Paradise Dynasty’s flagship outlet at Wisma Atria is spruced up with a new design inspiration – decorated in coral-pink, marking a new chapter for the restaurant.

It is a much-welcomed branch for fans who want to dine in town, especially after when the ION Orchard outlet closed.

An unmissable aspect of this 196-seater restaurant, is its décor.

After the very-pink Beauty In The Pot at OneKM Mall, I wasn’t THAT surprised to read about its concept.

But seeing those colours in person still left a pretty (literally ‘pretty’) big impression.

The interior design is a reflection of opulence and boldness, imbued with textured white timber, rose gold fittings and touches of delicate pink.

There are sitting areas both inside the restaurant, and in an extended section outside.

Food-wise, immerse yourself in northern and southern Chinese cuisine.

Besides the La Mian and Xiao Long Bao offerings that have made Paradise Dynasty a household name, Paradise Dynasty offers the eight cuisines of China under one roof: Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan and Zhejiang.

Here are its recommended items:

Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao – 8 Flavours ($16.80 for 8 pieces)
Over the years, the brand has been lauded for its Xiao Long Bao offerings, and is known for creating Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao, the world’s first eight-colour Xiao Long Bao: featuring original, ginseng, foie gras, black truffle, crab roe, cheese, garlic and Szechuan flavours.

Not sure if you know it, each Xiao Long Bao is a hallmark of precision — it weighs 25 grams and pleated with 18 exquisite folds, the golden formula for the perfect Xiao Long Bao.

The skin is delicate and thin, yet it houses the delicious filling wonderfully.

Everyone has their own favourites, while I am for the Szechuan which provides that light kick, and garlic which makes a more-unusual pairing.

Chilled Jellyfish in Soy Sauce Vinaigrette ($12.80)
This cold appetiser features pieces of jellyfish served with a bed of thinly-sliced cucumber, in distinct, sharp-tasting soy sauce vinaigrette.

This makes a refreshing starter. I must say I don’t often come across jellyfish of this texture. While you might be expecting something softer and wobbly, this has a pleasant crunchy texture with a QQ bite.

Steamed Glutinous Rice stuffed in Red Dates ($7.80)
A plateful of Royal Red Dates King variety dates stuffed individually with steamed glutinous rice.

The way the dates are filled create a distinct design that looks artistic when the red dates are piled on the plate. Bite into a piece of date and feel its soft and slightly chewy interior. (These naturally sweet dates are considered a health food as they help relieve fatigue and regulate appetite.)

Best eaten when they are hot and freshly steamed so the glutinous rice remains moist and soft.

Lettuce Roll with Homemade Sesame Sauce ($8.80)
A chef-recommended item, I may not have ordered this otherwise because it seemed too simple. And who orders ‘salad’ in a Chinese restaurant?

However, do not ignore this dish which gives you ten rolls of green spinach leaves kept in place by a thin ribbon of fresh cucumber.

Piled neatly on a plate and served with a small bowl of homemade nutty sesame sauce to drizzle over the roll before eating.

Don’t be deceived by its simplicity – its freshness, uplifting taste and earthy sauce make this a favourite among many.

Crispy Yellow Croaker Spring Roll ($9.20/3pcs)
Not quite like the usual turnip used. These Spring Rolls are wrapped with yellow croaker fish, in which you experience the fish’s soft and tender flesh wrapped in a crunchy pastry skin.

If you’re fond of yellow croaker fish, you would enjoy it prepared steamed. The Steamed Yellow Croaker with Fermented Rice and Chinese Wine ($32.80) is simple yet savoury and healthy.

Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Custard Lava Charcoal Bun ($6.20/3pcs)
This crowd-pleaser is talked about for its striking black-and-yellow colour palette and yummy filling.

These Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Charcoal Buns are pillowy soft and filled with house-made liquid salted egg custard that packs a robust flavour.

Be careful on your first bite as it may ooze out on your mouth, which is what it is supposed to do.

Prawn and Pork Dumpling in Hot Chilli Vinaigrette ($9.80/6pcs)
Similar to the classic ”Hong You Chao Shou”. Topped with chopped red chilies and spring onions for added heat and freshness, these two-bite dumplings contain plump juicy prawns and succulent minced pork.

So whether you love the naturally sweet taste of seafood or the umami flavour of pork meat, this dish will satisfy your taste buds both ways.

Lathered with an appetising chili vinaigrette, this dish is good as a starter or paired with your bowl of rice or La Mian.

Braised Tofu with Crab Roe ($22.80)
A traditional dish from the Jiangsu cuisine, also known as Huaiyang cuisine, this braised tofu carries an unmistakable rural flavour.

Made with cubes of tofu fried and braised in a crab-roe based sauce with a creamy, delectable consistency.

The sauce is made by adding crab roe into a wok of very hot oil to release the aroma coming from the fats in the crab.

Stir-fried Fresh Organic Bamboo Shoot with Bacon ($14.80)
Bamboo shoots are delicious and when they are fresh, not canned, you get twice the flavour and excellent texture.

They have a very mild flavour and tend to take on the flavour of what they are being cooked with.

In this dish, the strong, robust taste of bacon combines with the stir-fried meat of fresh bamboo shoots to create a pleasant flavour combination.

La Mian with Yellow Croaker Fish and Preserved Vegetable ($16.80)
Load up with carbs with this dish, but balance them with fish and veggies. Go for the La Mian with Yellow Croaker Fish and Preserved Vegetable, where the yellow croaker fish bones are deep-fried, then simmered for more than three hours.

These flavourful bones are combined with pork bone soup to give it that creamy consistency and extra boost.

Chilled Snow Fungus with Peach Resin ($8.80)
A sweet dessert soup made with snow fungus, a type of mushroom known as white fungus, silver ear, or white wood ear.

Though it looks more like a flower, it is really a fungus with a bland taste and a gelatinous texture when you bite into it.

This traditional sweet soup is made with peach resin, an ingredient that can help moisturise dry skin once combined with snow fungus.

So drink up and enjoy beautiful skin the delicious way.

Paradise Dynasty
435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria, #01-18, Singapore 238877
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Last order 9.30pm (Mon – Fri), 10:30am – 10pm, Last order 9:30pm (Sat, Sun & PH)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Paradise Group.



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