Located at Level 2 of SingPost Centre is Platform M by MOF, which combines 10 different food and beverage concepts at a one stop food station.

The word “station” is used as the space was designed with a heritage railway station theme, added with gate and arches, steel lamp posts, and colourful graffiti art at various corners.

There are 9 restaurants with 1 fruit juice place within this space, including 6 new brands of Duck Master, So Lucky, Economi of Scale, Yaki Ramen, Kazu Kazu, and the Fruit Juice kiosk, along with familiar names of Ju Hao Xiao Long Bao, Tensho, CafeMama and Kaisen Tei.

It also boosts of a cashless self-ordering kiosk system (get the Platform M card) because… Smart Nation. Here are the 10 Food Concepts you can expect from Platform M by MOF:

Duck Master
Cantonese Kitchen

Duck Master specialises in Hong Kong specialty Chinese roast duck and a selection of barbecued meats.

You can expect Crispy Roasted Chicken ($14.00 for half, $25.00 for whole), Crispy Pork Belly ($13.80), Char Siew ($12.80) and accompanying rice and springy noodle dishes. There is a wide spread of items, along with steamed chicken, dim sum and congee, prepared from well-kept Cantonese recipes.

I thought that the Char Siew was quite legit, lusciously marinated in a sweet honey sauce. While the meat-cut was more to the lean side, the pieces were still wonderfully tender.

Videos of Roasted Ducks on rotating ovens have got viral some time ago, so comparisons would be inevitable (especially when both shops have coincidentally the same name). Platform M’s Roast Duck ($13.00 for quarter, $25.00 for half, $48.00 for whole) had rather succulent meat without the gamey taste.

If the skin was crispier, it would have been a winner.

Ju Hao
Northern Chinese Xiao Long Bao

Ju Hao Xiao Long Bao has its humble beginnings at Lavender Food Square in 2010.

The menu has obviously expanded, offering a range in the likes of Signature Noodles with Beef Brisket ($13.00), Beijing Zha Jiang Noodles ($8.80), Fried Rice with Pork Chop ($12.50), soups, vegetables, snacks and dessert of signature Red Bean Pancake ($8.80).

When spoilt for choices, get the 3 in 1 Xiao Long Bao ($8.00) which contains a hot steaming basket of Original Juicy Steamed Pork Dumpling, along with Chilli Crab and Salted Egg Pork Dumplings. The Chilli Crab XLB were my favourites, which managed to capture the essence of the locally famed sauce.

Kazu Kazu
Japanese Specialty Katsudon & Oyakodon

Donburi is all in-trend in Singapore. Kazu Kazu’s recommended is the Yakiniku Don ($8.80) with grilled beef tossed in special dashi and soya sauce over a bed of rice, topped with onsen egg.

I had the Roasted Beef Don ($12.80) and thought it could do with slightly more sauce.

You can also expect to find Pork Katsu Curry Don ($10.80), Unagi Don ($13.80), Pork Belly Teriyaki Don ($8.80), Momoniku Teriyaki Don ($10.80) – that’s a chicken leg rice bowl, Oyako Toji Don ($8.80) and Chicken Katsu Toji Don ($9.80).

Kaisen Tei
Japanese Specialty Kaisendon

A bowl of Kaisendon contains a mix of freshly cut sashimi pieces such as salmon, maguro and hamachi on rice, and tossed with sauces before serving.

The Signature Kaisendon ($12.90) is considered value-for-its-money with 3 types of fishes – salmon, maguro (tuna), mekajiki (swordfish), mini hotate (scallop), and ikura (salmon roe) in a single bowl.

Also look out for the Platform M recommended donburi of Aburi Salmon Mentai Mayo ($11.90) and Maguro Avocado Don ($10.90).

Japanese Specialty Tempura and Tendon

Tensho’s signature Mixed Tendon ($9.80) is one of the few tempura donburis in Singapore priced below $10.

The Mixed Tendon contains tempura prawn, fish, onsen egg and vegetables on notably a higher grade of Japanese rice than what MOF typically serves.

This outlet at Platform M has also introduced an Anago Tendon ($13.80) which contains both Unagi (sea eel) and Ebi (tempura prawns) along with onsen egg, vegetable tempura on rice.

For those who prefer noodles, there are udon and soba alternatives introduced.

