Korean brand Boom Steak has opened at The Centrepoint basement, offering a food-on-cup concept.

Not exactly a new idea in Singapore, as other brands have previously dabbled in this. I remember that Old Chang Kee had launched a Dip N Go kiosk (at Woodlands) in which the drink cup also doubles up as a food and dip holder.

Boom Steak functions more like a takeaway kiosk, and the top of the cup holds a plastic plate.

To be honest, I wasn’t that inclined to try it at first due to the pricing, but needed a QUICK meal and drink AT THE SAME TIME.

Offerings include US Choice Premium Ribeye Steak ($16.90 for 150g combo), Beef Steak ($13.90 for 150g combo), Beef Steak Rice ($13.90), Kimchi Pork Belly ($12.90), Hamburger Steak ($13.90), Chicken ($10.90), Korean Jajjang Rice ($11.90) and Korean Curry Rice ($11.90).

The drinks below include choices of Korean Mixed Coffee ($1 extra), Black Coffee, Green Tea, Mango Peach Tea, Lemonade, and Yuja Tea ($1.50 extra).

You can probably get a proper meal at a foodcourt or casual eatery at that pricing?

I had a Chick Combo with Korean Mixed Coffee ($10.90), which in the end took a while to prepare as the meat needed to be stir-fried and assembled.

Give an allowance of 5 to 10 minutes or more, if there is no queue. (In the end, I turned out to be slightly LATE for my choir practice.)

There was no cover lid given, so almost everyone in the room could smell the kimchi.

To be fair, the chicken pieces drizzled with barbecue sauce and mixed with kimchi were decently tasty, though not the most tender around.

The coffee while not the strongest and tasted similar to the Korean 3-in-1 brands but not as sweet, was at least refreshing. The cup was big, but not fully filled though.

Walking with a big orange cup in one hand, fork picking up pieces of broccoli on the other, drew some curious stares as I walked down The Centrepoint.

”Eh, what is that” A friend happened to see me struggling with where to place my cup.

”My dinner…”

He then mumbled something along the lines of “interesting”, and then commented if businesses nowadays do their market research.

Not all the time?

Boom Steak
The Centrepoint #B1-K1 176 Orchard Rd Singapore 238843 (Somerset MRT)
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

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    I went there in at 10am and they weren’t open. When I called, she said it’ll be open at 11.10. But at 11.30 it’s not opened yet. Just wasted 1.5 hour!


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