Pizzas must be the most often requested item for food delivery.

Whether it is for a TV dinner with the family, friends’ gathering, or feel-lazy-to-cook-and-go-out-days, pizza deliveries are always there for the rescue.

(Click PLAY for video highlights of Deliveroo Pizza Party.)

Pezzo should be a familiar name to many. Their base is not the usual thin-crust type, rather thick and chewy. Favourite toppings include the BBQ Bonanza, Hola Hawaiian, Chicken Delight, Hot Chick and Satay Chicken.

Topped with extra beef pepperoni with mozzarella cheese, do you know that their Pepperoni Party has 72 slices of Pepperoni on it?

Deliveroo Promo: 1 FOR 1 Cheesy Cheese Pizza

Extra Virgin Pizza
Extra Virgin Pizza crafts artisanal Neapolitan style pizzas handmade to orde, cheekily named in reference to their usage of extra virgin olive oil. Their dough is aged 3 days using live yeast before being hand stretched and baked to order in extremely high heat ovens, resulting in pizzas with an agreeable texture.

Try the Seafood Pizza added with béchamel, prawns, clams, squid, cherry tomatoes, chilli flakes, parmigiano reggiano, pecorino, lemon juice, shaved garlic.

Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (Complimentary pizza to be of equivalent or lower value as the pizza ordered.)

Jamie’s Italian
Jamie’s Italian founded by celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver and his Italian mentor Chef Gennaro Contaldo developed their menu based on rustic, authentic Italian dishes.

Some of the signature pizzas include Truffle Shuffle – white sauce, fontal, balsamic onions, free-range egg & black truffle; The Param – fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, San Daniele prosciutto, rocket & Parmesan; and Spicy Meatball – fiery ‘nduja, tomato sauce, pork meatballs, garlic & Parmesan.

Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza

Pasta Fresca
Pasta Fresca offers crispy Italian thin-crust pizzas, in which the sauces and ingredients used are based on South Italian recipes to recreate the authentic texture and taste.

The restaurant has also specially created a Pizza Gamberi e Zucchine for the “Deliveroo Pizza Party” week – white pizza base with mozzarella cheese, topped with prawns, zucchini slices, cherry tomato and parsley and sprinkled with garlic oil.

Deliveroo Exclusive: Pizza Gamberi e Zucchine ($24.50+)

Kucina Italian
Kucina Italian which means “kitchen” is a 100% Muslim-owned Italian restaurant serving Halal Italian cuisines from anti pasti to dolci.

Their pizza flavours include Margharita, Salami, Pizzotto, Carnivora, Vegetarian, Napoli, Calzone and Prosciutto e funghi. However, what can be interesting is their selection of dessert pizza – Nutella and Cannella.

Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza

SOD Cafe
SOD actually stands for “Super Oxide Dismutase,” an important antioxidant defense in nearly all living things. Hmm….. Their café at Ci Yuan Community Club serves up mini pizzas with selection of Chilli Crab Mini Pizza, Hawaiian Mini Pizza, and MIxed Fruit Mini Pizza.

Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza

Da Paolo Pizza Bar
Can’t decide between spaghetti and meatballs? You can now have both Italian favourites on an oven baked thin crust pizza.

Deliveroo Exclusive: Spaghetti & Meatballs Pizza ($32++).

Meat Smith
Meatsmith SG takes their beloved Meat Platter, and presents it in a pizza form.

Deliveroo Exclusive: Meat Smith Meat Lovers Pizza

Seoul Kitchen
Experience Korean flavours with Korean Chicken Jeon Pizza slathered with generous cheese, chicken and mushroom, and doused in a special Korean sauce.

Deliveroo Exclusive: Korean Chicken Jeon Pizza

The Grumpy Bear
A Waffle Pizza? Marshmallow, cherry, nuts drizzled with chocolate and maple sauce. For those with a sweet tooth.

Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Waffle Pizza

Bella Pizza
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza. (2nd pizza same or lesser value)

Your Italian Butler
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza

Strong Flour
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza

Pizza Boy
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza

Marco Marco
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza

Da Paolo HQ Club Street
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza Margherita (Pizza topped with Sardinian tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil.)

Pizza Bullz
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza

Dario Pizza & More
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza

Al Borgo Italian
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (lower value pizza is free)

Al Borgo Express
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (lower value pizza is free)

Napolizz Pizza
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (Margerita, Ortolana, Quattro Formaggi and BBQ Chicken)

Pizza Arc
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (for all 5-inch Small Pizza: aloha Hawaiian, Meat Madness, Yummy Cheese, Spicy Garlic Chicken, Pepperoni Delight, Chicken Fajita, Veggie Harvest, Hearty BBQ Chicken, Fisherman Catch)

Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza 1 (Margherita Pizza, limited to max 2 orders)

La Pastificio
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (Chicken pizza, Mushroom pizza, Hawaiian pizza)

MOB Cafe
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (Granite Lahmajoun, Garnet Lahmajoun, Meat Lovers Lahmajoun)

MIA Pizza & Pasta Express
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (Margherita Pizza)

Haven Pizza & Western Food
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (All pizzas)

Michael’s Bar & Grill
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (All pizzas)

District 10
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (lower value pizza is free)

I Am…
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (Simply Margherita, Hawaiian Five, Go Veggie Go, Pepperoni & Jalapeno)

Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (Special Pizza Bagel is also 1 for 1)

Cali Café
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (Buy any Pizza from the menu and get a free Margarita Pizza)

Helios 93
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (All flavours)

Empire State
Deliveroo Promo: Half & Half Pizza, choose 2 Flavours to become one Pizza (Meat Lovers, Teriyaki Chicken, Seafood, Hawaiian, Four Cheese, Mushroom)

Gourmet Pizza To Go
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza (All flavours for 10, 12 and 14 inch)

Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 All Classic Pizza (San Remo, Aloha, Margharita, Teriyaki Chicken, Pepperoni, Kalamata Delight, Cheese)

Prata Planet
Deliveroo Promo: 1-for-1 Pizza Prata (topped with fresh and tender chicken ham, mushroom, capsicum, onion with mozarella and pineapple)

What’s more, use the Promo Code ”DFDROO” to enjoy 3 FREE Deliveries off your 1st three orders. Valid till 31st August 2017.

Head over to to order your pizzas now, or for more details.

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Deliveroo Singapore.


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