Yaki Ramen
Japanese Specialty Collagen Ramen

A new brand, Yaki Ramen serves up Japanese noodles with tonkotsu soup bases – slowly simmered for the creamy taste, available in original tonkotsu, spicy tonkotsu, miso, and miso spicy.

The recommended are the Pork Yaki ($9.80) and Seafood Yaki ($9.80) which interestingly contain fried ramen, and you can also top up $3 for pork garlic collagen.

I also spotted Maze Soba (dry mixed Japanese ramen) such as the Minced Meat Maze Soba ($8.80) which I would be keen to try the next time.

Korean street food

Do not come thinking that Platform M serves up only Japanese food. There is CafeMama at the corner offering Korean cuisine and street food.

The range is extensive, from popular lunchboxes of Dosirak ($7.90 – $9.90) packed with meats of chicken bulgogi, beef bulgogi or seafood bulgogi; Ramyeon Pots ($7.90 – $8.90), Budae Jjigae Ramyeon ($9.90), Jiajiang Myeon ($7.90), Jjamppong ($9.90) and sweet ending of Bingsu ($5.90 – $9.90).

$5.50 for a Patbingsu is a happy price.

I would say go for the Korean Fried Chicken ($7.90 for 6 pieces, $14.90 for 12 pieces) with wingettes and drumettes tossed in soy or spicy sauce if you want something light.

Economi Of Scale
Signature Steak, Grill, Pasta, Salad

A casual, value-for-money western restaurant brand with signature Grilled Ribeye Steak ($16.90) and popular Western Grill items such as Black Pepper Chicken ($9.90), Pan Fried Dory ($9.90), Pasta ($9.90 – $10.90) and Salads ($6.90 – $9.90).

The mains all come with 2 complimentary sides with choice of coleslaw, French fries, baked potato, onion rings, potato salad, mac cheese, and garden salad.

So Lucky
Local Delights & Coffee

Not so sure about the choice of name, but supposedly to represent that it is “so lucky” for grandma’s well-kept local delight recipes to be shared with everyone.

This is the local kopi, teh and toast stall, in which a set would cost $4.90.

There are eight local dishes offered, from Minced Meat Noodles ($5.50) Mee Rebus ($5.20), Fishball Noodles ($5.50), Curry Noodles ($5.50), Fishball Soup ($5.00), Laksa ($5.80), Mee Siam ($5.00) and Curry Chicken with Bread ($5.90).

Fruit Juice
Fresh Juices

Freshly pressed fruit juice and vegetables to complete the meal. You can even select less ice or added milk options (additional cost applies).

Note: Payment for the different outlets can be done through a Platform M card, which is both cashless and self-automated. (You can also pay via credit card.)

Platform M by MOF
SingPost Centre, 10 Eunos Road Level 2 Singapore 408600
Tel: +65 6747 3585
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm (Mon – Sun), Last Order 9:30pm

So Lucky operates from 8:00am

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Ministry of Food.


  1. I and family having dinner at Juhao dine 1 .almost all food including soup is served cold. Feedback to girl. Just say sorry. I will stop coming again and will post in my facebook page ask all my friends not to come here. Really disappointed with the food.

  2. Duck Master is definitely NOT worth your money or your calories.
    The original roasted duck was served chilling COLD! We ordered half a duck and felt short changed as the serving do not look like it. Appetizer was not available. Not the first time encounter such lousy food.

  3. Tried the korean stall at Platform M. The worst dining experience ever. Ordered budae jigage and it came without any luncheon meat or sausage. It was just noodles in red soup and a few pieces of toufu. Asked the staff whether it was really budae jigage twice and twice the staff said yes without looking. Only when I stirred the noodles in front of her and asked her if MOF serves budae jigage like that did she bring there bowl of noodles back to the kitchen to “add sausage”. Kitchen came back with the same bowl of noodles recooked again with a few slices of sausage. But now the noodles are all overcooked and soggy. Disgusting noodles, disgusting place. Left the whole bowl there untouched and went for dinner elsewhere.

  4. Have you ever eaten ramen that the soup is not hot? Yaki ramen. Their name says it all – yakky. The ramen broth was not hot and just luke warm. Its a disgrace to all the ramen stalls in singapore.

  5. The seafood Yaki Ramen is such a dissapointment. The Tonkotsu spicy soup based is starchy and the Ramen are so lumpy. What a lousy experience!


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