[Sydney] There is no lack of instagrammable café food in Sydney, and these cute animal-shaped cookie choux puffs from Doux Amour quickly landed in my “must-eat” (or more correctly “must-shoot”) list.

Doux Amour is situated in Roseberry, considered relatively new in the market. On top of the popular choux puffs, this celebrated café offers customised cakes to order.

The Rosebery outlet has an interior of exposed-brick walled lined with Polaroids, with comprehensive menu of an array of hot and cold drinks, coffee with beans from Paul Bassett, Belgian waffles, éclairs, and macarons. (While you are there, Three Blue Ducks, Black Star Pastry and Gelato Messina Rosebery are not too far away.)

There is also a pop-up shop at the basement of Queen Victoria Building, QVB.

When I was in line at the QVB, there was a short line of curious customers, with some families pulled over by excited children, ”Mummy, I want that Penguin.”

Something worried me though. There was no price indicated ANYWHERE, until I went up to pay.

”Each cost AUD$7.60.” I must have stood frozen for 2 seconds until reality set in. Each of these cost SGD$8.20.

Some of the popular flavours included Rosie The Pig (rose fillings with little bits of lychee), Nutty the Freckle Bear (creamy Nutella), Black The Penguin (black sesame) and Macho the Matcha Turtle (matcha).

Other Choux Puffs included Po-Po (cookies & cream), Chai-ger (chai), Koko (carl grey), Finny (Vanilla blueberry) and O’be (taro).

The choux puffs which are actually refashioned éclairs with cookie crusts, which provided a pleasant crunch on the outside.

After sharing these animals with friends, we were however all more thrilled by the appearance compared to the fillings – which was kind of creamy rich, obvious in flavours, but lacked that delicate smoothness.

Maybe it was because we were inevitably comparing to those Japanese choux pastries.

These are cute though, and new flavours are introduced regularly enough to keep customers interested.

Doux Amour
Shop 2, 797 Botany Road, Rosebery
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 5:00pm (Tue – Sat), 11.00am – 2:00pm (Sun), Closed Mon
https://www.facebook.com/ douxamourpatisserie
Google Maps

Pop-up stall at Queen Victoria Building.

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