If you haven’t made plans yet, now is to the time to check out the Chinese New Year offerings at Crystal Jade’s various portfolio restaurants.

With Group Chef Martin Foo at the helm, Crystal Jade Group’s impressive portfolio of fine and casual dining restaurant brands has created quite an outstanding selection of special CNY dishes.

(Click PLAY for video highlights of Crystal Jade Chinese New Year Offerings.)

Made specifically to celebrate and welcome the Chinese New Year, these dishes are available for a limited time only, both for dine-in and takeaway.

They include both savoury festive dishes and celebratory sweets, from Crispy Pork Knuckle in Thai Style, Sautéed Boston Lobster with ginger & scallion in superior broth, Braised Sea Cucumber and minced meat with spicy mala sauce served in claypot, to Sautéed Lobster with black truffle and wild mushroom.

Whether it is for a memorable Reunion Dinner with family, or celebratory meals with friends, here are some of the recommended dishes from Crystal Jade Chinese New Year Offerings, available at the various Crystal Jade outlets:

Auspicious Hamachi Yusheng 翡翠金猪迎丰年捞起 ($128 for large, $88 for small)
(Available at Crystal Jade Palace, Crystal Jade Golden Palace and Crystal Jade Dining IN for dine-in and takeaway.)

What’s a Chinese reunion dinner without a huge platter of yusheng in a vivid palette of colours of texture?

The Auspicious Hamachi Yusheng, created by Group Executive Chef Martin Foo, is a play on novel ingredients, flavours and textures.

It features a selection of seafood including salmon roe and sea grapes (umibodo), providing a burst of briny flavour.

The quintessential fresh carrots and turnips, julienned-cut in precision, are beautifully plated along with colourful pickled items, with a sweet piquant taste that contrasts the salty sea grapes.

To add crunch, pork floss rolls are added, a fitting welcome to the Year of the Pig.

The delightful savoury flavours of this yusheng combination is complemented with a homemade fruity dressing, made with fresh passionfruit, roselle juice and plum sauce.

Bountiful Abalone Pen Cai 金玉满堂海味盆菜 ($468.80 for large, $268.80 for small)
(Available at Crystal Jade restaurants*. Online order till 14 February 2019, collection from 21 January 2019 at select outlets.)

Want a show-stopper at your reunion table? This dish will do just that.

The Bountiful Abalone Pen Cai treasure pot is a timeless recipe and never goes out of style.

Savour 18 choice ingredients with family and friends, including a whole 10-head abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, fresh scallop, fresh prawn, dried oyster, conpoy, black moss, pig trotter and dried mushrooms.

This hearty generous pot is braised in a thick, full-bodied sauce for that wholesome goodness best shared with your loved ones.

Steamed Cod Fish with Japanese Chrysanthemum and Cordyceps Flower 花香蒸鳕鱼 ($21.80 per person)
(Available at Crystal Jade Dining IN)

Tuck into this comforting cod fish dish, prepared whole to bring luck for the New Year.

The light and delicate flavour of cod is complemented with the herbal and floral aromas of Japanese chrysanthemum petals which is used as garnish.

It is seasoned and steamed to flaky tenderness, while the cordycep flower (not technically a flower but a cultured fruiting body that’s a fungus) adds a unique mushroom-like scent.

The dish renders a collagen-rich milky broth with a light floral notes.

King Prawn Prepared 2-Ways 乾坤大虾皇两食(椒盐虾头,干煎大虾尾) ($32.80 reg portion)
(Available at Crystal Jade Kitchen)

This dish prepared 2-ways is made entirely with trimmed prawn heads, large enough on their own as these are King Prawn variety.

The first rendition coats them in cornflour and deep fries them in extra hot oil until extra crisp. They are sprinkled with a salt-pepper mixture just before serving. The right balance of salt and pepper is a must to make this simple dish perfectly executed.

The second version is saucier with the prawn heads pan-fried instead, and served with a specially prepared sweet & sour sauce – to create well-balanced sweetness and acidity.

