Mellower Coffee is an established coffee chain which started back in 2011, and has since expanded with a handful of stores under its belt across Shanghai, Nanjing, Kunming.

Now with its Global Flagship Store in Singapore at 108 Middle Road, Bugis.

Contrary to their first opening at Robinson Road which targets office crowd, the new flagship is a two-storied spacious coffee house which conveniently sits just across Bugis Junction, next to Bugis+.

Various homely corners beautifully done up with an alluring glamour. (Wow, such deep pockets.)

Apart from your regular cup of latte, Mellower Coffee Singapore also serves a range of alcoholic coffee such as Guinnespresso (Whiskey with Espresso) and Gordon GF’s Temptation (Gorden Gin with Ice Drip Yirgacheffe), priced at $9.80 per serving.

People are really here for their signature creation, Sweet Little Rain ($9.80).

The concept is that, by suspending a fluff ball of cotton candy over a cup of Americano, the heat would slowly melt the cotton candy and caused it to drip into the drink.

Like simulating a slight drizzle.

Despite that cotton candy are passé (remember we had a period of cotton candy desserts hype in 2015?), Mellower Coffee was in fact one of the earlier creators of Sweet Little Rain.

I remember trying it in Shanghai a few years back.

Many other places then adopted the concept and created their own spin-off version of cotton candy desserts. (Banana Tree in Singapore, Karmakamet Diner in Bangkok, Lepaq Lepaq from Kuala Lumpur and Coffee Signature from Johor Bahru.)

Sweet, instagrammable, that’s about it.

Not exactly sure if this will make a comeback and kick up another cotton candy storm? Maybe not.

This time round, what caught my attention was the Ondeh x Latte ($9.80) – specially concocted for Singapore’s flagship opening.

Creamy and rich in coconut fragrance with a hint of gula melaka, the espresso shot balanced out the usual sweetness expected from ondeh ondeh and yielded a slightly bitter note.

Totally won me over.

Their Dutch Coffee ($6.80), available in Black or White contained in silver metallic bottles also stood out and appealed to me with its sleek and futuristic design.

Slow steeped up to 12 hours, the cold brew had a subtle and refreshing aroma, also smooth to the palate.

On the flipside, the taste could be a little mild and mellow (pardon the pun).

The good news: I also observed there are a lot of power sockets around, so students can start to flock here to mug, over a cup of good coffee.

Mellower Coffee Singapore Flagship
108 Middle Road #01-01, The Prospex, Singapore 188967 (Bugis MRT)
Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm Daily

Mellower Coffee Singapore
77 Robinson Rd #01-03, Singapore 068896
Opening Hours: 8am – 7:30pm (Mon – Fri), 9am – 4:30pm (Sat), Closed Sun

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* Written by Lewis Tan @juicyfingers, a self-proclaimed coffee addict. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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