Pokemon Trainers in Singapore are still going around to catch em all, and enterprising malls and business have found ways to LURE them in, other than using the actual LURE.

Foot traffic will improve, but are these Pokemon players actually buying and eating?

When a good proportion of cafes and restaurants in Singapore are Pokéstops or have nearby Pokéstops, players may just stop for some coffee and food to restock on items such as Pokéballs and Pokémon eggs.

(Possible IP right issues aside…) Here are what some businesses in Singapore have done that may have worked in getting engagement:

– Using related Pokemon for promotions. Krabby for crabs, Psyducks for ducks. Makes sense, rather than just use some random Pokemon.
– A substantial discount, 10% at least.
– Some fun elements, and not just showing ANY Pokemon on your phone. Players want to feel SOME challenge, but yet not THAT difficult to achieve.

Dian Xiao Er
Unite your Psyducks, and bring ’em down to Dian Xiao Er. Flash at least 3 Psyducks with a min. of 200cp for any one, and get a 10% off the Herbal Roast Duck, with a choice of any of their 3 flavours (Angelica Herb/ Ten Wonders/ Wild Ginseng).

The higher your CP, the larger sized duck you will be entitled to!
>200cp – 10% off Small Duck
>400cp – 10% off Medium Duck
>600cp – 10% off Large Duck

DFD says: Quite a smart move related to the restaurant. Wonder if a bigger discount can be given to entice more diners.

Mellben Signature (Tanjong Pagar
Simply Rename Your Pokemon “KINGLER” into any of their Signature Dishes Name (English/Chinese such as 螃蟹米粉汤, 牛油螃蟹, 辣椒螃蟹, 咸蛋螃蟹) and post on Your Facebook or Instagram with hashtag ‪#‎MellbenSignature‬ and receive 10% OFF your Crabs.

15% OFF for “KINGLER” with CP 1k and Above. Promotion Only at Tanjong Pagar Outlet

DFD says: Slightly complicated in mechanics, but interesting enough to turn this very viral. Last check on Instagram, and there was quite a number of diners who redeemed. The need for Kingler (and not just any Krabby) means not just anybody can get the discount. Bring on the challenge!

Sing 1 Hour for FREE* when you show the Teo Heng KTV staff your Jigglypuff. Offer is valid from now till 30th Sep.

*Terms and conditions:
Valid from Mon to Thur, for every 3 hours of booking, not applicable on package offer.
Limited to 1 hour of FREE singing per room/per bill, redeemable at next visit.
Bookings subject to Room Availability
One Jigglypuff per KTV room/per bill.

DFD says: Interesting. Why Jigglypuff? Jigglypuff supposedly uses its ‘Sing’ attack to put its enemies to sleep (Am sure it also happens in KTVs). It is also VERY Cute for engaging the younger crowd.

Catching Pokemons at VivoCity? Don’t miss out on Milk & Honey’s special deal.. Enjoy 5% off their yogurt parfaits when you present a screenshot of a Pokemon you caught at VivoCity. Promotion runs till 18 September 2016.

DFD says: 5% is not a huge enticement. Somehow finding a related Pokemon to the brand works better, than just ANY Pokemon.

Convert your PIDGEYS to WILD discounts on Crave’s tasty Chicken Wings when you flash either a Pidgeot or Pidgeotto at any of our CRAVE outlets. Valid Weekdays 2pm to 5pm. Promotion ends 31 August!

DFD says: Pigdeys are kind of related to chicken. It is not THAT difficult to get a Pidgeotto – just need 12 Pidgey candies to evolve.

With a min spend of $15, Redpan is giving away 100 Pokecoins. The Pokecoins amount given increases together with the spending.

DFD says: Just found out that it is a monetary credit given back (ie discount) rather than actual Pokecoins (Yeah, was wondering how they are going to transfer the coins back). Not so cool anymore.

Let me know if you come across any FOOD related Pokemon Go discounts in Singapore.

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