It is this cooling, fuzzy, rainy weather that makes me crave for hotpot in Singapore even more.

Imagine my surprise when I found out Captain K at Middle Road, known to be the first to introduce the Korean Seafood Tower in Singapore, has also started to offer hotpot.

Consider this Korean meets local style hotpot. Time to jio your steamboat kakis.

Korean Seafood Tower (or Nine Layers of Steamed Shells)
A little introduction of Captain K: Its primary concept is the Korean Seafood Tower, available from a minimum of 3 tiers, to 5, 7 and a maximum of 9 tiers.

Each stacked tier would contain a selection of fresh seafood from clams, mussels, prawns, oysters, scallops, squid, Chilean King Crab to Boston Lobster. All quality ingredients, which thus explains its premium price.

As the seafood items are steamed, the natural juices are collected from the top to the base, adding flavours to the soup base underneath. Shiok!

A different dining experience, best to experience together as a group.

Captain K Hotpot with Korean-meets-Local Style Soup Bases
Steamboat-lovers would be happy to know that there are a total of 6 variations of soup bases, in which you can select a dual “ying-yang” pot for a double soup option.

A Single Soupbase is affordably priced at $16.00, while a Double is $20.00.

The original 3 soup bases – Kombu Dashi, Korean Kimchi and Ginseng Chicken (extra $4), are Korean inspired.

Good to know that the restaurant do not stinge on ingredients, as I saw an entire chicken in one half of the soup, the other filled with Korean Kimchi.

Between the two, I enjoyed the Korean Kimchi broth better, especially when the mildly spicy-tangy soup absorbed some flavours of the meats cooked within.

There was an earthy, slightly intense taste of the ginseng in the other, which needed some getting used to.

Szechuan Mala, Tomato and TomYum Mushroom Soups
Newly introduced are these 3 soup stocks to cater to local regular diners who kept requesting for them.

I would highly recommend the Szechuan Mala.

Actually, this is one soup base I may not order all the time at other hotpot restaurants as it tends to get overly oily and numbingly spicy. I have a friend who cannot bear the sight of chilli oil floating on the meats, and would keep scooping them out (sometimes met with frowns of servers).

No such problem here.

The Mala broth at Captain K was actually very drinkable and appetising – I finished bowls on my own, as I kept going for seconds and thirds.

Added with Szechuan peppercorn, dried chillies and other spices, there was still that slight numbing effect which provided that kick without overpowering.

Another favourite was the Tomato Soup base, which my friend said could possibly match up to his favourite. This had a sweeter touch, cooked by simmering with fresh tomatoes and ginger piece for hours.

Rich and refreshing – I like.

With more than 80 steamboat items to choose from, here are some of the recommended ones available at Captain K:

US Prime Short Rib ($16 for half, $32 for full), US Wagyu Beef Chuck Roll ($12 for half, $24 for full), US Sliced Beef Striploin ($16 for half, $32 for full).

US Sliced Pork Collar ($6 for half, $12 for full) and US Kurobuta Pork Belly Shabu ($7 for half, $14.00 for full).

Boston Lobster ($8.80 for 100g), Golden Pomfret ($22), whole Red Garoupa (seasonal price), whole Seabass ($18)

Tiger Prawns ($12 for 3 pieces, $24 for 6), Fresh Prawns ($12 for 6, $24 for 12)

Hokkaido Scallops ($20 for 4 pieces)

Homemade Assorted Meat Balls Combo ($11.00 for 8 pieces). Other meat ball choices include beef, pork, fish, lamb, cuttlefish, mushroom, and black pepper pork.

Homemade Paste, which includes Fish ($8), Otah ($10), Ebiko ($16), Century Egg ($10), Fish Mar with Pork & Fish ($12), and Abalone Fish ($18).

Seafood Dumpling ($4 for half, $8 for full)

Other than the sliced beef and pork which are inexpensive for their quality, my favourite items were the Assorted Meat Balls and Dumplings.

These are not the factory-made ones, but house-made packed with ingredients. That comforting feeling when you bite into the succulent dumplings with prawns and crunchy water-chestnut.

Other than that, there is an amazing selection of 28 different sauces and condiments (they are free, no additional charge whatsoever), ranging from Chicken Rice Chilli, Thai Mookata Chilli, Yuzu Miso, Sambal Belacan to Ponzu sauces.

Captain K
112 Middle Road #01-00 Midland House Singapore 188970 (Bugis MRT)
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30am – 3pm (Mon – Sun)
Dinner: 5:30pm – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 5pm – 10pm (Sat – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Captain K.


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