Greyhound Café is my ‘favourite-st’ café in Bangkok, till my heart was smiling when I knew it finally opened in Singapore at Paragon Orchard.

So excited, so excited. My wings will wait for me.

The winning formula to me about Greyhound Bangkok is that it successfully merges taste and aesthetics. They create this chill-out vibe that makes you feel chi-chi good while watching people go by.

The 2,600 square feet, 100-seater Greyhound Café Singapore at Level 1 of high-end Paragon Orchard, appears to have re-created some of the ambience.

Service staff in shirts with catchy caption, “I don’t speak Thai, but I know the food here well”, in a garden setting.

This is the type of café that I would text quite a number of friends to tell them, “Greyhound is here…”

I quickly ordered a Thai Milk Tea, because somehow they didn’t offer the signature Granita yet.

One of those times when I initially didn’t notice the price, till I saw $9.

9 can-cause-one-to-faint-dollars. The Granita was $12 by the way.

The Cha Yen had quite the authentic taste, half filled with ice.

Some of the prices of the other dishes continue to be astounding – Complicated Noodles ($18), Salmon Carpaccio ($22), Fried Chicken Wings ($16), French Onion Soup ($16),Tom Yum Soup ($21), Spaghetti with Thai Anchovy ($25), and Chocolate Banana Crepe Cake ($13).

While the menu looked almost identical to Bangkok’s, prices were obviously not, up to 3 times for some items.

Bangkok’s prices for reference – Complicated Noodles (180 baht, SGD$7.20), Salmon Carpaccio (200 baht, SGD$7.95), Fried Chicken Wings (140 baht, SGD$5.60), French Onion Soup (150 baht, SGD$6), Spaghetti with Thai Anchovy (200 bah, SGD$7.95), Thai Tea Granita (100 baht, SGD$4). (I do take notes while travelling.)

Not same same.

Different comments from friends include, ”At first I hungry, see prices not hungry already.”, “A meal for 4 can bring one to Bangkok already.”, to ”I’ll give it a miss and buy a cheap tix to BKK.”

Welcome to the “Most expensive city in the world.”

The moment of truth. The Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings ($16) appeared almost the same, with that familiar taste of the fish sauce marinate, but somehow lacked the juiciness and the oomph.

It wasn’t as piping hot as what I always had in Bangkok. So same same but DIFFERENT.

The other dishes were about 50-80% there, some retaining that Greyhound standard in terms of taste, but mostly not.

The Spicy Spaghetti Thai Style ($26) was one of the better recommendations, with the pasta given a lift from the kick of the chillies and fresh peppercorn.

Then again, at this price, you could get a decent hand-made version at an Italian restaurant.

My friend commented that their Thai Chicken Green Curry with Chuck Toast ($18.00) had to be given credit for balancing the spiciness with sweetness, wasn’t too diluted, and the chicken meat moist and tender.

The portion size though (Hands placed there for reference).

Hardcore fans and those who NEED to tell their Instagram world would definitely make their way here. Otherwise, a trip to Bangkok isn’t that far away.

Greyhound Café Singapore
Paragon #01-25/25A Singapore238859
Tel: +65 6235 4078
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily

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