We are suckers for almost anything named “Hokkaido”, so I am pretty sure a Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff shop in Singapore will generate some social media traction during its opening days.

Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff has opened at 35 Haji Lane, offering crispy-type puffs with a fat scoop of ice cream sandwiched in between.

First things first, Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff is not exactly from Japan, but a franchise chain that originated from Malaysia. It also has stores in Brunei.

When you think about “Hokkaido”, you may imagine more Japanese-inspired ice cream flavours like matcha, azuki red bean, melon, and goma black sesame, but there were none of these.

What they offer are Mint Choco Chips, Chocolate Chips, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla Chips, Mango, Taro, Coffee, and an ‘un-Japanese’ Durian flavour – which is likely to be a popular choice here anyway.

A puff priced at SGD$3.90 in Singapore, and RM3.80 if you buy it up north in Malaysia FYI. (Technically, you can buy 3 with at that same price.)

Entering the shop, you could be attracted by that baked buttery aroma lingering in the air. All the puffs are baked fresh by the hour to ensure a level of crispiness.

I was curious about the Durian, and so ask what type of durians was used for the ice cream.

”Just durians.”
”I meant say…. D24 or Mao Shan Wang?”
”Let me ask!” (40 seconds later) ”Ordinary durians”

She was not wrong. The Durian Ice Cream did taste ordinary. In other words, there wasn’t that smooth Hokkaido-milk quality if you were expecting that.

Early online reviews described the ice cream as “taste pretty much off the ice cream tubs in supermarket”, “pretty normal”, “generic brand” and “the $1 uncle kind”. You get the drift.

Otherwise, the freshly baked puff was the highlight, with a fragrant crisp on the outer layer.

Quick note: During peak hours, the scooping may take a while.

Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff
35 Haji Lane Singapore 189224
Opening Hours: 12:00pm – 8:00pm (Mon – Fri), 11:00am – 8:30pm (Sat – Sun)

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