Another ramen restaurant opens in Singapore, though this is rather under-the-radar.

Originally from Osaka, Ebi-Tori Menzo which in Japanese actually means “shrimp and chicken noodle warehouse” is a rather new dining establishment in Japan that started their business in 2016.

Their first outpost in Singapore is located at
South Beach Avenue and can be best described as a mid-sized eatery that specialises in both chicken ramen and shrimp tsukemen.

For those who not know, the difference between tsukemen and ramen, is that tsukemen is a form of “dipping noodles” which consist of the noodles eaten after being dipped in a separate bowl of soup or broth.

It is commonly consumed during summertime.

Didn’t order the Signature Ebi Tsukeme ($17.90), but it did look like it had many ingredients, from char siew, leeks, tomatoes, cress, sweet potato, and lemon.

The rich broths used are cooked slow-boiling shrimp shells, vegetables for more for a couple of hours to create that thick and creamy broth.

For those more keen on soup ramen, offerings include Shio Chicken Ramen ($15.90), Shoyu Chicken ($15.90), Ebi Ramen ($16.90), Paikou Ramen ($16.90) with options of straight noodles or flat noodles.

I went for the Ebi Ramen ($16.90) which came not quite like what I was expecting.

The broth was towards the rich side, reminding me of lobster bisque in terms of its consistency but without that distinct seafood savour.

Notice that there was a slice of baguette in the soup – to be dipped further into the soup, which was peculiar. Don’t see that often here in Singapore.

I read that the ramen was initially inspired by Italian cuisine which explained its texture.

However, I found the entire combination with the thick noodles too heavy and rich for my liking.

It wasn’t to the extent of cloying, but with the noodle proportionally too much for the soup.

Also, the soup wasn’t as hot as expected, and thus would coagulate quickly if consumed slowly under the air-con temperature. But I can understand some may like this style because it departs from the usual tonkotsu.

The Shoyu Chicken Ramen ($15.90) came in a dark-sauce reminiscent of the ”tao you bak (dark soya sauce meat) that I would find in a Teochew porridge stall.

This could potentially be different and tasty, but the base was on the saltier side and thus some may find it hard to finishing slurping as well.

Ebi Tori Menzo Singapore may represent some novel forms of tsukemen and ramen that would appeal to those who love a bit of Italian, and a bit of Japanese.

The South Beach Tower outlet is easily reachable via Esplanade MRT station, located right next to Caffe Vergnano 1892.

Ebi-Tori Menzo (South Beach)
South Beach Tower, 26 Beach Road,#B1-18 South Beach Avenue, Singapore 189767 (Esplanade MRT)
Tel: +65 98800519
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 3:00pm and 5:00pm – 10:00pm (Mon-Sat), Closed Sun

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