Has it been a year? I know that LOBSTER fans do wait for the ever-popular “Lobsterfest” aka that major Lobster Buffet from Lime Restaurant at PARKROYAL on Pickering for all-you-can-eat lobsters.

This is where you can find lobsters cooked in various different ways… from au natural chilled, wok-fried, grilled to local renditions such as Lobster Laksa, all at a single place.

Come in a group of 4 adults and more, and you can enjoy 15% savings off the bill valid from Sundays to Thursdays.

The ‘ever-green’ favourites of Lobster Chilli Crab Sauce served with Golden Man Tou, Lobster in Black Pepper Sauce, and the Lobster in Golden Egg Yolk Lemon Butter Sauce make their return with updated flavours.

There is a surprise right outside the door at the back of the restaurant in the form of an outdoor barbeque for freshly grilled lobsters topped with your choice of favourite sauces.

The one NEW item to look forward to is the newly launched Lobster Roll. There is NO limit on the amount you can take (but I won’t encourage food wastage).

Want to be part of the lobster frenzy? Here are 10 recommended Lobster items from PARKROYAL on Pickering’s Lobsterfest:

1. Lobster Roll
If you have cravings for this indulgent and traditional New England food, then you are at the right place.

Considering the price of Lobster Rolls out in the restaurants out there, introducing this to a buffet does make it more value-for-money to customers.

Lime’s version contains generous chunks of lobster meat doused in mayonnaise, served on freshly toasted and lightly buttered warm Ciabatta.

This departs from the usual hot-dog style bun for a different rendition, and diners can actually get to savour more of that lobster flesh.

2. Whole Maine Lobster On Ice
Maine Lobster are known to be one of the sweetest, and most flavourful lobster type in the world, and a great way to appreciate their succulent chunks of flesh is having them chilled on ice.

Appreciate them au natural with the whole lobster, or in dishes such as the refreshing Lobster Salad.

3. Lobster with Chilli Crab Sauce
The best of both worlds – fresh Rock lobsters wok-fried with sweet, mildly spicy chilli crab sauce. Do not forget to pick up some of those petite Golden Man Tou to go with the eggy sauce.

4. Lobster in Black Pepper Sauce
While 2 years ago I thought that the black pepper rendition was kind of average, the kitchen somehow managed to fine-tune the flavours to the right balance of sweetness versus peppery savoury.

Plus, this came smoking-hot with wok-hei, making it one of my favourites.

5. Lobster in Golden Egg Yolk Lemon Butter Sauce
Last year’s Salted Egg Lobsters were a crowd-favourite. To keep things refreshed for returning dinners, the Golden Egg Lobsters are cooked with a creamier and sweeter sauce, almost like fillings of a liu-sha custard bun.

There was also a touch of lemon in the butter which added some tanginess.

6. Lobster Laksa Noodles
There is something about lobster flesh soaking up some of their lemak coconut-y rich gravy though. It was not as spicy as imagine, but enough bring out the flavours of the accompanying ingredients.
My only ‘complaint’ – the bowl is too small for the lobster.

Outdoor Barbeque with 7. Grilled Lobster with Sambal Belacan,
8. Grilled Lobster with Garlic Butter,
9. Grilled Lobster with Thai Sweet and Spicy Chill, and
10. Grilled Lobster with Truffle Hollandaise

While a lot of the main focus is typically on the buffet spread and dessert section, do not miss the outdoor BBQ already where freshly grilled lobsters take centre-stage.

The BBQ area added to some of that outdoorsy vibes, plus it keeps the restaurant interior from smelling smoky.

The grilled lobsters can be paired with a number of mouth-watering sauces to choose from, such as Sambal Belacan, Garlic Butter, Truffle Hollandaise, Roasted Sesame Sauce and Thai Sweet and Spicy Chilli.

After trying a bit of everything, I loved the Thai Sweet and Spicy Chilli Lobsters most, due to the combination of elements and flavours of sweet, spicy and zest.

I suspect that the crowd favourite would be the Truffle Hollandaise, as creamy rich sauces such as hollandaise work well with the flavours of truffle, for that ‘magical’ boost and whiff just before the spoonful enters the mouth.

Without exaggerating, this was perhaps the one time I had the most number of lobsters in a single sitting, and turned up to be satisfying without feeling queasy. Do pace yourself and just enjoy the spread.

Additional note: Complimentary signature Limenade helped, like a refreshing summer quencher.

Diners can also choose to take their gastronomic experience at Lobsterfest up a notch with free-flow draft Tiger Beer at a top-up of $30 per adult, available from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

‘Lobsterfest’ is available from 26 May to 30 June 2018, between 6:30pm and 10:30pm.

$99 per adult (Sun – Thurs) | $108 per adult (Fri, Sat)
Includes unlimited chilled juices, soft drinks, specialty coffee and tea and a glass of the signature Limenade

$49.50 per child (Sun – Thurs) | $54 per child (Fri, Sat)
Includes unlimited chilled juices and soft drinks
Child price is applicable to children between the age of four and 12

Promotion for Groups of 4
Dine in groups of 4 paying adults and above to enjoy 15% savings OFF the total bill or earn 8mpd when you pay with Mileslife. Valid from Sundays to Thursdays.

Bottomless Beer option is available at a top-up of $30 per adult, available from 6:30pm – 9:30pm.

Lime Restaurant
PARKROYAL on Pickering, 3 Upper Pickering Street, Singapore 058289
Tel: +65 6809 8899
Email: lime.prsps@parkroyalhotels.com
“Lobsterfest” is available from 26 May to 30 June 2018, between 6:30pm and 10:30pm

For more information: https://www.parkroyalhotels.com/lobsterfest

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with PARKROYAL on Pickering.


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