Not surprising that there are even more Korean restaurants opening up, and we should be seeing more specialised ones.

Other than SEORAE which is a more familiar name, there is Korean stew restaurant Jjigae Jjigae by Soup Spoon, and new-to-market Come N Joy offering Korean Fried Chicken.

Restaurants with Hokkien names are getting ‘in trend’ of late, with modernised zhi char eatery Jiakpalang and hotpot place Jin Ho Mia finding their way at Alexandra.

10 NEW & Hot Restaurants Singapore September 2017

SEORAE – Jurong
Jem, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #B1-10, Singapore 608549 (Jurong East MRT)
Tel: +65 9199 8729
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10.00pm (Sun – Thurs), 11.30am – 11.00pm (Fri – Sat)

Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant Opens At Jem
SEORAE Korean Charcoal BBQ has launched its 2nd outlet in Singapore after Plaza Singapura, this time in the West at Jem.

You can savour hearty Korean Barbecue with premium meats, along with rounds of steamed egg on grill – so soft I like, with option to add on melted stretchy cheese.

What I want to highlight is the NEW 2-in-1 Jjigae, for you to enjoy the best of both worlds with two Korean broths such as kimchi, gochujang or bulgogi in one pot.

Fans of Korean Banchan (side dishes) will welcome this salad bar where you can get free-flow Kimchi, Potato Jorim, Beansprout with Sesame, Spicy Cucumber, Spinach with Sesame, and lettuce for wraps. Seorae (Jem)

Jjigae Jjigae
5 Raffles Place, #B1-65 Raffles Xchange Singapore 048618 (Raffles Place MRT)
Tel: +65 62219801
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9:00pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

Korean Stews With Collagen Stock At Raffles Place
Jjigae Jjigae is actually opened by local restaurant chain The Soup Spoon, serving up a variety of hearty Korean hot pot stews at wallet-friendly prices.

There are four basic choices – pork, beef, beef & pork and seafood, priced a $12.90 to $16.90 for one pax, and $19.90 to $28.90 for 2 pax.

The soup base is said to feature house-made “beauty” collagen stock simmered over 16 hours, with options of yuzu salt, doenjang (fermented bean paste) or the spicy kimchi gochujang.

I had the Kimchi Gochujang Beef & Pork ($13.90) which reminded me of a mini-Army Stew.

Portion was considered sizable, with generous ingredients of sliced beef and pork, cheddar cheese, cheese cocktail sausages, cheese tofu, napa cabbage, enoki mushrooms, rice cakes, sweet potato starch noodles among others. Jjigae Jjigae (Raffles Place)

Come N Joy
Millenia Walk #01-26, 9 Raffles Boulevard, 039596
Tel: +65 6338 3831
Opening Hours: Lunch 11.30am – 3.00pm, Last order 2.30pm
Dinner 5.30pm – 11:00pm, Last order 10.30pm
Sunday: 5.30pm – 9.30pm, Last order 9.00pm

Lemon Cheese Korean Fried Chicken At Millenia Walk
This under-the-radar Korean restaurant is where you can go to satisfying cravings of “Chimaek” – Korean Fried Chicken with beer.

Other than the Original Fried Chicken ($18, $36), you can look out for big portions of Soy Garlic Chicken ($20, $38), Seasoned Chilli Chicken ($20, $38), and Spicy BBQ Sauce Chicken ($20, $38).

Something unique to Come N Joy is the Lemon Cheese Chicken ($20, $38), created by the owner Michelle Lee. This dish sees deep-fried chicken tossed with lemon sauce, then topped over with melted cheese, creating a creamy meets tangy outer coating. Come N Joy (Millenia Walk)

Destination Singapore Beach Road, 700 Beach Road, Level 2, Singapore 199598
Tel: +65 6679 2900
Opening Hours: Lunch 12:00pm – 2.30pm, Last order 2.15pm
Dinner: 6:00pm – 9.30pm, Last order 9.15 pm

Singapore Heritage Cuisine by Chef Damian D’Silva, Worth The Visit
It wasn’t surprising to find Folklore full-house on a weekend evening. I saw large families, groups who brought other ang moh friends, all gathered in anticipation of a feast.

Folklore is helmed by Chef Damian D’Silva, in which the menu constitutes a nostalgic homage to the food he grew up with as a child of Eurasian-Peranakan parentage – Eurasian on his father’s side, Peranakan on his mother’s.

Recommended dishes at Folklore included Singgang ($20), a long-lost Eurasian dish of wolf herring, de-boned and cooked in a non-spicy paste; Mulligatawny ($14) – an Anglo-Indian dish of shredded chicken and spices in a chicken broth; Hati Babi Bungkus ($18), a Peranakan dish of minced pork and liver wrapped in caul fat then grilled; and Pork Leg with Salted Vegetables ($16) stewed till meltingly soft.

The Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice ($22) was wonderful – fragrant, almost every grain evenly cooked and flavoursome, complete with the much-needed wok-hei. Folklore (Beach Road)

Jiakpalang Eating House
456 Alexandra Rd #01-06 Fragrance Empire Building Singapore 119962 (Next to Alexandra Retail Centre, Labrador Park MRT station)
Opening Hours: Lunch 11.30am to 3pm Last order at 2.30pm,
Tea 3pm to 6pm
Happy Hour 3pm to 8pm
Dinner 6pm to 10pm
(Mon – Fri), Closed Sat – Sun

Local Zhi Char Dishes Modernised
The name “Jiakpalang” is a playful take on the Singlish term “chapalang”, referring to a coming-together of seemingly unrelated things. Anything goes.

