[Taipei] Ichiran Ramen 一蘭拉麵 restaurant which has opened in Xinyi District Taipei became an instant hit.

It had a continuous queue of 240 hours straight, which meant there were customers standing in line outside the restaurant for 10 days, beating Ichiran Hong Kong’s previous record.

Established in Fukuoka in 1960, Ichiran Ramen is a Japanese ramen restaurant that specializes in pork-flavoured Tonkotsu broth, and soon became a massive favourite.

It was named world’s best ramen place by the Forbes in 2016 and has locations in Japan, United States, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. (It is about time it arrives in Singapore.)

Foodies may have to wait in line anything from half an hour to 2 hours to get a seat, but the good news is that Ichiran Ramen in Taipei is in operations 24 hours a day.

It took me about 40 minutes from the start of queue to get my bowl, noting that there is still a line within the restaurant. So don’t be too happy yet even if you get past the entrance.

To beat large crowds of visitors, it is best to come early in the morning, or wee hours of the night.

Ichiran Ramen in Taipei can accommodate up to 60 people.

For those who have yet to dine here before, take note that the seating arrangement is quite unique.

Diners have to sit alone and get served through a reed blind. It is definitely not an ideal restaurant to socialize and mingle with your friends.

While it was possible for me to pull down the partition for some of its other restaurant, those in this branch remained fixed.

The signature dish at Ichiran Ramen in Tapei is the tonkotsu pork stock ramen and it costs NT$288 (SGD$13.00) per bowl, cheaper than in other outlets in New York and Hong Kong.

There is an English menu available. Customers can choose the density of the seasoning stock, hardness of the noodles, amount of garlic, addition of green onions and chashu.

The thing that makes Ichiran Ramen special and extremely popular is their spicy red sauce. The sauce is a mixture of 30 different kinds of ingredients and unique blended peppers.

There are multiple levels of spiciness you can choose from, and I would personally recommend a mild or medium.

I found the overall quality to be similar to the ones I had in Japan, about 80% – 85% there. (Though I prefer this version to Hong Kong’s.

Unfortunately, the cha shu was to the dry side and wasn’t soft enough, and I thought that the soup lacked in that full-robust quality.

While I would typically finish up the broth of an Ichiran Ramen, I didn’t feel like doing so for this particular bowl.

If you are craving for some Ichiran Ramen, this should still satisfy you. And oh, you can also add a Green Tea Pudding. Pour in the sauce yourself from a packet though.

Ichiran Ramen 天然豚骨拉麵專門店 一蘭台灣
No. 97, Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110
Tel: +886 2 2758 3868
Opening Hours: 24 hours every day
Google Maps – Ichiran Ramen

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