It took a while for “Dirty Bread” 脏脏包 (髒髒包 in Taiwan) to reach Singapore. Another food trend I do not quite understand as well.

The latest food hype is all about buns dusted with chocolate, with cream or custard fillings, that would create powdery and creamy stains all over your mouth (and face) when you eat them ferociously.

Thus the name ”Zang zang bao” 脏脏包 which literally means “dirty-dirty breads”.

Perfect moment to Instagram, boomerang or weibo those videos.

The trick is how to have your face stained with chocolate and still look good / glamorous / instagrammable.

This, I can’t do in a million years (as my face already looks like a piece of bread).

Em… this is a third of my face. #BadAttempt

The trend is said to have started from Beijing bakery Bad Farmers & Our Bakery, prompting many netizens to pose their versions of stained faces on social media platforms.

Bakeries in Taiwan, South Korea and Malaysia have followed suit. And finally, those in Singapore have reacted quite quickly.

Keong Saik Bakery (Keong Saik Road)
First player’s advantage. Keong Saik Bakery is one of the first in Singapore to introduce the Dirty bread.

Their Matcha Dirty Bread ($4.50) contains drizzles of matcha sauce and Uji Matcha powder sprinkled on top. Also available is a chocolate version.

But if I were to recommend, it would be the Matcha Swiss Roll – soft fluffy sponge cake rolled up with fresh matcha cream in the middle, with matcha powder to create that ‘dirty’ effect.

They also have a “Dirty Bread Challenge” to win vouchers. The owner (I guess?) approached me to do it while I was desperately trying to do a selfie. I went “No!” Opps. Keong Saik Bakery (Keong Saik Road)

Duke Bakery
Duke Bakery serves up two style of Dirty Breads – the Messy Chocolate and Messy Matcha (each $4.50).

Boufe Boutique Café (Phoenix Park)
Located at a rather ulu Phoenix Park Tanglin, Boufe has introduced 5 different flavours of Dirty Breads – Chocolate, Matcha, Strawberry, Sweet Potato and Salted Egg.

Salted Egg? Win. Each bun costs $5.

Original Cake (Westgate and Sembawang)
Since the trend of castella cake is coming down… their version is called the “Dirsty Bom”.

The surprise is the custard cream within, finished with sprinkles of cocoa powder at the top.

Looks like BreadTalk has also jumped on the bandwagon, and pretty fast as well.

Their version of “Messy Bun” ($2.50 each, $4.50 for 2. Last saw that the price came down to $2.20) comes in two flavours – Ultimate Chocolate with chocolate cream fillings and Lemon White Chocolate with lemon custard.

The soft custardy centre and donut-like texture elevates this from their more-normal products, though I found the lemon-flavoured bun a tad sweet.

Bread Society (ION Orchard)
Sister shop to BreadTalk. The shop, along with BreadTalk, will also be releasing two more flavours of Messy Buns – Dinosaur Messy Bun which is similar to Milo Dinosaur but with Chocolate Malt Powder.

This will be out at the end of this week, followed by a release of a Green Tea Messy Bun.

Swee Heng 1989 Classic
At $2.20, Swee Heng’s Messy Chocolate 脏脏包 is probably the cheapest you can find in Singapore.

Supertea (Millenia Walk)
Supertea’s The Goody Bun 赞赞包 contains Milk Tea with Pearls ($4.50) 奶茶与珍珠!

Inspired by Supertea’s very own drink, this unique creation is layered with Red Tea custard crème, chewy brown sugar pearls, and topped with rich milky powder.

Other flavours available include Milo, Chocolate and Matcha.

Proofer Boulangerie (Tanjong Pagar Center, Heartland Mall, Compass One, Hillion Mall)
Proofer Boulangerie’s “Dirty” products include the Dirty Cocoa filled with cocoa butter milk; and Dirty Matcha with matcha buttermilk. One for $2.50, two for $4.50.

St Leaven (Takashimaya)
The gourmet bakery under the Four Leaves brand has also jumped on the bandwagon. Their Dirty Bun ($2.20) is smaller, soft and fluffy. Like a cocoa bun covered with powder, and not using the croissant like most other bakeries.

Meanwhile, check out @Stormscape’s Youtube Video.

This should be the talk of the (food) town in the next couple of weeks.

All right, looks like many bakeries in Singapore will follow suit. So let it begin again..

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