It serves up Singapore food and zhi char fare with a modern and playful take, all at affordable everyday prices.

Some of the dishes you can expect from Jiakpalang include Bak Kut Teh Jelly with You Tiao ($9), Charcoal Katarosu Pork Collar ($16), Yuzu Lala Clams ($12), Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab ($12), ‘Ang Ji Kao’ Stout-Braised Beef Cheek ($17), and a unique take on the iconic Milo Dinosaur ($8). Jiakpalang Eating House (Alexandra Road)

Jin Ho Mia
460 Alexandra Road #02-20, Singapore 119963
Tel: +65 6352 7725
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 3.30pm and 5.30pm – 10pm (Mon – Fri)
11.30am –10:00pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

Rice Bowls by Day, Hot Pots by Night
Interesting, what’s with all the Hokkien-named restaurants of late? “Jin Ho Mia” which means “a really good life” in Hokkien is sister restaurant to Soi Thai Soi Nice and Atmosphere Bistro.

It offers rice bowls in the day such as Tom Yum Pao Fan ($14.80), Salmon Poke Bowl ($14.80) and Sweet and Sour Chicken Bowl ($13.80) to cater to those seeking a fuss free lunch; and hot pots with a range of soup bases at night.

You can look forward to the Tok Kong Pot ($48.80), Ah Boy Pot ($33.80 – opening special price at $28.80), Giam Pui Pot ($28.80)

Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice (Thomson)
244F Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574369
Opening Hours: 11.00am – 11.00pm Daily

NEW Branch At Upper Thomson. Gooey, Messy Hainanese Curry Rice
Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice 美芝律剪刀剪咖喱饭 was one of the pioneers of Scissor Cut Curry Rice, somewhat like your chye png stall with ingredients cut up for easier consumption, drenched with various gooey sauces.

The Hainanese shop has opened a new branch at Upper Thomson, taking over the space left behind by dim sum eatery Hua Nam.

My personal favourite dish was the Braised Pork, sliced into thin rectangular shapes, of tender meat braised in a dark greasy sauce.

While deep fried items are typically tempting, the chicken chop I had was dry and cold, possibly left on the shelves for a very long time. Better in the past?

Southpaw Bar & Sushi
11 Cavan Road, Cavan Suites, #01-04 Singapore 209848
Tel: +65 91011941
Opening Hours: 6:00pm – 12:00am (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

12 Seater Cali-Style Sushi Bar With $68++ Omakase Sets, At Cavan Road Jalan Besar
Southpaw Bar & Sushi is a Cali styled sushi at Cavan Road (Jalan Besar area) that sits only 12. Instead of the usual sake, Southpaw offers whisky and bourbon pairings with meals.

Chef Kenny Khoo who helms the kitchen, has more than 17 years of experience, previously from Nogawa and Tatsuya.

The omakase styled sushi bar offers 3 main sets, priced at $68++, 98++ and 138++, with variations depending on what is the seasonal catch. Southpaw Bar & Sushi (Caven Road)

Fujiyama Dragon Curry
1 Tras Link, #01-03 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Tel: +65 6444 9260
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3:00pm, 6:00pm – 9:30pm Daily

Japanese Curry Restaurant From Hiroshima Opens In Singapore
Fujiyama Dragon Curry which originated in Hiroshima has opened at Orchid Hotel. This is a Japanese curry shop where you can customize your plate from the level of spiciness to toppings.

The choices available included the basic Fujiyama Dragon Curry ($12.75), Breaded Deep Fried Pork Curry ($16.75), Garlic Pork Belly Curry ($15.75), Deep Fried Chicken Curry ($15.75), Deep Fried Shrimp Curry ($16.75), and Cheese Curry ($15.75).

You can customise your curry with a choice of original or spicy, regular or upsized rice (FREE), regular or upsized curry (+$3), added minced pork (+$3) and spring onions (Free).

The highlight to me was really the pouring of the “Paitan Soup” over some leftover curry, turning the leftover rice into a comforting, watery porridge. Fujiyama Dragon Curry (Tanjong Pagar)

Vivocity #01-54, 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: 12:00pm – 3:00pm, 5:00pm – 9:00pm, Last Order 8:30pm (Tentative opening hours)

Award-Winning Tendon Shop From Tokyo Opens At Vivocity
Akimitsu is an award-winning Tempura and Tendon restaurant which originated from Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan with over 128 years of history. It has also got Singaporeans diners curious enough to fill the restaurant with long lines at Plaza Singapura.

Price-point is not considered expensive in comparison to other tendon shops in Singapore, and Akimitsu Signature Tendon ($14.90) also comes with chawanmushi, miso soup and free flow of pickles.

Other offerings include Vegetable Tendon ($12.90), Ebi Tendon ($17.90), Kakiage Tendon ($15.90), Mixed Tempura Rice Set ($15.90), Ebi Tempura Rice Set ($18.90), Vegetable Tempura Rice Set ($13.90) and Kakiage Tencha ($17.90) – with dashi stock poured over the rice towards the end.

While the number of tempura pieces was generous, the major pitfall was that every piece was greasy, with much oil seeping to the rice. Mixed reviews. Akimitsu

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