Jar’d by Sarnies is probably the first mason jar salad bar concept, located at the basement of One Raffles Place.

I call this basement the “’Salad Land’ as you can find plenty of salad shops from Daily Cut, WHEAT, Kraftwich, Munch Saladsmith, Salads & Wraps. Just to name A FEW.

Mason jar salads?

You would probably see this on some online recipe websites (or buzzfeed) or cooking videos – and they make instagrammable pieces, but to set up a physical shop selling it is another thing.

The salads are available in 750ml or 1 litre jars, with choices of Tuna Tataki ($12.5/$16), Roast Chicken & Pesto ($12.5/$16), Vegan Zoodle Pad Thai ($12/$15), and Quinoa & Feta ($12.5/$16).

For this takeaway, a recyclable bag will be given at an additional 20 cents. If you purchase 2 jars, the bag would come free.

Layers separate the ingredients of each jar – dressing and protein first, everything else layered in the middle, and greens on top. The certified safe Mason jars are tightly sealed,

Sounds good on paper. But I wonder about the real feasibility.

The mason jars are not exactly light. When you want to carry them around with a document bag or laptop, it makes for good bicep training.

NEXT, the actual eating.

I wanted to do the ‘cool’ thing – bring the jar to the bench outside Raffles Place MRT station, start eating my greens and watch the world go by. Hmmmm…

As the contents within was packed to the top, despite vigorous shaking, the ingredients did not manage to mix well together.

As I opened the rather packed jar, the Japanese seaweed already started ‘flying’ off. Some landed on my cheeks. Okay, bad plan. Bring it to the office then.

A plastic fork was given for consumption, and it was shorter than the height of the jar.

In the end, I had to transfer contents to a separate bowl. And of course you have to wash both in the pantry after.

Thus, this whole ‘convenient-salad’ process ironically became a bit lay-chey (troublesome) for me.

You could keep the jar, or bring it back for a dollar off your next salad. (Use it to store my granola now.)
I had the Tuna Tataki and liked the freshness of the ingredients, with the mix of soy and mirin dressing.

However, as contrasted to a fuss-free grab-and-go concept, especially important in a busy CBD, salads in mason jars didn’t seem as straight forward. I would reckon Jar’d would need to refine its finer details.

Jar’d by Sarnies
B1-38 Tower 1 One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
Opening Hours: 7:30am – 3:30pm

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