[Taipei] Perhaps you may not venture to the basement of the Pacific Sogo Mall in Da’an district, but you can actually find two gems there – one’s the famous Sarabeth’s 紐約早餐女王 known for its brunch dishes and pancakes; the other is Coffee Lover’s Planet.

Unlike the typical coffee chains found in malls, Coffee Lover’s Planet offers over 20 different coffee options that range from fruity to bitter and light to strong.

Coffee connoisseurs will be happy to hear that the selection and quality of coffee here is note-worthy, and that you can choose the brewing method for each cup of coffee that you order.

Did I mention 7 different brewing methods?

Other than the usual espresso, they offer drip master, pour over, cold brew, water drip, siphon, French press.

Coffee is generally characterised into Africa (bright, acidic, fruity, medium body), Asia (earthy, chocolaty, sweet, heavy bodied) and America (mild and balanced, nutty/spicy, mild acidity).

Really something for everyone.

What I like about Coffee Lover’s Planet is that the description of each type of beans is written on a small card.

All you need to do is to turn the card over and you will see a little mark on a printed world map to let you know from where the bean comes from.

The only downside of Coffee Lover’s Planet is that the coffee prices reflect the quality of their products, which means that coffees are quite expensive and range between TWD220 – TWD450 (SGD9.80 to SGD20.00, USD7.10 USD14.60).

The most ‘affordable’ coffee you can get there is a Single Origin Espresso at TWD180 (SGD8, USD5.80).

If you are not sure what type of coffee to order, the waiters are always more than happy to make a recommendation for you.

There is also a small area where you can buy coffee related products.

For early risers, come before 12pm and get one of their brunch sets such as Dark Rye Toast, Three Cheese Tuna Melt Open Sandwich, or Avocado Shrimp and Apple Honey Bruschetta, priced between TWD280 to TWD320 with coffee.

There is a small cake selection with offerings of Rose Framboises (TWD 175), Mousse and Trois Chocolate (TWD160), Tarte Myrtille (TWD195), and Tarte Citron (TWD150).

While its coffee is generally on the expensive side, it is not common to be presented with a choice of such an extensive list of coffee choices from all over the world; and service is personable enough to lead through the process.

So it is not just about drink that cup of coffee anymore, but the experience.

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