Orchid Hotel is THE Japanese food enclave, Keisuke Tontotsu King, Teppei Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Kou, Menya Sanji, Kajiken, Ryo Sushi, and Gyoza King all within a few metres walk from one another. Hon-to ni?

The next to join in this neighbourhood is Fujiyama Dragon Curry which originated in Hiroshima, a Japanese curry shop where you can customize your plate from the level of spiciness to toppings.

It took over the space left vacant by a not-very-memorable Korean Ramyeon shop, where those in line next door at Tendon Ginza Itsuki can peek in with eyes of hunger.

The inside can be rather cramped though. Once two huge curry plates land on your table, you will find yourself looking frantically for space to put your handphone. Not for the claustrophobic.

I shouldn’t complain, as much of the space was taken by a flask of FREE iced Japanese tea, much needed to cool down after walking over in the sun.

Fujiyama Dragon Curry’s founder Kenichi Ikehata can be spotted behind the counter, torching up the cheese on the curry, while Kajiken’s Kenta Kuribayashi was welcoming customers into the shop. I assumed he is a co-owner, can’t be BFF right?

The choices available included the basic Fujiyama Dragon Curry ($12.75), Breaded Deep Fried Pork Curry ($16.75), Garlic Pork Belly Curry ($15.75), Deep Fried Chicken Curry ($15.75), Deep Fried Shrimp Curry ($16.75), and Cheese Curry ($15.75).

You can customise your curry with a choice of original or spicy, regular or upsized rice (FREE), regular or upsized curry (+$3), added minced pork (+$3) and spring onions (Free).

“You want more rice? It’s free…..”

I shook my head frantically. Unless you really love rice, I reckon the portion of carbs given is substantial enough to make you rather full.

There is something about Japanese curries and their HUGE portion ah? Think Monster Curry.

I went for an All Topping Wild Curry ($18.75), with deep fried pork katsu, deep fried shrimp, garlic pork belly, a karaage-like fried chicken, and minced pork. In Singlish, we call this so much liao.

Even though I opted for the spicy option, it was considered manageable, and had a balance between savouriness, sweetness and mild spiciness.

The minced meat gave it an added layer of texture, though I wished there was more gravy, in proportion to the amount of rice and toppings.

My friend’s Cheese Curry ($15.75) resembled a volcano of curry lava, topped with melted cheese and onsen egg.

She commented that the pleasing spiciness was like an eruption in the mouth, ”with the right blend of fire and flavour”.

The highlight to me was really the pouring of the “Paitan Soup” over some leftover curry, turning the leftover rice into a comforting, watery porridge of sort. Actually, the soup was already tasty on its own.

Not life-changing curry, but good value for its offerings.

Fujiyama Dragon Curry
1 Tras Link, #01-03 Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Tel: +65 6444 9260
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 3:00pm, 6:00pm – 9:30pm Daily

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