Grilled Iberico Pork Collar Honey Char Siew & Black Bean Sauce 荫豉烤西班牙黑毛豚 ($30 per portion)
(Available at Crystal Jade Palace)

In this pork dish, Chef Martin Foo uses pork collar, a great cut for a long marinade and quick cooking time.

With its beautiful marbling of fat, it stays moist and juicy inside when grilled, while the outside has that nice charred cooked surface.

The traditional char siew is elevated by pairing it with a premium pork meat from Iberico pigs, known to feast on high-fat acorns that make their meats especially moist and tender.

The dish is finished off with an accompaniment of strongly-flavoured black bean sauce, made with fermented black soybeans (douchi) and garlic.

Pan-seared Lobster with XO Sauce topped on Yuzu Noodle (individual Serving) XO 酱香煎龙虾配柚子面
(Available at Crystal Jade Palace)

Enjoy this individual serving of wheat egg yuzu noodles.

The noodles is topped with a succulent piece of lobster tail, pan-seared in a hot pan of melted and foamy butter and other seasonings, such as the must-have XO Sauce.

Steamed Fortune Dumplings 发财幸运水饺 ($6.80 for 6 pieces)
(Available at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao and Jiang Nan)

Famous for its plump and juicy xiao long bao and la mian selection, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao is introducing limited edition pink-coloured Steamed Fortune dumplings.

Comprising a tasty combination of minced pork, black moss, mushrooms and diced carrots, wrapped in a thin skin. (The black moss, a type of algae that resembles black hair, is a distinctive ingredient as it symbolises an abundance of prosperity.)

These blushing-pink broth-filled dumplings should be a comforting treat to warm your palates.

Eternal Bliss Platter ($38.80)
(Available for takeaway only. Online orders with three-day advance order is required, limited quantities available.)

Highly-recommended for gift-giving during family gatherings and office parties, the elegant Eternal Bliss Platter will tempt you with its five savoury and sweet homemade cakes.

This Eternal Bliss platter consists of Red Dates Coconut Cake, Osmanthus Chrysanthemum Cake, Fortune glutinous rice cake, Prosperity Carrot Cake and Abundance Yam Cake.

All the cakes are specially made with top quality ingredients,

Besides the usual and familiar cakes, you’ll get two new wholesome creations this year: Red Date Coconut Cake, a traditional festive sweet delicacy upgraded by adding fragrant coconut milk, and Golden Chrysanthemum Cake.

These five cakes are also available individually.

Chilled Crystal Purple Sweet Potato Balls with Red Dates & Dried Longan 红枣桂圆水晶紫薯丸子 (Available at Crystal Jade Palace)

The highlight of this chilled dessert is the pretty translucent sweet potato balls with a mochi-like exterior made with mung bean flour, and smooth sweet potato centre.

The purple sweet potato balls are complemented in flavour and colour with the round red dates and quality sun-dried brilliant yellow dried longan.

Promotions for takeaway items
A) Order online at estore.crystaljade.com. Online Order Period: 17 Dec 2018 – 14 Feb 2019, collection from 21 Jan 2019 at select outlets
– 12% + 3% discount for Jadeite members making payment with Citibank or UOB Credit/Debit Card
– 10% + 3% discount for Jadeite members or Citibank or UOB Credit/Debit Cardmember

B) Outlet Order Promotion period 4 Jan – 19 Feb 2019
– 12% discount for Jadeite members making payment with Citibank or UOB Credit/Debit Card
– 10% discount for Jadeite members or partnering bank cards holder

Promotions for Dine-in for CNY Set Menu (21 Jan – 19 Feb 2019)
Jadeite member or payment with Citibank or UOB Credit/Debit Card gets to receive cash dining vouchers worth up to $500 (10% of set menu value ordered)

For more information on outlet locations, please log on to https://www.crystaljade.com.

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Crystal Jade Group.


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