Looking to indulge in a Sunday brunch during the weekends? Get ready your appetite and friends.

One Farrer Hotel & Spa has started a NEW Flip Flop Poolside Sunday brunch from 11:30am to 4:00pm, for a limited period only.

(Click PLAY for video highlights of rhe Flip Flop Poolside Sunday brunch.)

This is for those who love your food, desserts, instagrammable cocktails, and sun.

Worry not, there is also indoor air-conditioned seating for those who cannot bear the heat and sweat a bucket (like me).

The pop-up is held at The Flip Flop Restaurant and Sunset Bar, situated at the Level 6 poolside tropical palm garden with timber pavilion-style structures, usually opened exclusively to hotel residents only.

Getting here up sounds far and may not be the most convenient for some, but One Farrer Hotel & Spa is easily reached via Farrer Park MRT (Exit C, northeast line)

This menu is specially created for this particular Sunday Brunch, done after months of R&D, and many dishes are designed incorporating ingredients harvested from the hotel’s own farm.

The fully operational urban farm is actually 11,000 square feet big, and I happened to see vegetables, herbs and fruits from watermelon, pineapple and passionfruit being grown there.

The passion fruits used in the pancakes cream? Yes, these are grown right upstairs. Fascinating!

Here are some 10 of the freshly-made signature brunch dishes and desserts you can expect to have:

Jamon & Trio Cheese Baked Egg Hash ($14, Perfect for 2)
Simple but egg-cellent. For those who like your potatoes, oozy egg and cheese. I imagined this to taste quite rich (aka ‘jelak’) but it wasn’t.

What worked for me was the texture, as you get bites of the soft cubed hash, creamy cheeses, and runny egg providing a harmonious mouthful.

The crispy jamon acted like a bacon or chip of sorts, giving a touch of saltiness.

Baked Granola Tart with Low Fat Yogurt & Mixed Berries ($8)
A home-run dessert, plus you cannot deny this granola tart is quite photogenic.

While I sometimes have granola as a milk-and-breakfast type of food, having it as a tart-form, with its inner shell lined with chocolate was quite pleasurable.

Good contrast of a crunchy-nutty tart with soft-sour yogurt on the inside.

Cold Angel Hair, Truffle, Shio Kombu, Baby Sakura Shrimps & Caviar Salad ($12)
I am personally divided on this. Well, I love cold angel hair pasta, and have tried most of the popular renditions from the usual suspects.

What worked was the al dente-ness, whiff of the truffle (thankfully not too strong, but I know some would like it even more intense), indulgent caviar.

I wasn’t sure of the vinegary-sourness. However, my female friend loved that the vinegar-zest was more obvious than the rest.

Grilled Apricot, Farm Picked Green Lettuce with African Chicken Salad ($14)
Your salad and proteins can be instagramable too.

Fresh, crunchy, farm-picked lettuce is used in this dish.

How about African chicken? Not from Africa actually. Those of you who frequent Macau should have noticed this Portuguese-inspired dish, considered as one of Macau’s “national dish”.

This was one of the crowd-favourite. Can imagine why… with its spicy piri piri meets curry-like concoction on the tender chicken, working in contrast with the cool salad on its side.

Pan Fried Foie Gras with Poached Egg on Toasted Doris Dilly Bread ($16)

Smashed Avocado, Sweet Corn, Jalapeño Pesto & Poached Egg on Doris Dilly Bread ($10)
If you are wondering what “Doris Dilly Bread” mean for the above two dishes, the recipe used to make the bread is a *secret* and comes from the mother of One Farrer Hotel & Spa’s Chairman. Woh!

The one *secret* I can tell you is that the dill used to make the bread comes harvested from the hotel’s farm.

Boston Lobster Benedict, Tobiko Roe & Hollandaise Sauce ($30)
Possibly the most lux brunch dish in the entire menu, the sauce could have been purposely lightened to bring out the seafood-sweetness of the Boston lobster.

Perhaps I didn’t fancy the muffin that much, and maybe they could have done another awesome rendition of Doris Dilly Muffin? Just wondering.

Warm Alaska King Crab Salad on Charcoal Waffle ($26)
Many have adapted Joël Robuchon’s recipe Alaskan King Crab Salad, known for being sweet-tangy-creamy.

The salad here was cleverly included on a black charcoal waffle, providing some colour pop and fluffy contrast.

Cream Cheese Red Velvet Cake Crumbs Croissant ($10)
Satisfy your cravings with sweet desserts such as Pandan & Coconut French Toast Sticks and Cream Cheese Red Velvet Cake Crumbs Croissant.

If you love your Red Velvet Cake, imagine having it within a freshly-baked fluffy croissant. (In the photo, the cream was spread on top, but the current version has it stuffed within. Less messy, I would think.)

Mini Pancake Stack with Mixed Berries & Passion Fruit Cream ($8)
These are for those who love your pancakes, but are watching your waistlines.

Frankly, I may have preferred the normal sized ones, so that I could savour more of that tangy-sweet passion fruit cream.

Helfer’s Favourites ($18)
Another interesting and personalised aspect of the Flip Flop Poolside Sunday Brunch is the ”Helfer’s Favourites” egg selection.

Choose your eggs (poached, sunny side up, omelette, scrambled), which will be topped up with Roast Beef, Sautéed Mushroom, Toasted Doris Dilly Bread, also added with a side of salad.

Another thing I noted was the pricing. Even while it is in a hotel setting, most of the dishes are considered wallet-friendly and value-for-its money for the ingredients used.

So ditch the typical brunch (boredom) and choose to customise your brunch dish prepared à la carte.

Not forgetting to sip up one of the drinks of Affogato ($10), Ginger Lemon Fusion ($10), Cloudy Bay ($10) or Orange Mimosa ($12) while you soak up the sunshine.

Flip Flop Restaurant
One Farrer Hotel & Spa, Level 6 Poolside, 1 Farrer Park Station Road, Singapore 217562
Tel: +65 67057663 (reservations are highly recommended)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 4:00pm Every Sunday (limited period)
Email: fnbevents@onefarrer.com

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Terms and Conditions for “DFD20” promotion
“DFD20” promotion is valid every Sunday at Flip Flop Poolside Sunday Brunch till end July.
• Prior reservation is required and subjected to availability
• Please quote “DFD20” via phone reservation (+65 67057663) or email reservation (fnbevents@onefarrer.com) to enjoy the discount
• Minimum of 2 diners per reservation
• DFD promotion is not valid with other in-house discounts, promotions, privileges, loyalty programmes and vouchers

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with One Farrer Hotel & Spa.



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