If you have walked past Level 1 of 313@somerset, you would have noticed the bustling restaurant of NY Night Market at the prominent corner.

NY Night Market’s second restaurant right in heart of town, is the place to be (seen).

(Click PLAY for video highlights of NY Night Market 313@somerset.)

Fusing inspiration from cosmopolitan New York and the bustling night markets of Seoul, NY Night Market is one of South Korea’s fastest-growing restaurant chains.

This Korean brand, popular among youths, young adults and families, transforms popular Western comfort foods into unique fusion sharing plates.

Friends have asked what type of food it presents, though it is hard to pin-point as It serves a colourful smorgasbord of cuisines from Korean fusion to Tex-Mex and Vietnamese cuisines.

You get an expansive array of finger foods, fried chicken, pastas, pizzas, stews served bubbling over an open flame, and of course, sandwiches made Korean-style.

Witness what its spanking new menu has to offer:

1. Korean Inspired Sandwiches (Available only at NY Night Market 313@somerset, 8am – 6pm daily)
Ideal as a hearty breakfast, quick lunch or afternoon snack, NY Night Market’s sarnies ($5.90 – $6.90) are hefty stacks composed with toasted brioche, sliced cheese, and shredded cabbage.

A dollop of a special secret-recipe jam in sandwiched in between.

There are seven choices available, including the best-selling Hawaiian Freestyle ($6.90) made with a chicken patty with corn omelette, grilled pineapple and BBQ sauce.

Another popular choice among Korean food lovers is the Bulgogi Babe ($6.90) which includes slices of bulgogi beef with corn omelette and pickles.

The third recommendation is a brekkie favourite: You’re Bacon Me Hungry ($6.90), sinfully offering strips of crispy bacon with scrambled egg and hash brown.

I enjoyed the freshly prepared creamy scrambled egg, which went well with sweetish jam which reminded me of pineapple. However, I did wish there was a spicy sauce in between to make it more distinctly “Korean”, but was thought they wanted to keep it suitable for the family.

If you need cup of java to go with your sandwich, simply top-up $2.50. You’d get an Americano or Latte, freshly brewed using Illy coffee beans.

2. Waterfall Cheese Steak ($14.90)
Previously, there was a Waterfall Cheese Shrimp at the Westgate outlet, here comes the meat version.

Curious what’s the “waterfall” part in this cheese steak?

It’s that gooey stretchy mozzarella cheese fondue sauce that comes it. Prepare to ogle at the dish, with cubes of sautéed beef, sliced cherry tomatoes and broccoli that’s covered in BBQ sauce on a hotplate to keep them sizzling.

3. 30cm Steak Frites ($21.90)
For the protein lovers, this classic beef ribeye steak is simply seasoned with salt and black pepper to highlight the pure taste of the meat.

At 30cm, this slab of steak spans the entire wooden board it’s served in.

The ribeye is seared over high heat to lock in the juices, and allowed to rest before slicing into bit-sized pieces.

Served with crinkle-cut French fries, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and a BBQ dipping sauce, making it a substantial complete meal.

4. Budaejjigae ($17.90)
Nobody eats an army stew alone. With that in mind, this dish is portioned just right for two, so invite your plus one to share this hearty stew with.

What stands out in this budaejjigae is the star of this stew, a piece of plump jumbo pork sausage.

Accompanying this huge sausage are bulgogi beef, kimchi, baked beans and cheese that melts in the hot broth.

The spice level is on the lower scale, a comforting treat during cooler weathers.

5. Hot Plate Bibimbap ($12.90)
Serving this dish on a heated shallow cast iron pot makes all the difference, with rice grains sticking at the bottom slightly burnt and achieving a crunchy texture.

Served on top of the rice is a combination of bulgogi beef, kimchi, shredded crabstick, diced cucumber, fried egg strips, cheese, and a raw quail egg.

The fun starts when you mix them all together with gochujang (a fermented red chili pepper paste) until each ingredient is well blended with the rest. Enjoy with crunchy salt seaweed.

6. Avocado Steak ($14.90)
The unlikely pairing of steak and avocado together on the same hot plate.

While I thought the avocado slices were ordinary, it was until I took a bite then I realised there was a light crunch on the outside. The creamy fruit had been deep-fried in a tempura butter then topped with yougurt dressing, giving it quite a unique quality.

7. Spaghetti Beef Goulash ($15.90)
This robust Hungarian-original beef stew is made extra special with shredded mozzarella that melts into the sauce and clings to the pasta within.

I think it’s a strange and interesting combination at the same time, the last thing one would expect from a “Korean” restaurant.

But the al dente spaghetti noodles, saucy-tender beef pieces worked with its blast of flavours.

8. All-in ($33.90)
They’re not kidding when they named this dish as such. (Isn’t this the name of a Korean drama of my era?)

The “All-in” features two parts. The first is an array of grilled meats and seafood – beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp, with… you know it… more cheese.

The second board offers indulgence creamy macaroni & cheese, garlic tortilla, warm bread rolls, fresh salad, coleslaw, and even a selection of dips. The tortilla and bread rolls are for you to wrap the meat from the other board within.

Definitely not a one-man show. You got to get people to share the calories.

9. Watermelon Super Bowl ($14.90 non-alcoholic / $22.90 with alcohol)
This Instagrammable beverage is beautifully served in a carved-out watermelon bowl.

Quench your thirst while taking selfies with this super bowl of sparkling watermelon juice and cut-up pieces of seasonal fruits.

To those who prefer a boozy kick to their drink, there’s an “adult” version that adds a splash of soju for you. Get tipsy with Korean flair!

Other mouth-watering highlights from NY Night Market include the 50cm Baguette ($13.90) loaded with bulgogi beef, shredded cheese and assorted vegetables, Cream the Curry ($13.90); topokki red curry topped with whipped cream, Finger Steak ($14.90) with homemade gorgonzola butter, and Waterfall Cheese Shrimp ($13.90) doused in cheese fondue on a sizzling hotplate.

A ‘new’ dish I discovered when I returned was the Little Chicken In New York ($23.90) of crispy Korean Fried Chicken with delightful crunch, served with crisp French fries and onions rings, plus a personal serving of a refreshing mango salad.

NY Night Market – 313@somerset
313@somerset #01-29, 313 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238895
Tel: +65 6957 4620
Opening Hours: 11am – 10:30pm Last Order 10pm (Mon – Sun)
Delivery: https://eats.oddle.me/menus/ny-night-market

NY Night Market – Vivocity
Vivocity #01-116, Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6974 4113
Opening Hours: 11am – 10:30pm Last Order 10pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with NY Night Market.


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