With the return of Gong Cha and introduction of newer tea brands in Singapore such as PlayMade by 丸作, Teafolia and Bobii Frutii, the attention is turned on bubble tea kiosks once again.

I have been anticipating the opening of Roji Chaseki for a while, walking past the renovated shop at Raffles Xchange since a few months back.

This is one of the few kiosks in Singapore that focuses on Japanese tea, inspired by “chaseki” (茶席) – a Japanese term which broadly means “formal place for tea”. It is said to be a collaboration between Gryphon Tea and The Soup Spoon.

The menu is divided into Roji Tea, Iced Lattero, Sparkling Fruit Tea and Beauty Fruit Tea.

Despite having a limited number of items, I found it slightly harder to read its digital menu board (could be a combination of colour, font and size, and placement of screens) than the average bubble tea shop. The guy at the cashier was thankfully patient to go through the differences in varieties.

With all that said, I enjoyed the drinks and found them tastily refreshing.

I ordered a Melona Manpuku ($4.50), and would like to think of this as a more delicate and healthier version than many sugared drinks out there.

You can choose the sweetness level of standard, half, or minimal. Only rock sugar is used to bring out the flavours of the Japanese teas.

The drink had the lovely tea bitterness of Japanese Sencha matched with light fruity sweetness of honey melon. The golden pearls with tinge of sweetness, were soft and chewy,

The Sparkling Citron with Tsubaki Oolong ($5.80) was a saver during a hot day in the CBD.

However, the proportion of ice could be too much, so you don’t feel you are getting value for its money at that price.

In another visit, I had the Avocado Vanilla Genmaicha ($6.40) topped with cheese foam. Unfortunately, there were no avocado within but the combination tasted like good thick matcha latte with a touch of savouriness.

Perhaps offering this with an alternative medium sized cup could make this more popular among the office ladies in the vicinity.

All in all, I felt that Roji Chaseki could reach out to a lot more though.

The shop front didn’t look too conspicuous, social media accounts not updated until a few days back, and there was not much publicity going on.

There is still that bit of brand consciousness for consumers when it comes to bubble and fruit tea shops. With its unique positioning and offerings, Roji Chaseki could look into the marketing aspects beyond distributing samples.

Roji Chaseki
5 Raffles Place, #B1-64 Raffles Xchange Singapore 048618 (Raffles Place MRT)
Tel: +65 6779 2948
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 10am – 4pm (Sat), Closed Sun & PH

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