corndog for only $5.00. Let them choose from Hotdog, Mozzarella, or Ddeok/Rice Cake Corndog. Even the adults should enjoy a Korean snack or two.

Café Papa (Korean Casual)
If Hanssik is not enough to satisfy your Korean cravings, right next to it is Café Papa, a more casual joint that likewise offers authentic Korean fare like the classic Dosirak aka “Shake Shake” Rice.

Get the spicy Chicken Bulgogi Dosirak ($10.90), which comes with rice, chicken bulgogi, fried egg, seaweed, kimchi, and seaweed soup.

If you are hankering for noodles, go for the Budae Jjigae (Army Stew Spicy Ramen) Speciality Myeon ($10.90). I loved that there are individual portions for this, as the Army Stew is typically served in large family-sized portions in restaurants.

This should satisfy your appetite with its medley of ingredients served in a heavy cast iron bowl, including noodles, slices of luncheon meat, mini chicken sausage, slivers of dried seaweed, an onsen egg, shredded vegetables like carrots, cabbage and green onion, and melted cheese.

Enjoy the cheese with the noodles, or blend it into the broth to create a creamy soup.

Café Papa’s Budae Jjigae also comes in bigger portions, good for sharing among 3-4 persons, and available in traditional, fishcake, chicken, beef, and seafood variants. The Beef Budae Jjigae ($37.90) is a hot pot filled with beef, assorted mushrooms, cabbage, and noodles in either clear or budae jjigae broth.

If you are feeling nibblish, the Fried Chicken Platter with Cheese Dip (starts at $16.90 for 6 pieces) is perfect for group diners, and comes in 6, 10 or 16 pieces.

These succulent chicken pieces are fried till crisp golden brown and glazed with an in-house Korean-style sauce, available in original, soy, spicy or a mix.

The chicken platter also comes with fried topokki (Korean rice cake), fries, crisscut fries, and onion rings.

Need a quick snack-on-the-go? Get the Kimbap ($8.90) in kimchi, tuna mayo, chicken sausage, or Korean fishcake filling.

Ten-ya (Japanese Tendon)
This stall is a Japanese specialty tendon restaurant that provides wholesome tempura donburi at affordable prices.

The Ika Tendon ($13.80) is a brand new dish that has squid, French beans, pumpkin, shiitake mushrooms, eggplant, and onsen egg.

Two other recommended signature dishes are Anago Tendon ($15.80), with sea eel, ebi, onsen egg, and vegetable tempura, and Ebi Lover Tendon ($14.80) with 4 pieces of prawns, onsen egg, and vegetable tempura.

All Tendon dishes are served atop Japanese rice.

Ten-ya also serves Tempura Udon/Soba Sets. Diners can choose between prawn and vegetable tempura, paired with either soba or udon noodles served either hot or cold. Try the Tempura Cha Soba Set or Tempura Udon Set (both priced at $13.80 each)

If you prefer tendon to go with your noodles, order the Mini Tendon Set with Cha Soba or Udon for $13.80.

As needed, you can upgrade to Set Meal for $3.00 which adds Chawanmushi and Miso Soup to your order. And don’t forget the special Ten-ya sauce to liven up your meals, available in Original or Spicy.

Kaisen-ya (Japanese Donburi)
Finally, there’s Kaisen-ya, a friendly and casual dining concept where you can personalise your donburi with fresh sashimi cubes, salmon, seafood and vegetables on top of soft fluffy rice.

The Kaisendon is a complete rice bowl, a perfect healthy takeaway meal for diners on the go.

With 11 kaisendon bowls to choose from, start with the Signature Kaisendon ($16.30), Aburi Salmon Mentai Mayo ($15.20), and Aburi Maguro Mentai Mayo ($15.20) for they are the really popular ones.

The Signature Kaisen Salad ($16.30) is another top pick if you’re watching your calories. You get the flavours of the fresh toppings and light seasoning minus the sugar from the rice.

Kaisen-ya also offers its Signature Cold Udon with Mix Sashimi, Maguro or Salmon in Sesame Sauce ($16.30).

Consistent with its aviation theme, there are 6 free-seating First-Class cabins complete with comfy booth seats and phone charging ports. Recharge your gadgets while recharging your tummies.

Terminal M

If you are a first-timer to Terminal M, just a note that ordering has to be done at the electronic boards outside, and you would wait for your orders to be called on the “flight information board”.

You get a “flight number” upon order at the kiosk, so look out for the “gate” and “flight status” on the panel. Don’t wait till it’s “Last Call”!

Are your taste buds ready for take-off? Head out to Terminal M at Changi Airport T3 and see, taste and experience what it is all about.

Terminal M

Terminal M
Changi Airport Terminal 3 #B2-32, 65 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819663
Tel: +65 63823550
Opening Hour: 11am – 10pm Last order 9:15pm (Sun – Thurs & PH), 11am – 10:30pm Last Order 9:45pm (Fri, Sat, Eve of PH)

Terminal M

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Terminal M.


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