When I heard about a “Mercado Spanish Food Market” in Singapore, I thought about the Mercado De San Miguel at Madrid, Spain. Lively, vibrant, full of colours.

With so many rice grain, poké bowls, salads shops proliferating within Singapore’s CBD, a Spanish theme café like this should appeal to diners.


(Photo credit: Amanda Liu @hungryamanda)

Due to the placement of the signatures and menu board, I found the arrangement and organisation not intuitive enough.

I walked up to the cashier and ordered some items, and had to refer to the entrance of the eatery for the full menu for reference.

Could be frustrating if you were to walk back and forth, only to be told certain items were not available.

There are Breakfast sets priced at $8 to $10 Nett, Lunch and Dinner where you can order a created Hola Bowl ($14.50) or customised Create-Your-Own-Bowl ($16.50).

During breakfast, I ordered a Spaniard which supposedly contained baked eggs, chorizo and avocado. I was expecting something else, like baked eggs in a mini-pan or something, similar to a Shakshouka.

Then, I was presented THIS.

Needless to say, slightly disappointing.

After two lacklustre visits, I thought I should return. Because I think Mercado has the potential.

The lunch bowls were a lot better, in terms of portion, taste and presentation. When faced with a big pan of paella right at the door, I knew I had to order.

The accompany ingredients were notably tasty, from the roast chicken, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli. The paella somehow could have been catered for the healthier crowd – not as flavourful as I would have expected, but still appetizing.

If I were to pinpoint what was missing, it would be that Spanish vibrancy. Perhaps they could work in more Spanish (familiar) signatures and dishes, add some music, and bring more live to the space.

And try updating the Facebook too. Still empty for now, but for a logo.

Mercado Spanish Food Market
50 Market Street #01-23, Singapore 048940 (Raffles Place MRT)
Tel: +65 6532 2155
Opening Hours: 8am – 7:30pm (Mon – Fri), Closed Sat – Sun

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  1. They could start also looking for the original ingredients for a real “Paella” from València. 🙂 From the pictures, I see a nice indoor, and very typical from restaurants near the sea (the Mediterranean, not the Atlantic ones), so for me is fine. Then the music… I’m a bit worried… they are going to put latin, and you know it. X____D


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